Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 26 Magic Core

Evernight city, Nightingale.

In the Royal Castle two figures were standing in the middle of a well lit room. Around them were a lot of runic magic circles.

The two figures were Lilith and Lith, her son.

“…just make sure not to lose conciousness, okay dear?” Lilith was giving a lecture to Lith on what to do what not to for stabilizing his magic core.

It had been going on for about an hour. During the past few weeks, Lilith had Lucy had both given many explanations and advices to Lith and Lilith was now repeating it for one final time to him.

Lilith knew it was very difficult for her children to stabilize their magic core because of her. She was too strong and her children were naturally born strong as well. The bloodline of a Legendary rank was no joke.

There were only three Legendary ranks in history and up until this day, their descendants are still powerful beings. Lucy and Lith being the direct descendants of the Legendary rank creature were bound to be born strong and have serious troubles after awakening. Lith may even die if he is careless.

Death wasn’t a problem but revival wasn’t possible if one died due to unstable magic core. The magic cores had a direct connection with the phylacteries and thus if one died during awakening, the phylacteries break at the same time. Resurrection was possible and Lilith, a Legendary creature was more than capable but it would compromise on the future potential. Reincarnation was possible and to have memories intact too but it again compromised on future potential. Lith will not be Lilith’s flesh and blood, his race may be different too and thus it was a very stupid idea. All in all the stabilization was a very important process and should not be underestimated at all. Well, of course, it can be taken lightly if you are not a descendant of a Legendary.

“Don’t panic, no matter what happens okay?” Lilith gave one final piece of advice and left after giving him a kiss on his forehead.

Lith was now alone in a spacious room big enough for 20 people to have a small party inside. The room was covered in runic magic circles of many different colours inside. There was a small stick like brown root on which there was a little white flower. It didn’t seem extraordinary or beautiful at all. It was just like a normal flower with it’s root which could be found anywhere. But this common plant was indeed the most important one of all. It was the Core Awakening root.

Lith took a deep breath and closed his eyes and started thinking for a few seconds.

Lilith and Lucy were watching Lith awaken his magic core on a screen just outside the room in which Lith was in. They couldn’t help him stabilize his magic core directly and could only hope for the best. They both were very anxious and worried right now. Lucy’s hand was trembling from nervousness. Lilith looking at her daughter, knew that she had to stay strong and not show her worries on the outside. She held Lucy’s hand and said

“It’s alright dear, don’t worry, he’ll be able to handle it well.” Although she herself was not sure of her own words, she had to be optimistic about it.

Lucy nodded and looked at the screen.

Lith opened his eyes and ate the flower. It tasted just like any normal flower. Flowers weren’t meant to be eaten though but he still had to, this one atleast.

He felt a cool sensation in his body. He could feel the cooling sensation gathering a little bit upwards of his navel. The sensation got cooler as time went on. A while later, it felt as if someone had stuffed an ice spehere inside his body. Lith knew that the magic core was now forming and he had to wait until it develops fully.

He, after feeling that the cool sensation in his body not getting any more cooler, started to absorb the energy from the root. The energy flowed out from the root and started flowing across Lith’s body. It flowed along every cell and started gathering at the area where the cooling sensation was present.

Lith felt a warm current all across his body. The warm sensation started cancelling out the cool sensation. It went on for a while until the warm and the cool sensation reached an equilibrium.

This was the early development of the magic core. It was like a foundation along which many more things would be constructed. This foundation was the same for everyone and now, the main construction of the core would start to occur. It now, all depended upon how one’s own foundation was.

Now was the time! It was now that the unstable changes would occur due to own’s one foundation!

Lith braced himself. Suddenly,


thunders started booming inside and storms and big waves started appearing in the hot and cool sphere.


Cracks started appearing on the hot and cool sphere and thr equilibrium started getting disturbed due to it.

Lith hurriedly used his the surrounding energy in the room to fill up the gaps. The magic circles were present just for this reason. To help him with the stabilization.


More and more thunderous explosions occured inside the hot and cool sphere and the equilibrium kept getting disturbed.

Lith had to absorb the energy in a much waster way and carefully provide a steady supply it to the hot and cool sphere. Too much or too little would disturb the equilibrium.

The temperature inside started becoming more and more hot due to the explosive outbursts of the thunder and the hot side on the sphere started to become more and more dominant.

Lith constantly kept providing energy taken by from the magic circles. One by one, a few magic circles broke and disappeared after getting used.

His body was feeling a very heavy pressure from the inside out. It felt as if he was under ten times the normal gravity. He would’ve been crushed to meat paste if it weren’t for the fact that he was protected by the magic circle below his feet which opposed the toll his body had to bear from absorbing too much energy.

He started sweating a lot. His knees were trembling but he kept going.

Lilith and Lucy who were looking at Lith were very worried. Lucy’s palm was wet with sweat due to her nervousness and anxiousness. She looked at her little brother and knew full well what he was going through. She couldn’t help but pray in her mind that all will be well. Lith would overcome it eventually.

Lilith, a Legendary rank being who knew better, was not worried as of now. She was actually very proud of her son. He was doing a much better job than what Lucy had done previously and she could feel his magic core condensing and stabilizing. Lilith was a true god, she could feel each and every change which occurred in the world and the one in front of her was her own son, her own flesh and blood to whom she had the deepest connection with, so, feeling his changes, her worries were gone.

“Dear, don’t worry, he’s doing a good job. He’ll be done in a few minutes.”

Lilith comforted her daughter.

Lucy gradually calmed down. She trusted her mother’s words more than anything.

The hot and the cool sides under the high pressure and temperature of their insides and the energy provided externally, started to condense. Due to their condensing the pressure and temperature inside also started to lower.

Lith felt a little better when such changes started to occur.

The magic circles started breaking down and disappearing and most of them had gone now. There were only a few left and one under his feet.

After a while, the effects stopped and Lith could now feel no cool or hot sensation in his body. Instead, he now felt as if his connection to the world had gotten much better.

The creation of the magic core was the same as the creation of a star.

Some parts of the liquid started solidifying and gradually, land started appearing. More and more changes occurred until finally, the formation stopped.

Lith spread his conciousness into his magic core and found out that it looked a lot like a mini world. The magic core had a grassy land and a small mountain range after it. There was also a small sea and it had some clouds. Sweeping his conciousness inside the magic core he could feel that the whole thing was no more than a 150 km2 in area.

The magic core was the foundation to understand the laws of the world. Having a magic core means having a connection with the world as a whole. As one starts developing and goes higher and higher in ranks, they start to know the world better and better and eventually by understanding it’s laws and nature, one goes onto become a Supreme rank, that is, a demigod.

A simple rank 1 mage has a magic core whose area is around 3-5 km2. There may not be any mountains or clouds in it either. It may be as simple as having a vast barren or grassy land.

A genuis would have an area of 30-40 km2. Descendants of powerful beings come in these brackets too.

A supreme rank beings descendant has an area of 30-40km2 but may increase upto 50km2 if foundation is made better.

The descendants of the Legendary rank beings, no matter how shitty their foundation is, would have an area of 30km2 at the very least. The ones with stronger bloodline and solid foundation would have it upto 50km2, on par with the geniuses of the supreme rank bloodlines.

This is the power of a Legendary rank who isn’t even present in the world!

Lith being the direct descendant of a living Legendary and on top of that having a very solid foundation, had an area around 150km2. The world would be in uproar if they got to know about this. He knew that there was only one person in the world who was comparable in terms of potential to him and it was his big sister, Lucy.

Lucy had an area of around 130-140km2 at her time. Lith only had a slight edge over because he had a superior consciousness than her. His consciousness was of a nineteen year old when he was born and thirteen years had passed after that, this was bound to happen. The difference isn’t too much. Both Lucy and Lith have almost the same potential but they too, like their mother, were monsters!

The magic core had formed now. His magical journey would now begin!

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