Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 930 - 930 Some Research

930 Some Research

The water-element arena in the preliminaries was located in a huge lake that connected to the ocean on the island. To be precise, this sea area was the so-called water-element arena. There was no ground.

Here, transcendent life forms who couldn’t fly and weren’t good at water couldn’t fight at all. Therefore, just hearing about the venue made the various countries understand that this was definitely another extremely restrictive trial.

At this moment, as the World Tree clone said the location of the trial, the void was torn apart. The divine boar god in charge of the first trial descended again. It maintained its huge body, and flames condensed behind it that filled the sky, forming a Void Flame Throne. It slowly sat in the sky and looked at the sea area.

Under the summoning of the World Tree clone, the god in charge of the second trial was also about to revive!


The humans and transcendent lives of the various countries surrounded the land and looked at the water in front of them. Under the gazes of everyone in all directions, they heard a boom, and an indescribable pressure appeared again.


A baffling voice echoed in their minds and hearts. At this moment, almost no one didn’t understand what this voice was. Even spectators like Yu Shu, who weren’t even master-level Beast Tamers, had gained a lot of knowledge in this world competition.

The sound of laws.

This was a spiritual spirit that could only be emitted when a transcendent life form entered the Mythical Domain and resonated with the laws of the world. This was the symbol of a god. Be it its potential to enter the God Domain or its strength to enter the God Domain, this was the only symbol.

“It’s said that demigods also master the sound of laws.”

“With this ability, each of them can fight against the legendary Beast Tamers who control nine pets alone.”

The hearts of all creatures rippled. Divine skill, God Domain!

This was the lifelong pursuit of every life.

Although it was very difficult to achieve in this era where the laws were incomplete, there were still seven years until the Mythical stage revived. Everyone had a chance!

“This deity might even be stronger than the Boar God.”

As the sound of laws rumbled, the demigods who were currently at the top of Blue Planet and were praised by the World Tree as destined to become gods after the Mythical Revival had already sensed the power of this new god.


A figure appeared above the sea area. A black island more than a hundred meters in diameter seemed to have appeared there. After it appeared, the entire blue sea area was instantly dyed with a faint layer of black. With a whoosh, the water vibrated. This huge black island raised its head and stretched its limbs, revealing the appearance of a crocodile looking face. Its fierce face stunned many creatures!

This… should be a turtle god!

“You’re awake.”

“Lord Xuan Ming.”

After the huge turtle woke up, the Boar God sitting on the Flame Throne in the sky turned into a World Tree clone flying in the sky and spoke one after another.

“It feels so depressing.”

The black alligator turtle looked around. This was the second time it had been awakened by the World Tree clone. As expected, it was still not used to this era with incomplete laws. Just like the Boar God, Xuan Ming felt that its strength was severely suppressed.

It looked at the surrounding transcendent lives and humans, its black eyes filled with judgment.

Future creatures…

All of them looked extremely weak.

The so-called humans were only so-so.

Just from the willpower revealed in their eyes, Xuan Ming knew that these guys definitely couldn’t resist the corrosion of the abyss.

However, because of the agreement with the World Tree, it still had to let these people experience the cruelty of the Mythical Era and give rewards to those who performed well.

“Have you finished?” It looked at the Boar God in the sky.

At the end of the Mythical Era, there were not many gods left. The Boar God was a divine level that resisted the Space Worms. Meanwhile, it was the main force that resisted the Abyss Sea. The two were originally unrelated, but because they were both sleeping in Inatella, they knew each other.

“I’m done. Future creatures are indeed interesting,” the Boar God said.

“I see…” Xuan Ming looked at the countless future humans around him and said,” You guys should know what kind of disaster the Mythical Era is facing, right? ”

“At that time, the power of the Abyss Evil God that descended on Blue Planet reached the peak of the divine level, polluting more than half of Blue Planet’s ocean into an abyss. Even divine-level creatures became slaves of the Abyss Race under the influence of the power of the abyss.”


“The abyss isn’t invincible. As long as your willpower is firm enough and you comprehend the profundity of the abyss power, this powerful power from outer space can even become a weapon in your hand.”

“I completely control the power of the abyss!”

“As for my test, it’s also very simple. I’ll pollute this sea area through the power of the abyss and let it give birth to an ‘Abyss Evil Spirit’. The ‘Abyss Evil Spirit’ has a powerful pollution power. Whoever can destroy it can obtain an Abyss Seed that I’ve finished refining.”

“This Abyss Seed contains the fusion experience of the divine-level abyss power. As long as your willpower is strong enough, there’s a chance to refine it for your own use. Just like me, you can control the power of the abyss.”

“So which one of you will do it?”

It revealed a playful smile.

At this moment, the various factions were shocked again.

As long as they defeated the Abyss Evil Spirit created by Xuan Ming, they could obtain the opportunity to master the power of the abyss?!

The Abyss was one of the three invaders who caused the destruction of the Blue Planet’s Mythical Era.

Their strength was naturally needless to say.

It definitely stood above most divine-level power. Otherwise, it was impossible for Blue Planet to be plunged into misery and suffering.

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