Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1754 - Unable to Compare With the Pas

1754 Unable to Compare With the Pas

The priest hall was a place designated for priests to conduct pill refinement. Occasionally, there would also be elders refining pills and preaching on Dao here.

At this time, inside the priest hall was already packed with people, all here to watch the battle.

Priest competing in alchemy with a low-level apprentice, this was major news, and it spread throughout the temple very quickly.

They all wanted to see what kind of low-level apprentice was so arrogant and cool, to actually dare challenge a priest.

Furthermore, this priest was even a very powerful existence among priests.

“It’s that kid? Looks very ordinary!”

“Ordinary? Heh heh, this kid isn’t a goody-two-shoes! He competed in fire control with Chi Feng at Tianlu Pavilion. The result was that he completely won twice!”

“That’s nothing as well. Controlling fire and refining pills are two different matters after all. Chi Feng is clearly here to avenge his enmity. He’s peak late-stage rank four, but that punk has merely just entered middle-stage rank four. With Chi Feng’s strength, he won’t give Ye Yuan a chance.”

Some martial artists were extremely adept at controlling fire and used this as a means to confront the enemy. Saying that it was transcendent was also not an exaggeration.

But controlling fire and refining pills were two different things after all.

In the demon race alchemy skill, which was based on demonic divine essence, one’s realm was more important than in the human race.

If Chi Feng was someone useless, then forget it. Yet, he was not.

Even though his alchemy skills were not the strongest among priests, it was also sufficient to rank in the top ten. His strength was undeniably extraordinary.

Priests who were able to rank in the top ten, their strengths were all very strong.

In the future, they were existences who might even become elders!

Hence, that was why Chi Feng would be so condescending and arrogant.

In the inner-hall, three figures were currently observing the situation in the priest hall through the light screen ahead.

“Ni Kun, in your view, who will win this alchemy battle?” Stonefeather said.

Ni Kun said in a solemn voice, “Does this still need to be asked? Of course, it’s Chi Feng! That kid’s talent is exceedingly great, his strength is also extremely powerful. But during the apprentice test on that day, it should already be his limits, right? After all, the refinement of demon divine pills and divine pills are two totally different systems.”

Ku Mu also nodded and said, “Ye Yuan’s talent is indeed terrifying. Give him a year or so and his strength will definitely surpass all priests. But a dozen over days, it can’t change anything at all.”

But Stonefeather said, “I heard that this kid entered Tianlu Pavilion for more than ten days. He likely already has some familiarity with demon divine pills.”

Ni Kun smiled coldly and said, “So what? If looking at books can let one’s strength make rapid progress, then demon divine pills are also too worthless. Moreover, over a dozen days, it’s enough for him to read how many books?”

Stonefeather thought about it and also nodded and said, “What you said is right. Maybe I was overthinking it.”

Actually, his view was the same as Ni Kun and Ku Mu, feeling that it was impossible for Ye Yuan to win.

But no idea why, he kept having a feeling that Ye Yuan probably would not lose that easily.

Although he also felt that this idea was very absurd.

Chi Feng looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold smile, “Fool, you think that your fire controlling technique is impressive and you’re invincible under the heavens? Today, I’m going to let you take a look at the disparity between priest and priest trainees!”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “I say, why do you have so much crap? If talking nonsense can represent strength, your strength is indeed very formidable, I’m so scared of losing!”

Chi Feng’s face fell and he said angrily, “Razor-tongued brat, I want to see when you can be cocky until!”

Ye Yuan said with a nonchalant face, “Alright, let’s start. Don’t say that I bully you, let you run for two hours first!”

Chi Feng was taken aback when he heard that and laughed loudly as he said, “Let me run for two hours first? Kid, you really can boast! Alright, I want to see how you chase!”

At this time, quite a few people gave sidelong glances, feeling that Ye Yuan was too arrogant.

How was this an appearance like a priest trainee? It was simply like an elder.

However, someone suddenly spoke up in the crowd, “Lord Chi Feng, you mustn’t fall for this brat’s trick! He doesn’t know how to refine demon divine pills at all, he wants to secretly learn!”

One sentence drew quite a few people’s attention.

Ye Yuan also looked over rather surprisedly, it was an old acquaintance. It was Mu Yuanchun!

Clearly, this alchemy battle also caught his attention.

When Chi Feng saw that it was a low-level apprentice too, he could not help being somewhat surprised and said in a solemn voice, “Secret learn? What nonsense are you talking about? If he can even secretly learn when I refine pills, you’re also thinking too highly of him, right?”

Mu Yuanchun said with a heavy look, “Lord Chi Feng, I took part in the priest apprentice examination at the same time with him. This kid’s pill refining speed was extremely fast, but he kept on secretly learning by the side. In the end, he refined a superior-grade demon divine pill! He definitely has ill-intentions letting you refine first!”

When these words came out, the audience burst into an uproar!

Secretly learning by the side, in the end, refined a superior-grade demon divine pill. Why did this sound so strange?

But if what Mu Yuanchun said was true, Ye Yuan’s alchemic talent was also too terrifying, right?

But Chi Feng’s expression changed and he secretly thought to himself what a close shave.

He looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold snort, “Brat, turns out that you were waiting for me? Let’s refine together!”

Mu Yuanchun also had a smug look when he saw that Chi Feng came to realize the truth.

Ye Yuan eating a loss, he was very happy to see it happen.

This alchemy battle’s medicinal pill was picked by Chi Feng, a level four difficulty demon divine pill.

He did not believe that Ye Yuan could refine such a high difficulty medicinal pill within such a short time.

But Ye Yuan had an indifferent look and said coolly, “Up to you, begin then.”

Ye Yuan being so magnanimous made Mu Yuanchun stunned.

Could it be that this punk really had a well-thought-out plan?

But it had only been over a dozen days. How was it possible?

Refining starting, Chi Feng’s pill refinement flowed naturally and smoothly, already faintly having the style of a master.

Priest top ten was indeed not for show.

In contrast, Ye Yuan’s technique was still a little unfamiliar.

What they guessed was right. After all, only a dozen over days had passed, Ye Yuan did not have the chance to refine demon divine pills at all.

This was his second time refining demon divine pills.

The medicinal pill that Chi Feng picked was called Baqi Leiyin Pill.

This pill formula was naturally not very profound. Ye Yuan already saw it before in the Tianlu Pavilion.

But level four difficulty medicinal pill, the difficulty was far greater compared to the Darkcloud Profound Spring Pill.

With Ye Yuan’s current situation, it was indeed a little strenuous.

Of course, that was also just relative to divine pills.

Ye Yuan did not lack pill refining experience. His alchemy skills had gone through endless tempering.

Even though demon divine pills were another system, this did not hinder him from getting started rapidly.

With these dozen over days of theoretical foundation in the Tianlu Pavilion, Ye Yuan was no longer an ignorant person long ago.

Everyone including Stonefeather misjudged him!

These dozen over days could be said to be a monumental change to Ye Yuan.

Apart from him still being very unfamiliar with many techniques, his progress in the rest was massive.

Less than two hours, Ye Yuan’s medicinal pill was refined completely.

Witnessing Ye Yuan’s pill refining speed, everyone also marveled in wonder, thinking to themselves that what Mu Yuanchun said was indeed not false.

This guy’s pill refining speed was too fast.

It was just that, could the quality be assured?

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