Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 929 - 929 Gaze of the Abyss (4)

929 Gaze of the Abyss (4)

He saw a blue planet. Shi Yu originally thought that this planet was Blue Planet, but as he observed carefully, he felt that it was more like Earth than Blue Planet. At this moment, a green sapling slowly grew on the huge Earth with a dark background.

World Tree! These three words instantly turned into an unbelievable thought that echoed in Shi Yu’s heart.

“World Tree Domain?!”

He… actually had a third mental domain phenomenon! The first was the Taiji Painting, the second was the Green Dragon Painting, and the third actually appeared as he ate the World Tree Fruit.

Shi Yu was extremely happy.

“It doesn’t seem to be over.” Then, Shi Yu’s heart skipped a beat. Not only that, but the effect of the Mythical resource had yet to be completely displayed. At this moment, Shi Yu could clearly feel that he could see more laws and power of faith contained in the Taiji Painting and the Green Dragon Painting.

Especially the Taiji Painting. Back then, when Shi Yu mobilized the Taiji Painting, it also produced a sound of laws that was comparable to a quasi-divine skill. However, Shi Yu understood that although they were both quasi-divine skills, the distance from a real divine skill was completely different.

If it was said that the quasi-divine skill of a demigod life form still needed 50 steps to touch the laws of a real divine skill, then today, that Boar God’s skill that had fallen from a divine skill to a quasi-divine skill because the laws of the world were incomplete was only 10 steps away from touching the laws.

As for Shi Yu and Eleven, the difference was clearly even greater. It was at least 100 steps away. They had yet to see much of the Yin Yang Millstone.

However, at this moment, Shi Yu could clearly feel that his use of the Taiji Painting was even clearer. This feeling was like the difference between the strengthening talent of a legend Beast Tamer and the strengthening talent of a legendary Beast Tamer.

Previously, his mind domain was equivalent to a legendary Beast Tamer with strengthening talent strengthening Eleven’s Yin Yang Millstone.

And now, Shi Yu was certain that his strengthening of Eleven’s quasi-divine skill could clearly be stronger, several times stronger than before.

“Don’t stop.” Shi Yu’s heart was fanatical as he continued to develop.

This strengthening made Shi Yu feel that as long as he supported Eleven with all his might, Eleven could use a quasi-divine skill to slap ordinary totems to death. No, forget about totems, if the demigods suppressed their strength to the overlord level and used their quasi-divine skills to fight Eleven, who he supported, it was still a question if they could defeat Eleven.


A night of bitter cultivation.

The strengthening of comprehension brought about extreme overdraft in various aspects. Shi Yu’s body was already weak, and tonight, it directly tormented him badly, making Shi Yu not know if he should be happy or worried.

He came out of the ruins early in the morning today and met President Lin and the others from Dong Huang to wait for news of the second Mythical Trial, but in the end, it was in this state…

The only thing that relieved Shi Yu was that although he looked even weaker and had consumed more energy, he had actually become stronger.

With the two Mythical resources swallowed, in addition to his mind domain, his own foundation could be said to be completely close to those legendary Beast Tamers.

At dawn the next day, countless creatures walked out of their ruins in the seven countries and the totem countries and looked at the sky of Inatella.

As the sun slowly rose, the countless green vortex worms sleeping on the island also flew into the sky again and turned into a green eagle, looking at the world competition contestants on the island.

“The second Mythical Trial is about to begin. All contestants of the World Tournament, prepare to head to the location of the ‘water-element arena’ during the preliminaries. I will awaken the divine-level creature ‘Xuan Ming’ from the Mythical Era here.”

“The second Mythical Trial will be set by ‘Xuan Ming’.”

Water-element arena!!!

At this point, the factions with many water-element creatures in the Infinite Sea, the Ghost Sea, the Seven Islands, and even countless water-element creatures were delighted.


Could it be that this time… was a trial that only water-element creatures could participate in??

At this moment, the green eagle continued, “Xuan Ming is a water-element god. In the Mythical Era, it was the main force to resist the Abyss Sea, an extraterrestrial faction. At the same time, it was also the first god to take the initiative to come into contact with and master the power of the Abyss Sea without being affected in order to understand the enemy.”


As soon as the World Tree clone finished speaking, the expressions of many people changed. Abyss Sea… There was naturally no faction present who didn’t understand this huge inheritance that came from the Mythical Era. The pollution of the abyss was incomparably terrifying and would completely corrode the will. In history, even the abyss that came later in the future had caused huge damage to Blue Planet.

If it weren’t for the existence of the Blue Sea Sprite, who knew what the sea on Blue Planet would be like now.

This god actually ran over to cultivate the power of the abyss?

Was it that crazy? They could already imagine how cruel the trial rules would be set by this crazy god.

However, at this moment, a group of people also revealed strange expressions.

It was from Dong Huang.

The gem cat, President Lin, and the others were slightly stunned.

A god who took the initiative to come into contact with and master the power of the Abyss Sea and wasn’t affected?

Why did it sound so familiar?

Wasn’t this Shi Yu’s second team, the underling of the Blue Sea Sprite Susu, Duckie!

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