Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 27 All Elemental Affinity

Lilith came in and hugged Lith tightly.

“Congratulations, baby.”

She said happily and gave him a kiss on his lips.

“Congratulations, dear.”

Lucy too said happily and came and hugged Lith and gave him a kiss on his lips.

Lilith, Lucy and Lith then had a bath together. It was a quick bath because Lith was too eager to try magic.

Lilith, Lith and Lucy then came to the training arena.

Lucy was now testing Lith’s affinity to elements.

She brought out many colourful crystals and placed them on a table. These were elemental crystals. Each crystal represented one element.

Lucy asked Lith to place his hand over the crystal and see if he could feel the element in the crystal and if he could, then he should try to move it around.

Lith walked and placed his hand on a blue crystal. He could feel the energy inside. He tried to absorb it and it got absorbed. He then tried to move it around and found the blue crystal started glowing.

He had an affinity to water. He then went ahead and tried the others and he found out that he had an affinity to all the elements. There were two crystals left and one was a space crystal and the other was a time crystal. They too were considered elements and he went ahead and tried to feel and move them. It was, without a doubt a success.

He had an affinity to all the attributes! He was very happy about this fact. It meant he could become very overpowered in the future like he had read in the novels back on earth. He was actually a little disappointed when he found out that he reincarnated but he didn’t have a system or a golden rod or any hack for himself to get stronger. But later he realised that, being born as the son of the strongest being in the world was a hack in itself. He had the strongest bloodline!

All elemental affinity was almost non existent. In the whole history which was recorded of this world, the number of people who had an elemental affinity could be counted with two hands. The most famous being the two Legendary rank before Lilith. The people who could reach Legendary rank were the ones favored by the world and thus had an all elemental affinity. Their descendants didn’t have as such because of the thinning of the Legendary bloodline but even having a little blood of the Legendary, they were the people with atleast affinity to 3 elements. The stronger the bloodline the more the affinity.

Before today, there were only two people with an all elemental affinity.

They were the Legendary rank, Lilith Evure and her daughter, King rank, Lucy Evure.

Now, rank 1, Lith Evure, was proven to be third individual with an all elemental affinity.

Lilith looking at Lith’s affinity, felt proud.

She looked at Lucy grabbing her attention and pointed her finger towards Lith and said laughing

“Fufufu…you see that boy with an all elemental affinity there, I made that. Aren’t I the best?”

“Yes, yes, mom is the best.” Lucy nodded and said smiled.

“Mom, big sis, what are your affinities?” Lith looked at his big sister and mother and asked. He was eager to know if an all elemental affinity was rare or not.

Lilith and Lucy looked at each other with a meaningful smile and nodded. It was clear to them that Lith didn’t know even one bit about their power.

They didn’t hide their powers. It was all out in the open. It was just that Lith didn’t go out much and didn’t know the terror of his mother. There was also the fact that only a few knew about Legendary rank and thus the world except for five people didn’t know. Lucy was an exception. She asked her mother once what rank she was in and Lilith didn’t want to lie to her only kid back then, told her. Lucy was amazed by her mother’s prowess and her mother became someone she looked upto. A battle maniac like Lucy respected the strong and her respect for her mother grew by leaps and bounds knowing she was the strongest in the world.

Lith was still in the dark because he never asked Lilith. Lilith would tell him about this if he asked her but she won’t do it on her own. What if her son became someone like those muscle heads who only wanted to increase their strength and thought nothing but surpassing his mother day and night? She didn’t want to risk it stupidly and so didn’t mention it.

Lilith and Lucy turn by turn tried all the crystals and Lith was dumbfounded.

Mother and big sister are the same as me? What is this super strong family of mine? Oh wait, if mother is an all elemental mage then it makes sense. Me and big sis have such an affinity due to her then. Makes sense.

Lith trained with Lucy and she taught him a few spells. All being rank 1 of course. He had to work much harder due to having affinity for all the elements. To rank up, he needed to have his spiritual power to increase and also his understanding of the world. As his spiritual power and understanding increased, the inside of his magic core would increase too. The mini world would grow and develop.

An area of 1000 km2 is the bare minimum to reach rank 2. The elites who reach rank 2 have around 2000-3000 km2 of area developed already. For Lith, it would be even higher. Nevertheless, rank 2 had the area under 10,000 km2.

Rank 3 under 50,000 km2.

Rank 4 under 100,000 km2.

Rank 5 under 500,000 km2.

Rank 6 under 1,000,000 km2(one million).

Rank 7 under 10,000,000 km2(ten million).

Rank 9 under 100,000,000 km2(hundred million).

Half saint rank under 500,000,000 km2(five hundred million).

Saint rank under 1,000,000,000 km2(one billion).

Half king rank under 10,000,000,000 km2(ten billion).

King rank under 100,000,000,000 km2(hundred billion).

Half Emeror rank under 250,000,000,000 km2(two hundred and fifty billion).

Emperor rank under 1,000,000,000,000 km2(one trillion).

Supreme rank under 100,000,000,000,000 km2 (hundred trillion.)

Legendary rank – unknown.

The elemental attributes available in this world are Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Light, Life, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Space and Time.

In this world, many people had two or three elemental affinities. The most elite had around 6-7. They consisted of no more than a 1,000,000 people which was a very small number as the world had a population of around a 100 billion people.

Lucy had explained this to Lith.

Lith then finished training and went to bath with his mother and sister.

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