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Chapter 275 - Reversal!

Chapter 275: Reversal!

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Everyone did not think that Tian Yu actually trained fire attribute martial techniques to such a level.

On the platform, Tian Yu and Ye Yuan’s movements were swift to the extreme. Only to see two afterimages flittering around over there.

Within the afterimages, a red light drew a very peculiar line. That was Tian Yu’s fire-red finger.

The Firecloud Finger was an extremely powerful type of close-combat skill. Its might was extremely great!

Even if Ye Yuan were brushed by Tian Yu’s fingertips, he would most likely lose his ability to fight immediately. If he were struck directly by it, then the outcome would be really hard to say.

Although Ye Yuan’s strength was great, he was only at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm after all. His protective essence energy was much weaker compared to a half-step Crystal Formation Realm.

Tian Yu did not treat Ye Yuan as an opponent who could not withstand a single blow. He was currently going all out and did not hold anything back!

Once any accidents happened, then the outcome would really be up in the air.

Xiao Jian and Luo Qingfeng who were presently spectating the battle from a distance were also filled with apprehension. With their vision, they could naturally see what was happening on the platform clearly.

It was precisely so that these two people’s match appeared to be even more heart-startling and soul-stirring!

Tian Yu’s Firecloud Finger did not leave Ye Yuan’s vital points every move. Furthermore, his movements were very nimble. Each move was as swift as before, forcing Ye Yuan until he had no strength to retaliate!

“Sect Master, if it goes on like this, I fear that an accident will happen! Ye Yuan, he . . .” said Xiao Jian with worry, seeing Ye Yuan in a treacherous situation.

But Luo Qingfeng shook his head and said, “The clash between two great geniuses is something inevitable. This match holds extraordinary meaning. If you or I go out to prevent this match, it will be incredibly detrimental to them!”

“But fists and kicks have no eyes; what if something were to happen to Ye Yuan?”

“The birth of a peerless powerhouse is inevitably born from trampling on the shoulders of countless geniuses! If Ye Yuan doesn’t make it past this round, it shows that he lacks the potential to become a peerless powerhouse. Moreover, if we move to stop this, Ye Yuan would lose. Geniuses can lose, but I think that Ye Yuan definitely would not wish to lose in such a manner!”

Seeing that Luo Qingfeng did not have any intention of stopping this, Xiao Jian was extremely worried. However, he also understood that what Luo Qingfeng said was very reasonable.

When Tian Yu abandoned his sword, Ye Yuan probably already guessed that he had some other backup plans.

Facing an expert like Tian Yu, Ye Yuan daring to continue the battle showed that he also wanted to win this match very much.

Thinking up to here, Xiao Jian forcibly suppressed the impulse to stop this and continue watching the match.

Tian Yu’s attack became increasingly quicker. Ye Yuan already activated Essence Energy Ignition, barely avoiding Tian Yu’s attacks by coupling it with Spirit Void Shattering Space!

But this move, Essence Energy Ignition, had one flaw, which was that the consumption rate of essence energy would surge!

In a match where the expenditure of essence energy was so titanic, how long could Ye Yuan’s essence energy sustain it?

The situation was becoming progressively unfavorable to Ye Yuan! Once his essence energy was depleted, he could be in mortal danger!

“Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu is really too strong! The Firecloud Finger uses fire amplification concept to increase the attack power. He trained it to the Great Circle Realm. The attack power of his finger right now is probably no longer weaker than using his sword, right? Discarding the sword to use the finger. Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu is truly a combat genius!”

“Ye Yuan’s might is also unexpected! To think that even without a sword in his hand, he can actually forcibly withstand so many moves from Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu! Furthermore, I see that Ye Yuan’s movements seem to be faster than before. But in this short while, his essence energy has already depleted by nearly half. Most likely, he also has some ways of augmenting his movements, right?”

“Yeah! But Ye Yuan is trying to seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences! Once his essence energy is exhausted, he’ll be in danger!”

“What you said is right! En? Hang on! Did you notice that Ye Yuan’s speed seems to be increasing more and more, but the essence energy expenditure is gradually slowing?”

“That’s true! If you didn’t say, I wouldn’t have noticed. Ye Yuan’s essence energy expenditure was very rapid just now, but it became slower now! Moreover, the speed of him evading Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s attacks is becoming increasingly faster. Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu almost can’t keep up with his speed anymore!”

“This . . . What’s going on?”

On the platform, the more Tian Yu fought, the more alarmed he became!

Ye Yuan combusted his essence energy to raise his movement speed. The consumption of his essence energy increased several folds. Although it forcefully raised his speed for a period of time, just as that person said, it was a fighting style that sought temporary relief by disregarding consequences.

Because his movement speed augmented by him igniting his essence energy simply could not shake off Tian Yu’s attacks.

After several dozen moves, Ye Yuan’s essence energy could not quite support it anymore. His speed started to fall once more.

But Tian Yu became fiercer the more he fought by relying on his high cultivation realm and immense essence energy. His attacking speed did not lower but increased instead!

After waxing and waning, Ye Yuan’s situation became increasingly more perilous!

Just a moment ago, Tian Yu’s Firecloud Finger was virtually about to touch Ye Yuan already!

Just that tiny last stretch!

But who knew why, Ye Yuan’s movement speed suddenly increased again!

Just now, Ye Yuan was clearly already at his limits. Why did it look like the last spurt of energy before collapsing?

Tian Yu’s finger came closer and closer to Ye Yuan, and Ye Yuan’s dodging also became increasingly relaxed, no longer as strenuous as before!

Finally, the tip of Ye Yuan’s feet tapped lightly, and he dodged several dozen feet away, pulling apart the distance between him and Tian Yu!

“Sword Driving Technique!”

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan let out a light cry, and soul force undulated out!

Not far away, Canghua Sword which was stabbed into the ground gave off a series of hums and actually moved by itself!

Tian Yu’s expression changed drastically when he saw the situation. He pounced forward once more.

But how could Ye Yuan give him another chance?

Only to hear Canghua Sword pull out from the ground with a ding, then with a cold flash, it attacked Tian Yu directly!

The Canghua Sword flew through the air. Its speed was much faster than Tian Yu.

In only a blink of an eye, the Canghua Sword already arrived in front of Tian Yu!

Tian Yu could only give up on attacking Ye Yuan and turned around to deal with Canghua Sword.

Tian Yu’s vision was exceedingly good. His finger once again accurately tapped the sword’s body, blasting the Canghua Sword away.

Except that this time, the Canghua Sword did not land on the ground like before. Instead, it drew a single arc through the air and attack Tian Yu once more.

Just like this, one sword and a person actually tangled together!

Canghua Sword could not break through Tian Yu’s Firecloud Finger, while Tian Yu similarly could not break past the Canghua Sword to attack Ye Yuan.

The pair entered a stalemate once again.

“This . . . What sword art is this? To actually . . . actually remotely control the sword to attack! Such an attack method is seriously inconceivable!”

“Just now, Ye Yuan clearly could not hold on anymore, why did his movements become increasingly faster all of a sudden like he was on stimulants?! Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu nearly succeeded earlier, but he actually escaped just like that!”

“Ye Yuan is truly too scary! Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu holds all the advantages, but he still managed to pull it back. Furthermore, he even used such a profound sword driving skill!”

“En? This sword driving technique is definitely a divine soul mystic art! Can you guys feel it? Ye Yuan’s soul force is actually even stronger than high-rank Alchemy Masters!”

“Hiss . . . Just how on earth did this fellow cultivate? A 15-year-old Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm who grasped true intent and his soul force is even ridiculously powerful! Is this fellow really human?”

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