Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1755 - Devastation

Chapter 1755 Devastation

Completing the refinement, Ye Yuan started observing Chi Feng calmly.

The very perfect refining technique in other people’s eyes was naturally not worth mentioning in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

But in the refinement of demon divine pills, Ye Yuan had no choice but to admit that Chi Feng still had many saving graces.

Compared to Mu Yuanchun, Chi Feng was much stronger.

Once he entered a state of learning, Ye Yuan’s perception was exceedingly terrifying.

Him being able to become the Immortal Grove World’s number one person in alchemy, this was not unrelated to his terrifying learning ability.

Back then, at Cloudmarsh City, Ye Yuan won thousands of rounds in a row, gleaning countless strong points from his opponents.

Coupled with his powerful comprehension ability, that was how there was his subsequent transcendent achievements.

Ye Yuan could not bear the sight of Chi Feng’s high and mighty face, but this did not hinder him from drawing merits from Chi Feng.

Combining the theoretical knowledge learned in Tianlu Pavilion, Ye Yuan naturally had a feeling of suddenly understanding the whole thing.

Finally, Chi Feng withdrew his spell and ended the pill refinement, revealing a knowing smile.

Regarding the pill refinement this time, he was still very satisfied.

However, the moment he raised his head, he discovered that Ye Yuan was currently looking at him with a smile that was not a smile, and his expression could not help changing.

This guy’s pill refining speed was really very fast!

“Heh, haven’t opened the furnace yet, what are you being smug for?” Chi Feng said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Whether opening the furnace or not, the result is already fixed. Competing in alchemy, I’ve never lost before.”

These words were domineering!

But it was also a fact.

When Ye Yuan was at Three-star Alchemy God, he could already thrash Four-star Alchemy Gods.

Walking all the way from the Immortal Grove World, Ye Yuan had lost before in Martial Dao, lost before in Array Dao. Only in Alchemy Dao did he never lose before!

Even now when he had to learn from scratch.

In alchemy, Ye Yuan had absolute confidence.

But these words immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of others.

“This trainee priest is so arrogant! Who does he think he is?”

“This boast is really big, also not scared of blowing a hole in the sky! Just his clumsy technique, what high-grade medicinal pills can he refine?”

“Let’s dig a hole in the ground for him. When he loses in a while, he still has to get inside!”

Those able to enter the Priest Temple, which one wasn’t an alchemy genius?

Furthermore, among them, there were even many senior priests. Hearing these words, they were naturally unhappy.

But in alchemy, he never cared about the jealousy of others.

He had absolute strength to defend his arrogance.

Chi Feng smiled coldly when he heard that and said, “What pill refinement competes in isn’t speed. Boasting also needs strength to guarantee it! Open!”

Chi Feng’s palm flipped, a medicinal pill flew out of the medicinal cauldron.

Medicinal fragrances permeated the air. Everyone focused their eyes and look. One said in surprise, “superior-grade!”

Chi Feng was also overjoyed. Looking at Ye Yuan, he smiled coldly and said, “Saw that? This is the true strength of a priest! You, a trainee priest, can only look up to it! Hand over the Crane Age Fruit and Heavenly Martial Spirit Mystic Grass!”

Heavenly Martial Spirit Mystic Grass was another kind of extremely rare rank four spirit medicine, also one of the wagers of the alchemy battle this time.

Chi Feng wagered very big this time, directly betting 2000 points.

Ye Yuan already did not have contribution points and could only use spirit medicines to use as a wager.

The Priest Temple was based on the principle of putting quality before quantity. Those able to become priests, all of them were extraordinary in strength.

And Chi Feng was even distinguished among them.

Under normal circumstances, there was no problem in him refining high-grade.

But the refinement this time, he clearly performed exceptionally well. The grade of the medicinal pill actually reached initial-stage superior-grade!

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself when he heard that and said, “I haven’t even opened the furnace yet and you’re asking for the spirit medicines from me. You’re also a little too confident, right?”

He could not quite understand where Chi Feng’s confidence came from.

Could it be that refining a superior-grade medicinal pill could seal the victory?

Chi Feng said disdainfully, “With the Baqi Leiyin Pill’s difficulty, superior-grade can basically secure the victory! Could it be that you can refine heaven-grade still? Enough nonsense, hurry up and hand it over! Otherwise, I’m going to apply to the temple for a forced enforcement!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and could not help laughing when he heard that and said, “Really a frog at the bottom of a well! In your eyes, superior-grade is probably the highest grade, right?”

Chi Feng sneered and said, “Superior-grade is naturally not the highest grade. But I don’t think that you can refine heaven-grade!”

Ye Yuan sighed slightly and similarly flipped his palm, the medicinal pill flew out!

An even thicker fragrance dispersed in all directions!

Chi Feng’s expression changed and he cried out in surprise, “P-Peak superior-grade!”

The moment Ye Yuan saw, his face could not conceal the disappointed look as he shook his head and said with a sigh, “Still lacking some skill in the end, almost can’t even thrash a trash.”

One sentence almost angered Chi Feng until he vomited blood.

When Mu Yuanchun saw the medicinal pill Ye Yuan refined, his complexion turned white all at once, and he muttered, “This … how is this possible? More than ten days ago, could it be that it still wasn’t his limit?”

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said coolly, “More than ten days ago, that was indeed my limit. But over ten days have passed, you wouldn’t think that I’m still marching on the spot, right?”

Mu Yuanchun could not help choking when he heard that.

Over a dozen days, from level two difficulty to level four difficulty, this improvement was also too fast, right?

This was the gap between a high-level apprentice and a top priest!

One had to know, Chi Feng used several thousand years to complete this leap.

He, Ye Yuan, only used a dozen over days?

Mu Yuanchun had an impulse to want to vomit blood.

Ye Yuan looked at Chi Feng and said with a smile that was not a smile, “Wealth scattering boy, concede defeat!”

Chi Feng’s face turned black and he bellowed furiously, “You … You cheated! I’m going to report you to the elders!”

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “How did I cheat? It was you yourself who came to find me to compete in alchemy and even vowed in all solemness, saying to let me take a look at the strength of priests. Now, I saw it, it’s indeed very impressive!”

“Alright, still don’t find it shameful enough?! Transfer the contribution points to Ye Yuan and get lost!”

Chi Feng still wanted to say something but was cut off by a muffled thunder-like voice.

Chi Feng turned towards the sound, his expression could not help changing greatly, and he bowed and said, “M-Master!”

“Elder Ni Kun!”

Ye Yuan was a little surprised. He did not expect that Chi Feng was actually Elder Ni Kun’s disciple.

It seemed like he kicked a metal plate.

Ni Kun’s gaze was frosty as he looked at Chi Feng and said, “You didn’t hear what I said?”

Chi Feng’s face changed and he hurriedly said, “Yes, Master!”

Under Ni Kun’s word of command, how could he still dare to dawdle? He hurriedly transferred the contribution points to Ye Yuan, and then he scrambled away.

Finished with these, Ni Kun said again, “All have nothing to do? Watching the show here?”

When everyone heard that, they scattered on command.

Ye Yuan was just about to leave, but was stopped by Ni Kun who said with an unfriendly expression, “Kid, impressive! Just over a dozen days since you arrived, and you already caused so much trouble for me!”

Ye Yuan grinned and said, “Elder, I didn’t cause trouble. It was trouble that came to provoke me.”

He knew that these few people must have been paying attention to him and definitely knew the ins and outs of the matter.

These few incidents really could not be blamed on him.

Ni Kun snorted coldly and said, “Come with me! Someone wants to meet you!”

Ye Yuan’s eyebrows raised up, aware that the main thing was coming!

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