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Chapter 281 - Li Zhangyu’s Strength!

Chapter 281: Li Zhangyu’s Strength!

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Ye Yuan’s breakthrough at just reached a critical juncture when he suddenly felt the essence energy around him diminishing and was almost unable to support his breakthrough anymore.

The occurrence of such a situation made him feel rather baffled.

Opening his eyes slightly, he saw someone else besides him. This person was apparently breaking through too.

The other person’s essence energy tempest was much stronger than his. It was clearly at the strength level that only a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist should have.

Ye Yuan understood the situation very quickly.

Although this person looked very unfamiliar, just by looking at the other party choosing to break through beside him, he clearly had malicious intentions!

Towards guys like this, Ye Yuan would never be courteous.

The corner of Ye Yuan’s lips curled slightly. He sneered coldly in his heart and thought to himself, Want to play a game of plundering essence energy? You’re going to cry!

Since the other party wanted to play, then he would let him have his fill!

Seemingly sensing Ye Yuan’s glance, Li Zhangyu also turned to look at Ye Yuan and did a thumbs down gesture. The provocation meaning was very thick.

“Truly too arrogant! This fellow actually dares to do this sort of infuriating gesture. Does he really take it as if our Tranquil Cloud Sect has nobody?”

“En? I remembered. He’s wearing the Heavenly Sky Sect uniform! He’s a Heavenly Sky Sect disciple!”

“What? Why would a Heavenly Sky Sect disciple run all the way to our Tranquil Cloud Sect to breakthrough realms?”

“Are you dumb? How is he coming here to break through realms? He’s simply here to show off! Seizing essence energy for his own breakthrough beside Ye Yuan, causing Ye Yuan’s breakthrough to fail, and even making such a hand gesture in front of so many of us, he’s really bullying our Tranquil Cloud Sect for having nobody!”

“That might be so, but this Heavenly Sky Sect disciple is really very strong! We have to do a crazy lot of preparations before breaking through realms and then finding an isolated place to seclude ourselves. But him, he just ran over here directly to breakthrough! Furthermore, look at his appearance; he clearly still has a lot of strength leftover as if breaking through is like eating a common fare to him.”

“I say, can you stop boosting other people’s morale and diminishing our prestige? You’re also aware of Ye Yuan’s talent. Perhaps a miracle will happen!”

When the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples recognized Li Zhangyu’s background, they became bound by a common hatred for the enemy.

Although most of them had never seen before Heavenly Sky Sect’s people, they all knew the Heavenly Sky Sect’s overbearingness.

Rather, it was Ye Yuan who was completely clueless about this. Facing Li Zhangyu’s provocation, he just smiled faintly and stood up.

Ye Yuan was simply disinclined to bother with this sort of lame provocation.

The way Ye Yuan saw it, this kind of provocation were simply like shrews shouting and cursing in public. You scolded me a sentence, so I have to scold you back?

The best way to snuff out the other party’s arrogance was nothing better than to beat the other party down! Beat until they were genuinely convinced!

“Spirit Gathering Seal!” Ye Yuan cried out.

Only to see Ye Yuan’s hands move like phantoms. Seals fired out one by one.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s essence energy storm became violent again!

Originally, Ye Yuan’s essence energy storm already became incomparably thin under Li Zhangyu’s pillaging with the danger of dissipating at any time.

But now, it was like Ye Yuan’s essence energy tempest was injected with stimulants, forcefully snatching much essence energy from Li Zhangyu’s side, and was even strengthening continuously!

As a high ranking alchemist, he needed to master countless seals.

There would be times where an alchemist would gather essence energy in order to raise the quality of medicinal pills. This Spirit Gathering Seal was a more low-end seal among them.

Ye Yuan would frequently use it when his realm was lower in his previous life. After his realm rose, he rarely used it.

But when using it now, it was still incomparably fluent, and the effect was also extremely powerful.

With the guidance of the seal, Ye Yuan’s essence energy storm was like a vortex, building up unendingly.

“Haha, didn’t I say that Ye Yuan wouldn’t admit defeat so easily? So what if he’s a Heavenly Sky Sect’s Crystal Formation Realm? Displaying his paltry skills before an expert like Ye Yuan, he entrapped himself, right?”

“That’s right! Wait until Ye Yuan loots the essence energy over at his side clean. See how he breaks through!”

“No biggie! To be haughty, you also have to look at the other person! You’ll die a very miserable death if you posture in front of a genius who grasped true intent! Haha!”

Looking at Ye Yuan turning the tides, Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples felt that they gained face.

Although they were not very familiar with Ye Yuan yet, they already took him as their own people.

Especially in front of outsiders’ provocation, this kind of recognition would magnify limitlessly!

Li Zhangyu clearly also became conscious of this change and could not help being greatly astonished.

There was an impassable gulf between middle-stage Crystal Formation Realm and middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm. The commotion caused by him breaking through realms was actually pulled back by a puny little middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm?

No wonder Luo Qingfeng was so vague earlier, rather like treasuring his own belongings.

Looking at it now, there was indeed something fishy!

“Heh heh, you certainly have some measly capabilities. But if you think that you can win me like this, then you’re too naïve! Return for me!”

With a low cry, Li Zhangyu’s aura skyrocketed once again!

Following that, his essence energy storm also became even more violent!

The essence energy that was initially snatched over by Ye Yuan returned to Li Zhangyu’ essence energy storm once more!

Ye Yuan’s efforts earlier were all in vain right now.

But Li Zhangyu’s actions gave the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples a huge shock!

“What? This fellow was actually holding back so much extra strength!”

“No way? This commotion of his is probably catching up to breaking through Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm already! Could all the Heavenly Sky Sect’s disciples be powerful to this extent?”

“What kind of joke is that?! Looking at his age, he’s even a few years younger than Senior Apprentice Brother Ti Yujiu, but his cultivation realm has already surpassed Senior Apprentice Brother Ti Wujiu! If breaking through to the Fifth Level Crystal Formation Realm can cause such a powerful momentum, his strength is likely close to our personal disciples already!”

“Is this the strength of the Southern Domain’s number one great sect? No wonder they dare to be so arrogant. How can other sects compare to this strength?”

“Ye Yuan is on his last legs! If it continues to get pillaged like this, Ye Yuan’s breakthrough failing is a minor matter; he might even injure his foundations!”

To a certain degree, the strength of the essence energy tempest could represent a martial artist’s strength and potential.

The essence energy storm when Ye Yuan broke through was several times stronger than ordinary people. This could reflect his strength to a certain extent.

But Li Zhangyu’s essence energy storm being so powerful meant that his true strength was definitely much stronger than a Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm.

As for how his true strength was, it was hard to gauge, but it was definitely ridiculously strong!

Seeing this scene, Luo Qingfeng’s expression was also not too good.

He reckoned that Li Zhangyu’s strength was roughly the same as Mo Yuntian, but his age was nearly ten years younger than Mo Yuntian!

After ten years, what extent could Li Zhangyu reach?

Furthermore, Luo Qingfeng dared to confirm that Li Zhangyu’s strength was absolutely not considered the peak among the personal disciples.

Luo Qingfeng did not even dare to imagine anymore!

The disparity was already so great between the junior generations. Where would the sect’s future lie?

Could he really swallow humiliation and shoulder the burden to wait for the day the Tranquil Cloud Sect rose? Luo Qingfeng involuntarily started to doubt it.

The gap between the two sects was currently widening with each step and not shrinking!

Besides . . . could Ye Yuan still mature smoothly after experiencing such a setback today?

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