Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 20 Bath (2)

Lith walked over towards Lucy and Lucy looking at him approach her opened her arms with a smile. Lith went in for a hug. She took him in and now Lith wrapped his arms around her neck, his legs dangling on her sides and his face in between her boobs. He looked at her and she, noticing his gaze looked at him and bent her head down knowing fully well what wanted. She gave him a deep, loving kiss. Lith the started sucking on her boobs and played with the other one. It went on for a while and he exchanged the nipple with the other one in the middle and continued playing with her boobs until their mother arrived.

“Ara sweetie, you’ll steal my baby if you keep letting him play like that. Fufufu.” Lilith arrived in the bathtub and joked.

“Mama’s boobies are the best.” Lith said and changed party quickly when his mother arrived. Lucy wanted to retort but couldn’t because she too knew her mother’s breast were the best. She had firsthand experience!

“Fufufu. Thankyou, baby.” Lilith kissed Lith on his lips and then let him suck on her big mommy milkers.

“Mom…” Lucy said with a red face on the side, clearly, very embarrassed to continue.

“Being hasty, are we? Fufufu…don’t worry dear, mama knows what you want.” Lilith said chuckling a little.

Lith at this point, knew one thing very well. If he wanted to, he could just ask his mother and sister to sleep with him. There wasn’t anything much needed to be done to bed both of them. They loved him very much and would be very happy to get much closer and intimate with him. He too loved them the same as they did to him and really wanted to be more intimate with them. Damn, this child body!

Lilith extended her arms and Lucy got in her embrace. Both her and Lith were now sucking milk from her boobs. She looked at them lovingly and caressed their hair. She too loved it when her children sucked on her nipples. Their sucking, swirling and biting actions aroused her and gave her a very good sensation. She didn’t start masturbating right away before was because she wanted to be normal with them. She soon realised that, her children were as crazy as her. They craved her touch just like how she craved theirs.

She couldn’t hold it in much longer, she then touched her pink lips and started stroking them. Up, down, circles and just when she was about to put her fingers in, she felt someone else’s hand coming in her way.

“L-l-let m-me mom” Lucy said with a tomato red face. She didn’t even have the courage to look at her.

“Fufufu…. you sure sweetie? Mama is very high maintenance and won’t be satisfied if you do it half heartedly.” Lilith chuckled and joked. She then kissed her daughter’s forehead. She knew full well that even if her daughter, who was very inexperienced, caressed her secret garden, she’ll feel good anyway because she loved her and craved for her touch and it was even better than her touching herself. So what if it is an inexperienced hand?

Lucy didn’t say anything and started stroking her mother’s pussy lips. She went up, down and circles for a while and then put her two fingers in.

“Mhm sweetie….go on, go in further.” Lilith moaned.

Lith looked at his mother’s face which was now of pure bliss. It had a tinge of red on her pale face and he was very amused by it. He had never seen such a face before. He nevertheless continued sucking and playing with his sister’s boobs with his free hand.

Lucy shoved her fingers deeper into her mother’s pussy. She was wet herself because she had never done such deeds before and it was very exciting to her. She continued putting it deep in and once her whole fingers were inside she started moving them and massaging her mother’s insides. She then pulled it back and then shoved it in. She, after finding it easy to slide in and out started doing a to and fro motion.

“Mmhmm…ahh…ahh…yes y-yes..just like that…” she arched her back a little and moaned.

“Mama are you okay?” Lith put on a concerned face and asked her. He couldn’t help it. He was really enjoying watching her mother’s face full of ecstasy but he had to ask because he was a six year old child. Children shouldn’t know such stuff.

“Hmm…yes baby mother is okay. She is just having a little fun with big sis…mhm..ah…come here, give mama a kiss.”

My mother really is a crazy women. She could still be sane and make such bold requests. I complied with her requests.

She gave me a deep kiss on my lips but as I was about to pull back, I found something soft poking at my lips. I knew it was my mother’s tongue invading in. I’ve always wanted her to do it because I clearly couldn’t as I had no reasons to do so. I let her in and do whatever she wanted. Her tongue invaded my mouth and she started licking my insides hungrily. I tried to move my tongue but found her tongue doing a one sided battle with mine. I moved it and tried to battle with her experienced and strong tongue but alas she didn’t let me do as I please and took the lead into doing this.

Lucy meanwhile was sucking and fingering her mother. She felt a hand grab her ass. Lith too felt a hand grab his ass but he knew it was his mother. He let her do as she wanted because he didn’t have the strength to resist anyway. He broke the passionate kiss with his mothed. A string of saliva made a bridge between their lips.

“Mmhm….ahh…ahh…sweetie go a little faster, mama is almost there now…”

“Ahhh….ahhh…yes…yes sweetie..


Lilith arched her back and moaned loudly and climaxed. She was driven to climax by her daughter’s finger!

Lilith’s haggard breath stabilized and she pulled Lucy in for a passionate kiss. Lith was sort of jealous now. Damn this child body!

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