Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 256 - Future Strongest Powerhouse

Chapter 256: Future Strongest Powerhouse

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On the martial path, the earlier and the more Heavenly Daos comprehended, the greater one’s future accomplishments would naturally be too.

All the myriad cultivation methods under the heavens all matched a certain area of understanding towards Heavenly Dao.

The Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art was an extremely profound sword art. If he could have comprehended it at the Essence Qi Realm, Tian Yu’s future accomplishments could possibly be even higher!

It was exactly because Tian Yu felt the sword intent on the Nine Heavens Road that his cultivation, later on, became increasingly faster.

Because the Heavenly Dao that he comprehended far exceeded his present realm. It allowed his cultivation speed to far surpass ordinary people.

Of course, this kind of cultivation speed was not limitless. As the speed he comprehended Heavenly Dao decreases with time, and his realm and comprehension of Heavenly Dao gradually reached an equilibrium; his cultivation speed would naturally drop too.

This was a definite result no matter how much more monstrous Tian Yu was.

The higher the realm, the more difficult it was to comprehend Heavenly Dao. Even those peak geniuses in the Divine Realm felt times where human effort just won’t do, let alone the Lower Realms.

Ye Yuan naturally could not escape this fate either. But the Heavenly Dao that he comprehended was not even on the same level as the Endless World’s martial artists. Hence, he did not need to worry about this problem now.

Furthermore, the reason why Ye Yuan was not in a hurry to raise his realm was that he was comprehending and understanding Heavenly Dao anew!

Ji Qingyun’s realm was virtually piled up using medicinal pills. At that time, he did not use any effort to understand Heavenly Dao. He knew the how but not the why.

Now that Ye Yuan was resolved to step onto the martial path, he obviously would not make this kind of mistake again.

Otherwise, with Ye Yuan’s Heavenly Dao realm, he could return to the pinnacle in just a few years using medicinal pills to pile on the entire way.

But that way, he would become a power level 5 trash again.

Ye Yuan’s improvement speed was already so rapid that it was implausible in other peoples’ eyes, but he himself knew just how slow it was!

Ye Yuan was making up for the homework he did not do in his previous life at ‘tortoise speed.’

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan did not imagine that Ceng Yu conceding straight away would cause a moderate disturbance. He arrived at platform No. 31 directly after winning.

Since he was unoccupied and had nothing to do, he and the Nanfeng aunt and niece came to watch Long Tang’s match together.

Right now, Long Tang was currently in the midst of a fierce battle with the other party on the platform!

Ye Yuan’s opponent was the No. 31 Liu Fang, a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist!

Among the sect core disciples, a martial artist with such strength should by right crush a newcomer like Long Tang.

But the reality was that although he held the initiative, he kept being unable to take down Long Tang.

Long Tang was not those genius type martial artists. Instead, he was a tenacious and perceptive martial artist.

Although signs of defeat gradually showed on the platform, he still held onto that last breath and refused to breathe his last. Liu Fang was also rather anxious after not taking him down despite attacking for so long.

Ye Yuan’s worldview was amazingly high. He understood the situation in the arena with a single glance.

“Sigh, it doesn’t look good for Senior Apprentice Brother Long anymore. This is his first battle after entering the sect. If he were defeated, it would be quite a huge blow to him, right?” Nanfeng Zhirou clearly also saw through Long Tang’s bad situation and said somewhat worriedly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Relax. Long Tang’s strength should be greater than this. He’s definitely hiding some cards.”

“En? How do you know? Senior Apprentice Brother Long wouldn’t tell you what trump cards he has, right? Didn’t you guys not fight?”

“I’m guessing,” Ye Yuan said honestly.

“Tch, guessing again! You can even guess that others have trump cards! That No. 31 is at the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm! Whatever trump cards Senior Apprentice Brother Long has, it’s most likely all used up already. Could it be that he hasn’t even used his trumps cards despite fighting up to now?” Nanfeng Zhirou said somewhat disbelievingly.

A very long time had already passed since the match started. It was long past the stage where they probed each other out.

Encountering an opponent that was so much stronger than him, it was impossible for Long Tang to not use any trump cards, right?

“Used is definitely used. But Long Tang definitely won’t expose his strength to his foe all at once. Carrying on watching and you’ll see.” Ye Yuan no longer looked at Nanfeng Zhirou but focused on the match in the arena.

Back then when Yao Qian warned Ye Yuan at the State of Qin, there was one thing which was right, and that was the strength of sect core disciples were indeed formidable.

Long Tang’s combat strength was originally very powerful already. Leaping ranks to battle was like having a meal.

Now that he made it past the Nine Heavens Road and was in seclusion to comprehend for more than a month, his strength increased by who knew how much.

If it was the standard of the State of Qin’s Dan Wu Academy, Long Tang challenging a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm as Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm was something that could be easily accomplished.

But now, facing Liu Fang, Long Tang had exhausted virtually all of his moves, but could not gain any advantages.

If Long Tang did not have any more moves, defeat was sooner or later.

From this, it could be seen just how powerful sect core disciples were.

Of course, this was Ye Yuan sensing on behalf of Long Tang. When he was facing his opponent, he really did not feel that the other party was very strong.

After all, Ye Yuan was not even in the same world as these so-called geniuses.

On the platform, Long Tang was already forced into a corner by Liu Fang. The situation looked very desperate, and there was the danger of losing any time.

“Haha, what a troublesome newcomer! To actually be able to force me to such an extent. You can be amply proud! After this, go to the loser group! Burning Flame Palm!”

Seeing as Long Tang’s defeat was imminent, Liu Fang decided to take the other party down in one fell swoop!

This Burning Flame Palm was a fire attribute superior-grade Tier 2 martial technique. Its might was incredible! Under a single palm move, a stretch of red actually flooded Long Tang’s corner. It could be seen how high the temperature was.

The way Liu Fang saw it, Long Tang absolutely only had the outcome of defeat under this palm!

But right then, Liu Fang’s eyes revealed gaping astonishment!

Long Tang shut his eyes and threw a punch forward just like that.

A very ordinary punch that seemingly did not have the slightest bit of force.

But it was this punch that easily crushed the high temperature created by his Burning Flame Palm.

It was this simple punch that broke his defense with unstoppable momentum, smashing onto his chest!


Liu Fang flew out backward and became unconscious . . .

After several breaths of time, Elder Feng’s voice sounded again, “Platform No. 31, No. 170 wins!”

Ye Yuan looked at this fist from Long Tang and could not help smiling faintly.

This fellow’s comprehension abilities were truly not an ordinary kind of powerful! Long Tang actually comprehended some superficial knowledge from that finger he used to give pointers to Wu Luochen with!

Furthermore, Long Tang successfully converted Ye Yuan’s sword intent into his fist intent, and he trudged out a path that belonged to himself!

In future, if Long Tang could perfect this fist intent, his accomplishments would surely be extraordinary!

However, this kind of self-created fist intent road was not easy to walk. The difficulty was ten times, even tens of times greater than ordinary people!

But once he walked finish this road, Long Tang would surely be a powerhouse of a region in the future!

At least, shattering the void and entering the Divine Realm should not be an issue.

“Ah! Senior Apprentice Brother Long actually won under such a circumstance! Really amazing!” Nanfeng Zhirou exclaimed in shock.

“Ye Yuan, Long Tang’s punch just now, why do I feel that it’s kind of like . . .” Nanfeng Ruoqing said uncertainly.

Ye Yuan grinned and said, “That’s right. He indeed learned secretly and created a fist intent that belongs to him! Hehe, if Long Tang doesn’t fall, he could very well be the Endless World’s strongest powerhouse in the future!”

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