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Chapter 274 - The Legend Ends?

Chapter 274: The Legend Ends?

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“No . . . No way! Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu actually abandoned his sword!”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s skills all lie on his sword! Since he abandoned the sword, could this be conceding defeat?”

“Sigh! A martial technique on the level of Luminous Moon High Above was snuffed out by Ye Yuan in the time it takes to raise a hand. What’s there to fight still? At least this was Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu. If it were some other person, they most likely wouldn’t even have the courage to use their sword in front of Ye Yuan!”

Seeing Tian Yu discarded his sword, it caused such a furor among the crowd.

A sword user forsaking his sword was undoubtedly breaking off an arm themselves. Tian Yu’s action at this time made everyone think that he was going to admit defeat.

There was actually quite a number of people who already predicted this scene.

Ye Yuan’s sword intent was seriously too powerful. It was simply an insurmountably huge mountain!

Ye Yuan stared at Tian Yu, but his expression became solemn.

This was absolutely not Tian Yu conceding. On the contrary, he definitely had other trump cards!

Because Tian Yu’s current expression in his eyes was not dim like a failure’s at all. Instead, it was brimming over with vigor and spirit, like the feeling of burning with eagerness to try.

“Indeed, the disparity between you and me is huge in terms of Sword Dao! Originally, I thought that you only comprehended the elementary form of true intent. Now, it seems like you’ve already completely grasped the Azure Dipper Purple Yang True Intent!”

When Tian Yu’s words came out, it caused another huge commotion among the crowd.

Ti Wujiu who was always calm faltered slightly and said, “No wonder Ye Yuan is so formidable. Turns out he has already fully comprehended the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword intent! It looks like he comprehended it on the Nine Heavens Road. It’s just that in the thousands of years since the establishment of our Tranquil Cloud Sect, only a scathing few people could fully comprehend the true intent that Forefather left behind. And these people were all members during the Northern Domain era. The recent few thousand years, not a single one could comprehend it in its entirety! This Ye Yuan is truly remarkable!”

Cheng Wu who was by the side was astounded long ago and sighed with a start, “True intent! Ye Yuan, he actually grasped true intent! That is true intent! How can it be grasped by people so easily? This . . . my opponent is actually somebody who grasped true intent?”

Ti Wujiu shot him a glance and comforted him. “Little Wu, this is an opportunity for you. Cast aside your thoughts about gains or losses. You’ll reap great rewards.”

But Cheng Wu said in a beaten manner, “Sigh, each and every one of you are too perverse! I don’t have that level of perception. Exchanging blows with him is also futile.”

Ti Wujiu shook his head while smiling and did not say any more.

He was aware of Cheng Wu’s talent. Although not outstandingly talented, he was not those sort of ordinary, mediocre people.

It was just that his personality was reserved and he would easily flinch back when encountering problems. Such a personality was hard to accomplish anything great. Especially on the martial path, it was very difficult to have achievements.

Cheng Wu falling to the bottom of the elite disciples was not unrelated to his personality.

But it was useless for others to talk about this kind of thing no matter how much they try. He must realize it himself.

True intent, the weight that these two words represented was seriously too great. When the audience below the stage heard Tian Yu’s words, they lost their cool.

“Did you hear what Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu just said? He said that Ye Yuan grasped true intent! It’s grasped, not comprehended the elementary form of true intent!”

“Impossible! Doesn’t this mean that Ye Yuan will surely become a powerhouse like Forefather You Wuya in the future? How many years has it been since a powerhouse like that has appeared in our Tranquil Cloud Sect?”

“I refuse to believe it! How is this possible? How can something like comprehending true intent be so easy?”

While debates ran wild below the stage, Ye Yuan who was opposite Tian Yu smiled and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu has sharp eyes. However . . . you’re probably not going to admit defeat so easily, right?”

Tian Yu acknowledge it magnanimously, “Since you’ve already fully comprehended the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, then all of my sword moves are already useless to you. I can only use other methods. While using strength to crush others is a little unorthodox, I no longer have any other options. As a martial artist, I don’t wish to lose!”

The meaning of these words from Tian Yu was that he was going to use cultivation realm to crush Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan did not feel that there was anything inappropriate about that. Standing on the platform, nobody wanted to lose, including him, Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan saw a thick fighting intent from Tian Yu’s eyes, and he involuntarily understood in his heart.

Looks like the conversation previously had a huge impact on Tian Yu.

This match held extraordinary meaning to Tian Yu.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Where did this come from, Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu? Cultivation realm is originally a part of one’s strength. How is this winning through unorthodox means? But I’m afraid that it isn’t going to be so easy for Senior Apprentice Brother to win me!”

Senior Apprentice Brother burst into laughter and said, “Since that’s the case, we’ll know after competing!”

“Please, Senior Apprentice Brother!” Ye Yuan did an inviting gesture.

Tian Yu nodded and released his full aura. The aura belonging to a half-step Crystal Formation Realm was exhibited in its entirety!

“Careful, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye! I’m coming! Firecloud Finger!”

Tian Yu had not even finished talking when his entire person already vanished from where he was!

Ye Yuan’s gaze condensed. A sense of extreme danger descended!

With his eyesight, he actually only saw a blurry silhouette of Tian Yu.

No time left to think, Ye Yuan directly wielded his sword and stabbed at that figure.

Only to hear a ding, the Canghua Sword which had never failed before actually slipped out his hand!

The Canghua sword drew a lone arc in the air and stabbed into the ground outside of the platform with a clang.

But Tian Yu did not give Ye Yuan more time to be astonished. With a turn, another finger attacked! Looking at Tian Yu’s stance, it was actually to have a close-ranged tussle with Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan did not dare to delay. Displaying Spirit Void Shattering Space to its limits, he barely managed to evade this attack.

However, this was merely the beginning! Tian Yu’s Firecloud Finger attacked Ye Yuan like a furious tempest.

For a moment, danger surrounded Ye Yuan!

Below the stage, it was already dead silent long ago.

When Tian Yu discarded his sword, they all thought that the outcome of this battle was already set, but they did not expect the situation to change so suddenly. Ye Yuan’s spirit artifact was actually blasted away from Tian Yu’s finger, and he fell into the midst of a crisis.

The plot reversed too quickly. Everyone did not manage to react to it for some time.

“This . . . What’s going on? Is that really Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu?”

“Firecloud Finger is a Tier 3 fire attribute martial technique! I never knew that Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu was actually so strong in terms of the concept of fire!”

“Yeah! Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu had never used fire-attribute martial techniques before in front of others. Everybody thought that he only knew how to use the sword. Most likely, nobody would have thought that Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s fire attribute martial technique was actually so powerful!”

“Although the Firecloud Finger is only a low-grade Tier 3 martial technique, for Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu to be able to blast away Ye Yuan’s spirit artifact, it’s most likely already trained to the Great Circle Realm, right? He is only 18 years old this year. Not only did he comprehend an extremely powerful sword intent, he even comprehended the concept of fire to such a level! Truly heaven-defying!”

“Ye Yuan’s in danger now! The reason he could leap ranks to battle so exaggeratedly before was by relying on his sword intent. Now that his sword has left his hand, it’s equivalent to a bird losing its wings. Under such a situation where the gap in cultivation realm is so huge, defeat is something inevitable. However, his movement technique is incredibly swift. He can actually last so many moves under Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s attacks!”

“I initially thought that Ye Yuan was going to take the place of Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu this time, but I didn’t think that the path through the mountain ridges would wind so. Looks like Ye Yuan’s legend is going to end here!”

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