Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2199 - Wait for You to Fetch Me Home!

Chapter 2199: Wait for You to Fetch Me Home!

However, the fact was like that!

The Lord Nineorigin who was formidable like a god sustained serious injuries, his realm falling greatly!

“U-Uncle Nineorigin, what in the world happened? Why did you … become like this?”

When Xin was talking, he felt somewhat parched.

The shock that this scene brought to him was too strong!

“Hahaha …”

Uncle Nineorigin suddenly let out a burst of wild laughter and said, “Worth it! Crippling this boy, no matter how heavy the injuries I sustain, it’s also worth it! Xin, running into this boy here is our Divine Race’s fortune. If we allow him to grow up, our Divine Race will likely suffer a disastrous calamity!”

Xin’s pupils constricted, his eyes full of shock.

Who Nineorigin was talking about was not an individual, but the entire Divine Race!

For the Divine Race to dare come into being, they have naturally already readied themselves perfectly.

But all these would change because of one person?

Wasn’t Nineorigin’s appraisal of this boy too high?

Suddenly, his expression changed. The corners of his mouth revealed a trace of a bitter smile.

Nineorigin already became like this; could this still not explain the issue?

Nineorigin was one of the nine Profound Lineage’s elders, all who could sit in this position were people who had experienced many battles and crushed their peers.

But such a powerful Ninth Elder was actually hurt so badly.

How in the world did this Ye Yuan do it?

No matter how unwilling he was to admit it, Xin also understood that Ye Yuan’s talent was indeed a notch above his.

But he never could have thought that Ye Yuan was actually monstrous to such a degree!

“Nineorigin, what did you do to Big Brother Yuan? Where … Where is he?” Yue Mengli glared at Nineorigin and said with a worried look.

Nineorigin did not look at her, staring hard at a certain area in the void as he said in a cold voice, “Apologies, Divine Daughter. Your Dao Spirit Physique is indeed the strongest divine physique in this world! But today, this boy must die!”

Yue Mengli’s pretty face turned pale, all the blood fading away instantly.

Nineorigin’s meaning was very clear, Ye Yuan was currently not dead yet.

But he had to die!

Right at this moment, a figure fell out of the void.

It was precisely Ye Yuan!

The current Ye Yuan was no better than Nineorigin too. There was not an unscathed spot from top to bottom.

Furthermore, he was already unconscious, his entire person falling powerlessly, the speed getting faster and faster.


Virtually without thinking, Yue Mengli rushed over akin to an arrow that left the string.

“Stop her!”

Nineorigin yelled. Manya did not have the slightest hesitation, leaping up and directly stopping Yue Mengli.

How powerful was Manya? Yue Mengli was directly restrained by him.

At the same time, Nineorigin gathered all the strength in his body without the slightest hesitation. He then smacked a palm toward Ye Yuan!

“Big Brother Yuan!” Yue Mengli’s scream reverberated throughout the sundered boundary.

But Nineorigin did not hesitate in the slightest at all.

This palm was a certain kill!

At this very moment, there was already no one that could save Ye Yuan.

“Hahaha … Die!”

Just as this palm was about to land on Ye Yuan’s body, golden light suddenly radiated from Ye Yuan’s body!


A giant golden dragon leaped into the sky from Ye Yuan’s body, letting out an astonishing furious roar.

This roar made the entire sundered boundary tremble.

Space shuddered, one fine crack after another fissuring.

These fissured fine cracks did not show signs of healing but fissured larger and larger instead.

An enormous dragon claw trampled down on Nineorigin’s head.

Nineorigin’s expression changed wildly, but currently, his move was already ending and he did not have his power at this peak. It was already too late to want to run.

“Lord Nineorigin!”

At the critical moment, Manya roared madly, instantly diving beneath the dragon claw and knocking Nineorigin flying.


The giant dragon trampled down, debris flying everywhere, space collapsing.

The powerful Manya turned to ashes under this foot and did not even emit a miserable scream.

Nineorigin rolled several hundred times on the ground before stabilizing his figure.

This change was too intense. Everyone did not react to it.

Nineorigin’s bloodstained face was full of terror at this time.

Just now, if not for Manya sacrificing himself and knocking him away, the one who died would be him!

He never dreamed that in the end, Ye Yuan actually still had the spirit of a true dragon protecting him!

Let alone did he imagine that he, one of the exalted Profound Lineage’s nine elders, actually nearly died here!

Nineorigin’s back was already drenched in cold sweat.

But toward Manya’s death, his eyes did not reveal any sorrowful expression.

In his eyes, abyss monsters were a bunch of slaves.

Dying for him, that was Manya’s honor.

Suddenly, he trembled all over, his entire person turning stiff there, not daring to even move.

The giant golden dragon’s pair of dragon eyes were currently looking down at him from a great height.

For a moment, Nineorigin’s hair stood on end, not daring to even breathe.

He was afraid that once he breathed, the giant golden dragon would give him another stomp.

After one breath, the dragon tail circled around, protecting Ye Yuan in the middle, and flew out of the Blackflame Cave with a whoosh.

Nineorigin’s bottom plopped onto the ground, panting heavily for air, feeling the joy of having survived a disaster.

Nineorigin secretly sighed in relief that luckily, this spirit of a true dragon only had the power of one strike. Otherwise … he would be doomed today!


The powerful spirit of the true dragon passed through the Blackflame Cave’s entrance, making the originally already unstable cave entrance completely collapse.

The Blackflame Cave’s entrance disappeared just like that.

Space was shattering, caving in, fissures getting larger and larger.

This sudden turn of events happened too suddenly. Everyone did not react in time.

Yue Mengli wanted to escape, but it was already too late.

However, being able to see Ye Yuan escape, she was already very comforted in her heart.

“Big Brother Yuan, I’ll live on well and wait for you to fetch me home!” Yue Mengli said smilingly with tears flowing.

At this time, Nineorigin appeared beside Yue Mengli and said with a bad timing, “His inner-world already completely crumbled, fleshy body being heavily injured. His cultivation has already been wiped out in a day! Even if he doesn’t die, he’ll also be a cripple in the future! Divine Daughter, you’re my Divine Race’s member from birth, this world’s paramount existence! In the future, when we return to the Heavenspan World anew and beat down the human, demon, and fiend races and descend upon the world like a sovereign, that will be your home to return to.”

Yue Mengli gave him a glance and smiled disdainfully.

To others, their small world collapsing and cultivating being lost might mean that their life was over.

But Yue Mengli firmly believed that Ye Yuan still had a day where he would rise up.

No matter how arduous this path was, Ye Yuan would not give up too!

If talking about who understood Ye Yuan best in this world, that was her, Yue Mengli!

Of course, she was completely disdainful to explain to Nineorigin.

“Come on!”

At this time, Yue Mengli was no longer melodramatic. Instead, she walked toward the abyss calmly.

Nineorigin was taken back, but since Yue Mengli was sensible, he naturally would not say anything either, slowly following after.

Before leaving, he gave Xin a look, Xin understood and nodded.


Suddenly, a terrifying force was sent out. Mosius was directly blasted into residue by Xin.

Yue Mengli’s pretty face turned cold, and she said in alarm and anger, “You!”

Xin said coolly, “Living off people while secretly helping others, he deserves to die!”

Done talking, Xin left with his hands behind his back.

The remaining abyss monster army also headed over toward the abyss one after another.

The sundered boundary crumbled apart continuously, fragmenting non-stop, finally turning into a horrifying spatial tempest.

The spatial passageway that the Divine Race racked their brains to form was smashed to pieces just like that.

Everything returned to tranquility!

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