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Chapter 257 - True Intent!

Chapter 257: True Intent!

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When Ye Yuan said this, Nanfeng Ruoqing’s and Nanfeng Zhirou’s hair stood on its ends!

What kind of concept was the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse?

With their present realm, it was simply unimaginable!

“Endless World’s strongest powerhouse? You actually dared to say that!” Cold laughter came from the side.

Ye Yuan looked over only to see a young man with a handsome face like carved jade, around 18 or 19 years old. This person was precisely Tian Yu who had nothing better to do too.

After he left Elder Feng’s place, he decided to come and take a look at the other challenger of the Nine Heavens Road, Long Tang. But he did not think that he would hear Ye Yuan talk nonsense right after reaching here.

Ye Yuan only smiled and did not give any explanations. “Haha, this Senior Apprentice Brother, just take it as a joke.”

Since Ye Yuan said that, Tian Yu could not really pursue it.

To become the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse was the lifetime aspiration of all martial artists. Ye Yuan’s prediction sounded somewhat baffling, but in reality, it did not hurt the important essentials.

Tian Yu sized up Ye Yuan. He seemed to feel something and asked, “You’re Ye Yuan?”

This time, it was Ye Yuan’s turn to be stunned. “Senior Apprentice Brother knows me?”

“Looks like my guess was indeed correct. I’m called Tian Yu. You should have heard of me,” Tian Yu said coolly.

Such words that leaked overbearingness, only a genius like Tian Yu dared to say it.

While it was rather wild, this was a fact. Ye Yuan had indeed heard of him before.

Ye Yuan’s expression became slightly cold. He did not think that this young man in front of him was actually the number one on the core disciples’ rankings, Tian Yu!

“So, it’s Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu. Pardon me,” Ye Yuan cupped his fists and greeted.

Yesterday, he heard about this Tian Yu’s prowess, but he did not expect to encounter him today. Except, why did he come here?

Towards Ye Yuan’s attitude, Tian Yu was slightly displeased.

Normally speaking, when newcomer disciples met him for the first time, the majority would show an enthralled and admiring look. But Ye Yuan did not.

This was an exchange of equals.

Although he made it past the Nine Heavens Road and his talent was outstanding, he was only Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm after all. Did he think that he could already match him equally?

As a newcomer, shouldn’t he be more humble?

It will be hard for this person to amount to anything!

Tian Yu gave Ye Yuan such an appraisal in his heart.

Skymaple always taught Tian Yu to not be self-conceited because of his talent. Otherwise, his future accomplishments would definitely be limited!

This was not talking about defects in personality affecting cultivation, but a personality where one acted in undue confidence of their own ability would easily look down on everything. Such a person would also easily suffer setbacks. Some people become braver in the face of setbacks, while extremely few geniuses who was conceited because of their talent would grow up. This was because they could not endure setbacks.

While Tian Yu had an air of arrogance, he was never cavalier. When his strength was low, he knew how to respect seniors.

Judging others with himself, Tian Yu naturally felt that Ye Yuan was relying on his talent to look down on others.

Tian Yu only nodded and did not say much. Instead, he pointed at Long Tang and asked, “You said that he can become the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse. Why? Just based on that one punch? I also saw that punch earlier. Although the power was decent, isn’t it too ridiculous to say that he can become the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse based on that?”

If Ye Yuan said that he could become the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse, Tian Yu would definitely shrug it off with a laugh, and then leave with a flick of his sleeves.

Such a wildly arrogant person was not worth his, Tian Yu’s, attention.

But Ye Yuan talked about Long Tang earlier and not himself. This made Tian Yu rather curious.

Ye Yuan did not think that Tian Yu actually took it for real. He smiled and said, “Does Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu really want to know?”

Tian Yu said, “Of course! I want to know whether or not you’re talking nonsense or can you back your words.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu also trains in the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, right?”

“That’s right. You’re not saying that my sword intent can’t be compared to his fist art, right?” Tian Yu heard the implied meaning behind Ye Yuan’s words.

However, Ye Yuan smiled and said, “From a certain standpoint, I’m afraid that Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s sword intent really can’t match his fist intent!”

When Ye Yuan said this, not only Tian Yu, even Nanfeng Ruoqing and Nanfeng Zhirou felt that it was rather nonsensical.

Tian Yu had a profound understanding of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. How could it possibly not compare to the Long Tang who had just cleared the Nine Heavens Road?

Tian Yu did not become angry. Instead, he asked, “From what standpoint?”

If what Ye Yuan said was reasonable, he would naturally be able to tell. If it was bullshit, then he had no need to continue chatting.

“Senior Apprentice Brother, ask yourself, how does your sword intent compare to Forefather You Wuya?”

“Of course, it is far from comparable! Forefather You Wuya was a genius. The sword intent I have comprehended currently is at most 60% of his. Why? You’re not going to say that Long Tang can match Forefather You Wuya, right?”

“Whether he can match or not, I don’t know. But in the future, he perhaps has the chance to reach Forefather You Wuya’s height! Don’t get anxious, Senior Apprentice Brother, listen to me. Although our predecessors’ ways are good, that which belongs to yourself is the strongest! Maybe Senior Apprentice Brother isn’t willing to listen to this, but your Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent will never reach Forefather You Wuya’s realm no matter how much you train! Because this sword intent was created by him! On the other hand for Long Tang, his fist intent has already broken off from the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, and he found a martial path which belongs to him alone! If he can continuously perfect this path, his future accomplishments would at least be Forefather You Wuya’s height!”

Ye Yuan paused for a moment before continuing, “Long Tang’s fist intent already has the elementary form of true intent!”

Tian Yu was still showing a disdainful expression before this. But towards the end, his face was completely solemn.

All the way until he heard the two words, ‘true intent.’ Tian Yu stared at Ye Yuan completely dumbstruck!

In the entire Endless World, the number of martial artists who possessed true intent could be counted on one hand! That martial artists who possessed true intent were all legends!

According to Tian Yu’s knowledge, only those few overwhelmingly powerful existences in the Northern Domain possessed their own true intent!

But now, Ye Yuan was telling him that that plain-looking young man actually possessed true intent!

Although it was only the elementary form, it was sufficiently terrifying in the entire Southern Domain!

Nobody could clearly describe what Heavenly Dao was, but martial artists could understand the Heavenly Dao belonging to them through certain things!

True intent was one of those things!

The Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent was actually a type of true intent! Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword was similarly a type of true intent!

Once someone comprehended a true intent to the extremities, shattering the void and ascending to the Divine Realm was a simple matter.

Hence, that was why Ye Yuan said that Long Tang could possibly become the Endless World’s most powerful person in the future!

Although Tian Yu was powerful now, he was walking another person’s path.

If he could not comprehend a true intent belonging to himself, then it was impossible for him to ever surpass You Wuya!

The true intent that other people comprehended, no matter how profound one’s understanding of it was, it was impossible to surpass the predecessor.

Learning other people’s stuff was actually a type of shortcut. But this kind of shortcut could easily bring one to a dead end.

Of course, if one did not learn anything and wanted to comprehend true intent from thin air, it would be impossibly difficult. Unless they were a monstrous person like Ye Yuan who comprehended a type of true intent from watching the scene of falling petals filling the skies.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan obviously would not tell Tian Yu that the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Intent from fusing the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent and Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword Intent was already equipped with the elementary form of a Supreme True Intent!

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