Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 280 - Cutting In!

Chapter 280: Cutting In!

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Luo Qingfeng did not get angry. He just used a very peculiar expression to look at this young envoy.

When the envoy saw that Luo Qingfeng had no reaction after a long time, he involuntarily became secretly displeased.

When the envoy turned around and saw Luo Qingfeng’s expression, he could not help being stupefied. He asked in puzzlement, “Why? Did I say it wrong? Could this Spirit Condensation Realm fellow have anything special?”

“Haha, not really all that special. It’s just that he just obtained victory and had some comprehension during the fight, so he took advantage of the opportunity to break through. That’s why there are so many people surrounding and watching,” Luo Qingfeng explained with a smile.

The envoy had a disdainful look when he heard that. “If I didn’t see wrongly, this boy seems to have gotten first place?”

As he was talking, he shook his head and said pityingly, “Your Tranquil Cloud Sect is really declining with the passing of time. A Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm boy can actually obtain first place in the sect grand competition. What a joke!”

Xiao Jian was originally standing by the side patiently. When he heard such words, he immediately wanted to step forward and lose it but was held back by Luo Qingfeng.

“What? Hall Head Xiao seems to have some disgruntlement with me! Come, come, come! Just come! As long as you’re not afraid of my master coming over to take revenge!”

Seeing Xiao Jian’s furious appearance, the envoy did not know what was called fear. Instead, he brought out his own master, and his arrogance became even more inflated.

Luo Qingfeng was actually already furious to the limit in his heart, but as the sect master, he had no choice but to suppress this anger.

This envoy clearly recognized him and Xiao Jian, but they had never met him, so they naturally did not know which mighty deity his master was.

“Xiao Jian, you withdraw first!”

“Sect Master!”


Xiao Jian gritted his teeth, flicked his sleeves and left.

Seeing Xiao Jian leave, Luo Qingfeng turned around and asked, “Your master is?”

When the envoy saw that Luo Qingfeng did not even dare to let out a fart, he became even more pleased with himself secretly. That head of his was raised until it was about to reach the skies.

“My master is Chi Zongtao. I am master’s personal disciple, Li Zhangyu,” Li Zhangyu said with a proud beam.

Luo Qingfeng naturally would not make a fool of himself in front of a junior, but he was alarmed in his heart.

Of course, he knew this Chi Zongtao. He was one of the grand elders of the Heavenly Sky Sect: a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!

Weighing things this way, this punk was the same generation as him?

No wonder this punk dared to be so insolent. Turned out that he actually had such a backing.

Pressing down the unhappiness in his heart, Luo Qingfeng asked, “What did your honored sect send you here for?”

Li Zhangyu said, “Of course, it’s for something good! But this matter will have to wait for later. Right now, I just had a sudden burst of inspiration and feel like I’m about to break through realms right away. This place is pretty good. I’m going to break through here!”

Finishing, without even waiting for Luo Qingfeng to agree, he scurried over to not far from Ye Yuan with a flash.

Luo Qingfeng’s expression changed. It was already too late to try and stop this. Li Zhangyu’s essence energy storm had already started to gather.

The two essence energy storms converged together very quickly. If Luo Qingfeng made a move to disrupt Li Zhangyu’s breakthrough, it would definitely also interrupt Ye Yuan’s breakthrough!

Luo Qingfeng gnashed his teeth in hatred. Looks like this Li Zhangyu was spoiled rotten by Chi Zongtao. He was actually so willful when doing things.

How was this Li Zhangyu going to break through? This was clearly him wanting to smack Tranquil Cloud Sect’s face!

This Li Zhangyu was at Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm strength. Now, he was going to break through to the Fifth Level Crystal Formation Realm. But Ye Yuan was only breaking through to the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm. How could he compare to Li Zhangyu?

The essence energy storm momentum would surely be devoured cleanly if Ye Yuan broke through beside a Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist!

Li Zhangyu had wicked thoughts. This was him wanting to make Ye Yuan fail his breakthrough by breaking through himself at the same time!

Once Ye Yuan failed his breakthrough, Tranquil Cloud Sect would have lost face completely!

Moreover, failing the breakthrough this time would surely cast a very large shadow on Ye Yuan. Wanting to break through again would no longer be that easy!

Li Zhangyu was evidently a clever person. Although Luo Qingfeng spoke vaguely earlier, he also guessed that Ye Yuan must have some aspects surpassing others.

Furthermore, to be able to obtain the number one in the grand competition with Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength, regardless whether it was the Tranquil Cloud Sect lacking successors or not, Ye Yuan unquestionably had some saving graces.

Sweeping away the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s face in public and also ruining the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s genius disciple and even spreading the fame of the Heavenly Sky Sect. It was truly killing three birds with one arrow!

When Luo Qingfeng thought up to here, he was so enraged that his complexion turned green, but he was powerless to do anything.

Li Zhangyu might be arrogant, but he also indeed had the capital to be arrogant. The essence energy storm was gathered casually. This unhurried manner was ample to show his might.

When martial artists broke through realms, which one of them would not make ample preparations?

Li Zhangyu did it on the spot. Clearly, he was full of confidence. That was also to say, breaking through to the Fifth Level Crystal Formation Realm was not even considered much to Li Zhangyu.

Such boldness, among the younger generation in the Tranquil Cloud Sect, there was simply no one like it.

Luo Qingfeng finally just let out a sigh. Now, in this kind of situation, Ye Yuan could only count on himself.

Or perhaps, Ye Yuan could create a miracle.

If it were another person, Luo Qingfeng might just really move to stop this. But Ye Yuan could never be measured using common sense.

Some things that would never happen to others became uncertain with Ye Yuan.

After all, there was simply no martial artist who grasped true intent in the Southern Domain.

Ye Yuan was the sole person!

In a blink, storms raged in the entire plaza. The two essence energy storms towered to the skies and meshed together.

Initially, Ye Yuan’s essence energy tempest was already very exaggerated. But Li Zhangyu’s essence energy storm was more than a level stronger.

Li Zhangyu was a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist. The commotion when breaking through was obviously different.

With a fellow suddenly popping out to breakthrough, they naturally got a feast for their eyes.

“Who’s this person? Why have I never heard that we had such a senior apprentice brother?”

“What’s this person trying to do? Why does he have to squeeze with Ye Yuan if he wants to break through and not find a place to enter seclusion?”

“The situation is not quite right! This person is a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist. The essence energy tempest that he created is so powerful! Essence energy storms are originally used to plunder the surrounding essence energy for one’s own use. The essence energy storm that he created is already starting to pillage Ye Yuan’s!”

“Ye Yuan’s in danger! If his essence energy storm is looted, then his hope of breaking through to the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm will be dashed to pieces! There might even be the danger of cultivation realm falling!”

“What kind of mysterious person this is? Such a powerful aura! A Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist’s breakthrough actually has such great commotion!”

Many people started to worry for Ye Yuan. Compared to a stranger, everyone naturally hoped for Ye Yuan to breakthrough.

Except, everyone sensed that the essence energy storm on Ye Yuan’s side was becoming increasingly weaker. Ye Yuan’s breakthrough also fell into a precarious situation, as if there would be signs of stopping at any time.

If Ye Yuan and Li Zhangyu competed in supreme true intent, these Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples would absolutely not worry for him.

Ye Yuan had grasped true intent. Forget that Li Zhangyu was just at Crystal Formation Realm, even if he was at the Sea Transformation Realm, or even the Soul Sea Realm, they did not think that Li Zhangyu could win.

But they were breaking through cultivation realms currently, seizing essence energy.

This way, Ye Yuan’s true intent would not come in handy at all. Instead, his cultivation realm became his greatest disadvantage.

How could a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist possibly be a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist’s match in plundering essence energy?

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