Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1837 - 1837 All Forces, Nine Embodiers, The Real Gift

1837 All Forces, Nine Embodiers, The Real Gift

As soon as the Immortal-Slaying Platform emerged, boundless murderous qi filled the universe!

It was a top-notched Murderous Supreme Treasure and also a place where the Immortal Hall killed criminals. Since ancient times, it had been contaminated with many Immortals’ blood, including the Arch Gilded Immortals and Embodiers!

The murderous qi locked onto the volunteer army when the Immortal-Slaying Platform appeared. If the platform fell, at least thirty percent of the volunteer army would be wiped out.

Even a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal might not be spared!

“You guys can kill no one without my permission!”

At that moment, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded.

It was Chu Kuangren.

Just when the Immortal-Slaying Platform was about to fall, Chu Kuangren’s Immortal Core energy turned into a huge palm to grab the entire platform.


The terrifying murderous qi instantly hit Chu Kuangren’s huge Immortal Core hand and tried to break free!

However, Chu Kuangren snorted, and an even more domineering power erupted from it!

Then, the murderous qi in the air was released, and the Immortal-Slaying Platform fell to the ground after gradually losing its Immortal Sparks!

The impact of the Immortal’s Core caused the two Heavenly Gate Garrisons to fly backward, and their face turned extremely pale.

“He managed to grab the Immortal-Slaying Platform with one hand. This is the Immortal King’s power!”

“Chu Kuangren, what a terrifying existence!”

The Heavenly Gate Garrisons gulped, and their eyes filled with horror.

At that moment, Chu Kuangren’s figure slowly descended from the sky.

The frightening aura covered all directions like a tide, and the entire battlefield fell into a dead silence due to his arrival. No one dared to speak a word.

As Chu Kuangren landed on the Immortal-Slaying Platform, the murderous qi immediately subsided and dared not reveal itself for fear of disturbing the supreme Immortal King!

Although the Immortal-Slaying Platform could slay Immortals, none of the weapons in the Immortal World dared to aim itself at the Immortal King!

Chu Kuangren looked at Jue Wushen next to him and said indifferently, “Wushen, I ruined your dais during the Celestial Demon Crowning, and I said I would pay you with an Immortal-Slaying Platform.”

Upon hearing that, Jue Wushen was stunned.

Memories of decades ago slowly emerged in his mind, and he smiled.

“Haha. It’s not a reward but an apology.” Chu Kuangren laughed.

Soon, a proud look appeared on Jue Wushen’s face. In the Immortal World, he was probably the only one who had gotten an apology from the Immortal King.

At the thought, he was even more devoted to Chu Kuangrens.

It was worth it for him to follow a king who remembered a casual remark until today and made sure he fulfilled his promise.

“Everyone, let’s flatten the Immortal Hall now!”

As soon as Chu Kuangren said that, he stepped forward to release a surge of terrifying Immortal’s Core energy. In just a moment, the impact of the Immortal’s Core turned both the Heavenly Gate Garrisons into mists of blood, and their blood splattered on the Heavenly Gate!

Chu Kuangren took the lead and stepped into the Immortal Hall!

The cultivators rushed in one by one. Awaiting them ahead was a larger army with better weapons!

“It looks like you guys are ready to fight.”

Chu Kuangren stood with hands behind his back. Then, he rose into the sky, and his berserk Immortal’s Core surged with the will of the Immortal World, which made every Immortal Hall soldier feel pressured.

Now, they were facing the Underworld Ghost Emperor, the Living World’s Human Emperor, and the Immortal World’s Immortal King!

Only a few people throughout the ages could compare to such an extremely noble existence.

“Chu Kuangren, you have finally come!”

Several figures were standing in the air before the army, and their bodies were filled with endless Immortal Sparks.

They were the Immortal Hall’s Embodiers, namely the Kunlun Immortal Hall’s Immortal Emperor Wu Ming, Eternal Immortal Emperor, and Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor!

The East Sovereign Immortal Hall’s Black Cloud Immortal Emperor and White Moon Immortal Emperor were also there.

The one who spoke was the Immortal Hall’s Immortal Emperor Wu Ming, the person who tried to kill Chu Kuangren during the Ji clan’s battle.

“Are there just a few of you? What about the rest? Why not ask them to show up too?” Chu Kuangren asked indifferently while standing with hands behind his back.


Who else?

Everyone was slightly puzzled.

The Underworld Embodiers behind Chu Kuangren, namely the academy’s Mister Zhang, the Human Emperor Sect’s Gu Huang, and Xing Cangfeng’s expressions were solemn.

It was because as soon as they entered the Immortal Hall, they noticed several unusual auras hidden in the void.

These auras were so well hidden that they did not notice them until they entered the Immortal Hall.

“Amitabha. Immortal King, do you know you’ve committed a heinous sin for attacking the Immortal Hall?”

An indifferent voice sounded.

In the void, a Buddha dressed in a golden cassock was sitting down with his legs crossed on a golden lotus altar.

A pure, holy, and peaceful aura soon permeated the air.

“It’s someone from the Buddhist world!”

The High Priest furrowed his brows.

The Buddhist Light on the person’s body made those from the Underworld uncomfortable.

However, Chu Kuangren stared in another direction after glancing at the person.

In another part of the void, another figure walked out slowly and looked at Chu Kuangren with extreme hatred in his eyes.

“It’s you, the Ji clan’s Embodier!”

Mister Zhang recognized the person, and his expression became stern.

The man was the Embodier who escaped from the Ji clan back then.

Besides that, a charming woman with a pair of strange violet eyes walked out beside the Ji clan’s Embodier, releasing an eerie aura.

She was an extraordinary Embodier.

Chu Kuangren was very familiar with the aura. “Supreme Overlord Soul, does your Soul Restricted Area want to intervene in this battle too?”

The Supreme Overlord Soul smiled charmingly. “I have no choice. My group of kids begged me to take action, saying that you can’t be the Immortal King, or the Soul Restricted Area will never be in peace. Their nagging gave me a headache, so I have to come.”

“Not only the Supreme Overlord Soul but I, the Heavenly Dao King, am here too!”

A majestic Heavenly Dao aura descended from the sky.

Soon, a domineering-looking middle-aged man walked out of the void. He was the Heavenly Dao King from the Heavenly Spirit Restricted Area!

In the past, Chu Kuangren had destroyed the Heavenly Dao Sect, which was the force cultivated by the Heavenly Dao King. Then, he killed the Heavenly Spirit Restricted Area Young Overlord, Shi Jiuqiao.

There was great enmity between Chu Kuangren and Heavenly Spirit Restricted Area, so the Heavenly Dao King came at the invitation of the Immortal Hall.

Seeing several Embodiers emerge one after another, everyone immediately felt pressured.

“The Buddhist world, the Restricted Areas, and the Ji clan’s Embodier… With the four more Embodiers, the Immortal Hall has nine Embodiers now! How can one fight in this battle?”

“Can the Immortal King handle it?!”

Everyone looked at Chu Kuangren, but his expression was calm. “Very well. Everyone should be here, and it’s just in time for me to… wipe them all out at once!”

As he stepped forward, endless Immortal Sparks surged from his body, and the terrifying Immortal King’s aura spread!

Then, a long dark-colored robe fell on Chu Kuangren’s body, a crown landed on his head, and a huge seal suspended in the air. The three treasures of the Immortal King had appeared!

At that moment, Chu Kuangren revealed the full Immortal King’s aura!

He seemed to be as powerful as the nine Embodiers.

Everyone gulped at the scene.

“This is the real Immortal King!”

“We may probably win this battle!”

Immortal Emperor Wu Ming sneered. “Chu Kuangren, so what if you possess the Immortal King’s authority? Have a look at the real gift that my Immortal Hall has prepared for you!”

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