Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2200 - Chopping Firewood

Chapter 2200: Chopping Firewood

The wind howled and the water turned cold; the brave warriors will never return!

The news about Ye Yuan rushing into Blackflame alone in order to rescue his beloved spread like wildfire.

A monster like Ye Yuan naturally aroused the attention of the various major forces that entered the Blackflame Cave. Hence, they inquired about Ye Yuan’s origins one after another.

There were no walls without a crack in this world. Ye Yuan had long already stated his identity when he entered Fallen Maple Bodhidharma. It naturally could not be hidden.

Only at this time did everyone suddenly startle awake. It turned out that this was the Second Sage who gave rise to much discussion a few years ago!

Beyond the shock, everyone was also endlessly sympathetic.

Such an exceptional talent actually fell in the Blackflame Cave just like that. It was truly lamentable!

The Blackflame Cave completely collapsed. The cave entrance vanished. Space recovered to how it was initially. The Angry Nether River flowed without ceasing once more.

Everyone knew that Ye Yuan most likely died inside.

The only thing that was mysterious was that right as the passageway collapsed, a streak of golden light flashed by and disappeared.

In the beginning, there were also people who guessed whether or not this golden light would be related to Ye Yuan.

But along with the passage of time, no one saw Ye Yuan anymore. Everyone’s doubts also gradually evaporated into thin air.

Because the Second Sage’s maidservant was still in Fallen Maple Bodhidharma.

From then on, Ye Yuan never came to see Lu-er before.

On Sunset Peak, Lu-er quietly cried as she said, “Young Master, they all said that you died, but I don’t believe it! Even if I walk to the ends of the world, I must find you too.”

In a blink, it was already three years.

Over 100 thousand miles away from Cloudriver Country, there was a place called Jingning Mountain.

The sun came up from the east mountain, the setting sun bypassing the top of the mountain, illuminating a peaceful little village.

Inside the village, there was smoke curling up from each of the kitchen chimneys there, indicating people getting up at sunrise.

Those living in the village were a bunch of mortals.

A robust young man said with displeasure, “Dumbo, go and chop all these firewood! Our Chen Village doesn’t raise idle people!”

Standing opposite him was a young man wearing coarse cloth, his face without any complexion.

Dumbo did not say anything, turned around and came beside the firewood pile, and started chopping firewood.




One section after another of white oak lay beside Ye Yuan neatly, gradually stacking higher.

The robust young man had an astonished look. Following that was gloominess all over his face.

White oak burned easily and the temperature was high. It was an excellent fuel to burn.

But it was extremely tough. The strongest hunter in the village also needed three to four swings before they could split it.

Chopping firewood was actually strenuous work.

A’Yong making him chop firewood was actually intentionally making things difficult for him.

But this fellow actually split them with one swing. Furthermore, the cuts were extremely smooth. It was as if they had been sanded out before.


It was weird!

This kid obviously looked like he was half-dead, so how did he have so much strength?

A girl ran over angrily and pulled Dumbo behind her, and shouted at the robust young man, “A’Yong, you’re bullying A’Ning again!”

When the robust young man saw the situation, he immediately burned with jealousy.

A’Xiu was the prettiest girl in Chen Village, while he was the Chen Village’s most promising hunter!

He and A’Xiu were childhood friends, both being young and innocent. They were an innocent and pure pair in everyone’s eyes.

As they gradually grew up, A’Yong secretly fell in love with A’Xiu and viewed her as his exclusive slice of meat.

At the same time, he was also very hardworking, striving to become the most outstanding hunter in the villages around.

It all seemed like success would come when the conditions were ripe.

Until this Dumbo appeared, everything was turned upside down!

A’Xiu and Grandpa picked Dumbo up by the brookside.

When he was just brought back, Dumbo was covered in blood all over and was already no different from a dead man.

Everyone thought that he was dead for sure. But who knew that he actually forcefully hung in there with one breath and did not die.

A’Xiu was kindhearted, taking the utmost care of Dumbo every day.

Just two days ago, Dumbo could finally get down the bed and walk.

But these three days, A’Xiu clearly drifted apart a lot from A’Yong. It was naturally because of Dumbo.

Jealousy burned. so A’Yong liked to find trouble these few days.

“I didn’t bully him. There are no men in the village loafing around, since Dumbo is well, he naturally has to work,” A’Yong said.

A’Xiu said, “His body isn’t fully recovered yet and is still very weak. He’s not suited to work! Also, he only lost his memories and isn’t a dumbo. You’re not allowed to call him dumbo!”

The person A’Ning out of A’Xiu’s mouth and the Dumbo out of A’Yong’s mouth was naturally Ye Yuan who sustained serious injuries in the Blackflame battle.

The current Ye Yuan did not remember anything. So A’Xiu’s grandfather named Ye Yuan as Chen Ning.

Hence, A’Xiu normally called Ye Yuan as A’Ning.

But the current Ye Yuan’s aura was feeble. His divine essence collapsed and dissipated, and he even lost his memories and was no different from a mortal.

The battle with Nineorigin, the two people’s battle produced an extremely terrifying energy vortex.

Nineorigin’s realm fell greatly, while Ye Yuan naturally sustained even heavier injuries.

In that battle, Ye Yuan’s essence, energy, and spirit virtually collapsed all-round.

There was still a thread away from death.

A’Xiu turned around and pulled A’Ning as she said, “A’Ning, let’s go!”

But Ye Yuan did not leave and said with a smile, “What A’Yong said is right. Since I’m a part of the village, I should do a little something for the village. These three years, A’Xiu and Grandpa, as well as everybody, took good care of me. That’s how I could survive. I feel bad sitting around doing nothing, waiting to die like that.”

As he said, Ye Yuan walked back beside the firewood pile and continued chopping firewood.

One swing.

Another swing.

The incomparably heavy ax was akin to weightless in Ye Yuan’s hand.

A’Xiu also opened her mouth wide, looking at Ye Yuan with an astonished look.

This fellow clearly only got down from the bed for a few days. So how did he have so much strength?

In merely less than an hour, that hill-sized firewood, all were chopped completely, and they were piled neatly together.

Ye Yuan finished chopping the firewood, turned his head, and discovered the two people with their mouths wide open, looking at him. He could not help being perplexed as he said, “What’s wrong with you guys? Why are you using this sort of eyes to look at me?”

A’Yong’s face fell, and he said, “You, this fellow, wouldn’t have pretended for three years, right? Right, you must have intentionally feigned death to get close to A’Xiu!”

A’Xiu shot him a fierce glare. When she and Grandpa saw Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan did not even have a breath, not an intact spot from head to toe.

Could this sort of thing be faked?

But she looked at Ye Yuan again and said, “This is white oak. Even if Uncle Lie was here, chopping these firewood entirely will also take an entire day’s time. You finished chopping in an hour! Do you think we should be surprised or not?”

Ye Yuan scratched his nose and said doubtfully, “Is that so? But I feel that it’s very easy to chop. Just a light swing. I don’t need to use much strength either, and it will split apart.”

The two people were speechless, using eyes like looking at a monster to look at him.

How could they know that Ye Yuan’s physical body was the perfect seventh transformation golden body?

If at his prime, flick a finger and the entire Jingning Mountain would be leveled to the ground.

Even if he was seriously deficient in vital energy currently, chopping firewood was still a piece of cake.

At this time, there was suddenly noise and excitement at the entrance of the village.

A’Yong’s brows raised up and he said with pleasant surprise, “Dad they all came back! Dad must have hunted many fine beasts going out this time. A’Xiu, let’s hurry over and take a look.”

A’Xiu pulled Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “A’Ning, let’s go over and take a look too.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and was dragged to the village entrance.

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