Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 732 Losing The Battle, Winning The War**

Chapter 732 Losing The Battle, Winning The War**

"…start the game…"

As Luna heard that, she nodded her head and took out a transparent bowl full of chits in it.

She took one and read it out loud.

"Young Miss Alea!"

Lith teleported to one end of the line and started checking the lady's bottom out.

He didn't immediately rush after having a single glance as he was analyzing what all things could he look for when checking a lady out.

It would take some time to do this but it was necessary.

Lith saw the length of the lady's legs and they seemed to be average, neither too short nor too long.

This definitely wasn't Alea as she had longer legs.

Legs could become a criteria, thought Lith and went to check something else.

He saw if the lady was shaven or not and she seemed to be totally shaved clean,

Lith then checked her lips and everything around it to see if it was similar to how Alea's was.

This thing couldn't be taken as a criteria as they all seemed similar.

He then decided to see if the lady's butthole had a talisman on it or not and slightly pushed his two fingers inside.

It went in and the lady's body shivered, causing her to have an orgasm immediately.

Lith was surprised with how quick it was, but immediately tasted the love juices by having some on his finger.

It tasted nothing like any of his ladies so he knew this lady wasn't it.

Still, Lith decided to check her fuckhole if it had a talisman on it or not.

Luna had shown Lith an opaque colored talisman for reference purposes. The actual talisman was invisible to make this challenging.

Lith inserted his fingers in her and saw that they could pass a little.

He didn't shove them all the way in as that would end up taking this maid's virginity.

Lith let it go and decided that to find Alea, he could first eliminate the ladies who have a talisman on their back door.

Luna had given him a major hint during the explanation and Lith was making full use of that.

Lith sprinted across the long line of ladies and inserted just a little of his finger's tip inside them.

He found no resistance whatsoever after the end and a minute had already passed!


Now this sure was challenging.

Lith felt it was not a problem and went for another round of inspection. This time he inserted his finger tips in their honeypots.

A minute later, 'fuck!'

This was still no use as his fingers still felt no resistance.

Lith was starting to wonder if Luna had lied to him or something, but then he remembered, it was his shaft that was in contact!

Luna had not demonstrated by using his fingers but his shaft!

Lith immediately took off his clothes and one by one, started touching all the ladies' back doors with his shaft.

He felt it, he really felt it!

There were talismans present indeed and Lith felt a relief from it.

He only put his tip inside as he didn't want to accidentally take the virginities of his maids.

He marked the wall above the ladies with a circle if a resistance on their back door and a cross if he felt a resistance in their normal fuckholes.

It took him a minute and a half to get this done but he had finally made some great progress.

Luna and Bella were watching Lith with an interested gaze and on the inside of the wall, the ladies could see whatever Lith was doing on a screen and could also communicate with each other through call.

"Poor baby, he's bound to lose this round, fufufu." Lilith was the one who spoke over the call.

"Good. He needs to be humbled. He's been acting too cocky lately." It was Lucifer who complained.

"Aunt, you shouldn't have made this game so challenging." Lucy said while watching Lith analyze the legs of the ladies and sprint around.

"My cute niece, trust me, even though this challenge seems to be working in our favor, it's actually going to strengthen nephew's bond with us. It's a win situation for everyone."

"If you say so, aunt. But we better reward him even if he fails all rounds. At least he's trying."

Lucifer chuckled. "Of course, we will. He definitely deserves a nice reward."

"What can be the reward, Lady Lucifer?" Arya chimed in and asked.


"Lucifer, do you know how to twerk?" Lilith asked suddenly.



"Language, Lucifer." Agalea chimes in this time.

The discussion of the ladies went on while Lith worked hard.

All the women who came from his touch were eliminated as there was no way his ladies would cum in just a single touch.

He had stimulated them a lot and they definitely needed more than that.

70% of ladies were eliminated just like that and only around thirty remained.

Out of those, ten were eliminated further as they had a talisman on their pussies.

In the remaining twenty, if Lith felt resistance, this meant that probably were his virgin maids and Lith eliminated those too.

Finally, only a select few had remained and without wasting much time, Lith inserted his shaft fully in each and everyone.

He was almost done and only a second remained along with a single lady, but just as Lith inserted his tip within her, Lith heard a loud buzzer and then Bella's voice.

"I am sorry Your Highness, but you lost this round."

Right then, Alea appeared out of the mountain wall and stood in front of Lith in a yellow sundress, smiling happily.

She held Lith's hand and said, "little cousin, you did your best! Good job!"

She kissed his lips cheek after saying so.

Lith smiled and shook his head. "I am sorry Alea, I couldn't recognize you faster."

Alea giggled and said, "don't worry, we all know how difficult this is. Nobody blames you for anything."

Lith nodded.

Alea then tiptoed and wrapping her hands around his neck, said with a big smile, "time for punishment now, right?"

Lith chuckled. "Of course."

"The bed is ready, Your Highness." Luna walked towards Lith and said with a small bow.

Lith nodded and picked Alea up in his embrace.

He then took Alea to bed and while on his way, Bella waved at Alea and said, "Young Miss, please punish His Highness properly."

"Hehe, I will." Alea waved back and said with a giggle.

Lith looked at the two of them and thought, 'it seems they've forgotten who's the real one that'll be punished in this…'

Lith's stamina was no joke and climaxing thrice without breaks? This would definitely break weak ladies!

Lith put on bed and got on top of her.

"Little cousin~" she extended her hands out and demanded a kiss.

Lith happily complied and his lips met with her soft ones.

A fragrant scent assaulted him and made him push his tongue in her mouth to take in more of it.

On the bottom, Lith positioned Alea properly and inserted his shaft within her.

She was wet due to the kiss and Lith's shaft was already well lubricated due to inserting it into so many ladies.

The meat stick easily slid inside the soft canals and sent a jolt of pleasure within Alea.

Lith then started ramming his shaft in her and in no time, Alea climaxed.

Lith still continued and Alea moaned loudly as her sensitivity reached great heights.

Despite being an airhead, she was still someone really strong and easily endured this.

It took thirty minutes for Lith to shoot his first load and with the help of a spell, his little dragon was rejuvenated instantly.

However, Alea couldn't take it anymore and tapped out, breathing heavily on the bed.

As Lith had expected, it was more of a torture to his ladies than to him.

"Is my punishment over?" Lith asked Luna, standing right at the side of the bed.

Luna shook her head. "No, Your Highness."

Lith pointed at Alea. "I can't torture her like this though."

Bella at the side chimed in this time and said, "Your Highness, the rule states that you need to fill her to the brim thrice. It doesn't state anything else."

"Ah…" Lith understood the underlying meaning.

So this meant he just had to unload inside his wives thrice, nothing much.

Nodding his head in amusement thinking this was a good rule, Lith got down from bed and went to Bella's side.

He lifted her pink sundress up and got a view of her smooth soft pussy and ass.

Without any word or warning, Lith held onto her big melons in front and rammed his shaft deep inside her pussy, making her moan.

Lith played with Bella's nipples and using her help, reached his second climax.

By the time he reached his, Bella had already had two orgasms.

Lith took his shaft out of her and put it inside Alea, filling her for the second time.

The same events repeated and after he was done, he went in to continue the game.

Accumulating great experience from the first round, the rest of the rounds were easier and Lith won them all, giving each of his ladies one cream pie each, without plucking any of his maids' flowers.

Lucifer was the last one and when she was done getting filled, she appeared out of the wall and was in a black sundress.

With her appearance, the game ended and all the maids were out of the wall as well.

Everyone was wearing a sundress of different color, underneath which there was nothing.

Lith wasn't fully naked by now either and was wearing a floral shirt. He kept it open and after being done with Lucifer, wore his shorts.

As Lucifer came out, she went to Lith and put her arms around him.

She then pulled his cheek and said with a smile, "brat, I am proud."


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