Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 21 Backstory

Lith was sitting in the arms of his mother, who was now kissing his big sister passionately. To not feel jealous of them, he distracted himself by doing his favorite thing. Sucking milk out his mother’s lovely breasts.

Lilith after her climax had clarity return to her and realized the situation she was in. She found herself kissing her daughter passionately and her daughter was also responding her with the same enthusiasm. She also found the familiar little vampire of her’s drinking her milk out of her breasts. Even though she loved her kids to a very crazy degree, this was still a little embarrassing for her. Nevertheless, she quickly let go of such embarrassment and composed herself and started enjoying this intimate feelings of their kids for her.

After a few minutes,


Heavy breaths could be heard taken in and out of Lucy who broke the kiss to get a breather.

“Let’s go out of water first dear and then continue.” Lilith gave Lucy a kiss on her forehead and held her by the waist and Lith in her arms and got out of the water.

She then dried then dried them up and herself by wind magic. She picked Lith up in her arms. His butt rested on her left forearm and his hands wrapped around her neck. Lilith then put her right hand on her Lucy’s butt and picked her up. Lucy was surprised and had a feeling that she’ll fall so he quickly clung onto her mother for support. She now looked like a koala latched onto a tree. She wrapped her arms and legs on her mother’s body from the right side. Lilith walked out of the bathroom carrying Lith and Lucy on either sides of her and placed them gently on the big bed.

Lilith placed Lucy in the middle. Lith who knew what his mother was upto started playing with his big sister’s breasts. Lucy was a little nervous because she had never done such a thing before. Lilith was amused looking at her son who didn’t even complain why he was put away from her. She looked at her daughter and knew that she was nervous. She hadn’t given her daughter the “talk” because her daughter was always busy either studying, fighting or speeding up to get stronger. It had been almost 500 years since she was this intimate with her. Before Lith was born Lucy and her shared hugs occasionally and kisses were rare and they were only done on her cheeks or forehead because Lucy was very shy and embarrassed easily. After Lith’s birth she felt that her daughter wanted to be touched by her just like how she did with Lith and so she became more proactive.

She realised today that, she hadn’t given her daughter the “talk” when she heard her daughter asking her to not stop fingering her pussy. So, she made up her mind and decided that today she’ll teach both of them.

Lilith being the strong and independent that she was, was also naturally a very proud being. Her pride in herself was even more than what the dragons felt about themselves. This was because she was born strong. Thus, due to her pride, she never really cared about anyone and only cared about herself. She started to get stronger. Crushed anyone who made trouble with her and started rising to the top. Her affinity was towards all the elements. During her journey, many tried to take advantage of her or court her or straight up **** her but she was luckily protected by an Emperor rank of the Vampire race at that time. It was the countess of the Clan Frenir. Thus, Lilith under her protection, got stronger and stronger and eventually, she killed the supreme of the then Vampire race and took his place. She had no intention in doing so but she did it because of him wanting to bed her. She was disgusted by such things and loathed every male. She only had one person as her ally and that was the countess. She didn’t care about the countess much either because she knew that the countess only took her in so that she could get more benefits. It was very clear to her because the countess really did do exactly that. She declared her as her adopted daughter and she got a lot of benefits from the king.

Later, she tried to arrange a marriage between her “daughter” and the king, which enraged Lilith. Nobody knew how strong Lilith was because she never really showed her true strength to anyone but that day, she annihilated the Clan Frenir as a whole and went over to the Vampire king and beat him to half death. She was in the midst of killing him when she heard a baby’s cry and she looked towards the source and it was of a female Vampire holding a baby in her arms. It was very far away from her but Lilith had all her senses enhanced. She looked at the women who was looking at her baby gently and lovingly and she felt a feeling she never felt before.

It was the first feeling of having a desire to love and care about someone but Lilith at that time didn’t know about it. She killed the Vampire King in rage and then took the position of the new Vampire Queen. She then started going out more in the world. All this time she was trying to get stronger and stronger but now that she really was strong, she wanted to explore and know more about this weird feeling she had.

The Vampire Queen then walked in the world of mortals and roamed the world. The world suffered due to her roaming around. The felt the power of the new Vampire Queen. For a period of time, the whole world was in chaos, just because the Vampire Queen wanted to explore a feeling. It was during those years of her roaming that she got acquainted with the NEET Lucifer and Mayzin, the now Dragon Empresss and Agalea Grace, the now Elven Queen. These three weren’t supremes yet but later through a series of experiences, they became one. They had the support of the Vampire Queen who terrorized the world and it was easy for them to become a Supreme rank.

At that time there was no Supreme rank for the Demon and Elven race and so it was relatively easy for Lucifer and Agalea to become one. Lucifer didn’t want to be a Supreme rank and only wanted to laze around and be a NEET. She didn’t want to work! She was a spoiled child. Her grandfather was the Supreme rank of the Angel race and he always kept pestering her to get stronger and be independent. She hated the “old” man for annoying her day and night. He didn’t even let her slack off! She somehow got to the Emperor rank and ran away from home so she could laze around but alas! She met the Vampire Queen!

The Vampire Queen looked at her like a country bumpkin finally arriving at a city and looking around and feeling amazed by anything and everything. Lilith was amused by the fact at how such a dumb being like Lucifer could become so strong and took an interest in her. Lucifer after getting acquainted with Lilith kept nagging about how her old man kept pestering her. Lilith then told Lucifer that if she becomes a Supreme rank, which is only a step away now, she could get rid of her old man and laze around as much as she want.

The dumb and gullible Lucifer thought that it made sense and worked hard for almost a hundred thousand years! She cursed Lilith and her old man Alex Paladin day and night. It was one step! One bloody step to becoming a supreme rank! Yet it took so long! Finally, she became a Supreme rank with the help of her grandfather and “friend” Lilith. She wanted to laze around now and really didn’t want to see the faces of Lilith and her old man. Alex’s heart softened. He knew his granddaughter had worked really hard. So he built a place for her to stay. Now that she became a Supreme rank of the Demon race and had a whole race under her, he made the place in between the 666th floor of the abyss and the ninth floor of hell. He asked her how she wanted her place to be and Lucifer had only ever been to Lilith’s castle or to her old man’s Palace. She hated the heavenly palace a lot due to it’s sacred and majestic aura, so she without thinking chose to have a same looking castle as that of Lilith. Alex, like a good grandfather made that Castle for her with the help of Witches and he subconsciously added some sacred and majestic aura on the gothic castle. The castle was similar to that of Lilith’s but not same. Lucifer chose to seclude herself in her castle and didn’t come out for a long time.

She had been forcefully dragged out later by her old man due to problems arising in the Demon race and she like a good friend she was, went to Lilith to get help ahem ahem to play with her. She missed her friend and hey you should catch up with your friends. Lilith gave her advice that she should just put all the work on her subordinates so she made the seven sins overlords. She made two more friends due to Lilith and her days went by lazing or playing with Lilith, Mayzin and Agalea.

Lilith then met Mayzin and Agalea through a series of twists and coincidences. Agalea later became the Elven Queen with the help of Lilith and Lucifer’s support. Lucifer clearly didn’t do anything and just lazed around. Her subordinates were the one who did all the necessary paper work. Thus, with the help of the Demon race and Vampire race, she became a Supreme rank and the Elven Queen.

Mayzin’s case was a little tricky. There wasn’t any empty position for the Supreme rank as it was occupied by Dagassi, the Dragon Emperor. Through a series of turns and with the support of the Demon race, the Vampire race and the Elven race, she became another Supreme rank of the Dragons. Dagassi was very reluctant to have a competitor and many higher ups also didn’t want another Supreme rank due to them having to get divided and not get the chance to have a good rest due to the continent being in chaos. Dragons loved to sleep on their treasures in their territories and would not work if not needed. Thus, many objected with a second Supreme rank but all of the objection was for naught.

The Vampire Queen said that if anyone dared to hinder in Mayzin’s ascension, they’ll be making an enemy out of her. Although the terror and chaos she created were very fresh to them, the Dragons being the prideful creatures they were, didn’t wanted to listen to an outsider and that too a blood sucking Vampire. They forgot that it was a Supreme rank existence which killed the former Supreme rank of the Vampire race and openly declared that they didn’t want to Mayzin to be the Supreme rank. Even Dagassi did the same thing.

The other races kept quite and so did the Supreme ranks of the other races. So what if there is another supreme rank added? They were already very rare and on top of that if some more people join, they’ll atleast have more people to talk to and alleviate their boredom. The world is so big and even if there were to be ten thousand supreme ranks, it’ll not be enough to share the land of the world. The Dragons were clearly being lazy bums who didn’t wanted to work and foolishly challenged a Supreme rank. There was no dumb ways to die magazine at that time or else the name of whole race had been added to it.

Thus, Lilith became known as the Strongest Vampire in history and also the Strongest being in the world. Not any Supreme rank could beat another to half death like this. What the world didn’t know was that Lilith wasn’t a Supreme rank and her little secret was only known to a handful of people. Dagassi who experienced her fist firsthand was one of them and her three friends and Alex. Lucifer couldn’t shut up and went to Alex to gossip about Lilith and told him this secret. Later she got a lot of beating by her.

Supreme rank beings were demigods in the world and above them was a secret class which not many people knew. It was the ascension to godhood. The secret class was called the

Legendary rank!

A rank above the Supreme rank. Supremes were called such because after ascending from the Emperor realm the body, spirit and sould undergoes a qualitative change. The world undergoes slight change whenever someone ascends to a Supreme rank. It can be considered with the example of a volcanic eruption. The world changes due to it and the eruption is shown to everyone and It is a natural phenomenon. Ascension to a demigod is also a natural phenomenon and thus the world undergoes a change.

To go from Emperor rank to Supreme rank, one doesn’t need resources but one needs to understand and comprehend the nature of the world. Thus everything depended upon the comprehension ability of an individual. Lucifer thus had to work her ass off day by day for almost a hundred thousand years due to it. Her stupid self couldn’t comprehend things easily and thus she took the help of Lilith and her old man. She worked hard but, day and night she worked just so she could laze around later. Mayzin and Agalea were smart people and didn’t need take a lot of time like her but their time was also half of Lucifer’s time.

The secret class was then the ascension from demigod to true god. It was a secret known to almost none. It is said that if the world wanted you to, then it would help you in this or else there really isn’t any chance to ascend. Till history there were only three such existences. One of them being Lilith. More about this topic later.

Lilith in these adventuring and exploring days actually forgot the reason why she was out roaming. Only after her three friends became Supreme ranks did she realise that she was roaming the world for a reason and not for terrorizing it.

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