Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1836 - 1836 The Heavenly Gate Garrisons, The Immortal-Slaying Platform, You Guys Can Kill No One

1836 The Heavenly Gate Garrisons, The Immortal-Slaying Platform, You Guys Can Kill No One

Outside the Kunlun Immortal Hall, Chu Kuangren smashed through the Immortal Hall’s Thirty-Three Layer Heaven and caused the thirty-three-layered line of defense to explode!

The might of the sword attack was so powerful but exciting at the same time!

Many cultivators gained their confidence after seeing the power of the sword attack.

“As long as the Immortal King is here, we will surely win the battle!”

“You’re right. The Immortal King is invincible!”

“I’d like to see who can go against the Immortal King!”


Standing on a warship, Chu Kuangren retracted his Immortal’s Core. Then, he raised his hand and waved.

Gu Huang, who was not far from him, understood what he meant and yelled, “All men of the Human Emperor Sect, kill them for the sake of the human race!”

All Human Emperor Sect’s disciples dashed forward and led the battle!

Although Chu Kuangren had destroyed the thirty-three-layered line of defense, many of Immortal Hall’s soldiers managed to survive.

Those people immediately organized their troops to fight with the Human Emperor Sect’s disciples.

The two parties were like two torrents colliding with a great force before they started to attack each other. The rays of various Immortal Techniques and divine abilities were reflected in the void.

“The opportunity for the Heavenly Xing army to avenge their founding forefathers has come!” Xing Cangfeng roared angrily.

With that, the Heavenly Xing Tribe people rushed out. Xing Wangu was the first to dash out with a huge axe swinging in his hand. A terrifying energy fluctuation spread and shook the stars.

A large number of cultivators fell when the axe was swung down.

Apart from the people from the Human Emperor Sect and Heavenly Xing Tribe, the human volunteer army also made their move.

“Want to destroy my Immortal Hall? In your dreams!”

The Immortal Hall’s Four Division Army dashed out.

Wind, thunder, flame, water, and the energies of several attributes erupted, forming Four Mystical Formations that were mighty powerful.

Besides the Kunlun Immortal Hall’s Four Division Army, the East Sovereign Immortal Hall’s Imperial Spirit Army also arrived at the scene.

Magnificent spiritual chimes reverberated through the realm.

The Imperial Spirit Army and the Four Division Army once again joined hands to fight against the Human Emperor Sect, Heavenly Xing Tribe, and various human volunteer armies.

Jue Wushen walked forward and approached him. “King, I’ll make my move.”


Chu Kuangren nodded.

With that, Jue Wushen stepped forward and arrived on the battlefield.

The Holy Violet Crown appeared above his head and the Celestial Demon qi started surrounding him as he channeled the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique’s energy to its limit.

The attack was so terrifying that everywhere it struck, everything in the universe was reduced to ashes!

Following Jue Wushen’s attack, the Holy Violet Emperor Planet’s army that came with him also made their attacks.

An even more brutal killing broke out!

However, it was not the end yet.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and punched the void. Horrifying Immortal’s Core energy gushed out like a raging torrent and hit that particular void, causing the realm to crack inch by inch.

Amidst the treacherous Yin qi, a majestic Hell’s Gate emerged!

Countless Underworld Soldiers charged forward, while millions of troops in the Underworld Terracotta Army, Ten Hellion Temple Kings, Taishan Magistrate, and many more joined the battlefield.

However, that was not the most shocking scene.

At that moment, three figures walked out of Hell’s Gate proudly!

Each of them was surrounded by Daoist law energy so powerful that the cultivators on the battlefield almost suffocated.

The three of them were Embodiers!

“There are three Embodiers in the Underworld!”

“My goodness. Chu Kuangren has been hiding them too well.”

The trio that walked out of the Hell’s Gate was the Underworld Embodiers, namely the High Priest, Luyou, and Yanluo Forefather.

As soon as they made a move, a terrifying aura instantly filled the universe.

Even the Immortal Hall’s Embodier could not help but widen his eyes in fear.

“Chu Kuangren’s hidden power is not to be underestimated.”

“Indeed. Not to mention the Celestial Demon Tribe, but he has three Embodiers obey him as the Underworld Ghost Emperor!”

“The Living World and the Underworld were separated, so it was difficult for the Underworld Embodiers to enter the Living World. However, things are different now that Chu Kuangren is the Underworld Ghost Emperor and the Immortal King. He controls both the living and dead worlds, so he can allow the Underworld Embodiers descend into the Living World.”

“Yeah. Things are getting trickier.”

A few of the Immortal Hall’s Embodiers looked at each other solemnly.

“Don’t worry. The Immortal Halls have a powerful background. If he dares to attack us, we will give him a taste of our power!” Immortal Emperor Wu Ming snorted.

The rest of the people felt a little more relieved when they thought of the preparations they had made.

The battle was in full swing, but the three Underworld Embodiers did not join the battle immediately after they appeared.

Their eyes glowed like lightning as they stared at the depths of the Immortal Hall.

As Embodiers, their senses were incredibly powerful. They could sense that in the depths of the Immortal Hall, there were several existences whose cultivation level was not inferior to theirs. In fact, those people might be even more powerful!

Once they made a move, the opponents would act too.

“The Immortal Hall’s background is indeed extraordinary.”

“Yeah. There are at least five Embodiers hidden in the Immortal Hall!” Yanluo Forefather said solemnly.

Then, he looked at Chu Kuangren, wanting to see his reaction.

However, Chu Kuangren seemed to have expected it. Instead of being shocked, he watched the battlefield calmly while calculating the casualties.

“Lan Yu, Lil Red, and Honghua, go help out Wushen and speed up the process of invading the Immortal Hall,” said Chu Kuangren.


Lan Yu and company took action. With their current strength that was comparable to a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal, they would be three great killing weapons once they joined the battle.

They were invincible whenever they went, and none could stop them.

On top of that, Chu Kuangren released the Desire Flower and Hua Wuai to help them.

They were the most terrifying existences under the level of an Embodier, and the victory seemed to be Chu Kuangren’s with them joining the battle.

“Go to hell!”

As Shang Honghua thrust her dragon lance forward, the extremely violent Twin Dragon power swept out and killed several Arch Gilded Immortals in an instant!

Lan Yu and Chu Hong were not to be outdone as well.

Their Holy Light energy and Phoenix Flame energy raged on the battlefield, and only a few people could take the attacks.

The battle was fierce, but the human volunteer army was constantly advancing. Soon, they arrived before an incomparably huge Heavenly Gate, which was the entrance to the Immortal Hall!

As soon as they entered the gate, they could attack the Golden Dragon!

Two men in silver armor were standing under the Heavenly Gate. One of them was holding a sword with an imposing aura of an Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal, while the other man was holding a huge saber with a body full of ferocious qi!

They were both the Heavenly Gate Garrisons!

“Those who invade the Immortal Hall will die!”

The man holding the sword yelled, and the terrifying sword qi gushed out like a raging wave!

The other man also yelled angrily before slashing his saber to release a surge of majestic saber qi.

Then, the saber qi and sword qi interweaved in the void and transformed into a platform engraved with countless mysterious runes.

It was the Immortal Hall’s Supreme Treasure… The Immortal-Slaying Platform!

Boundless murderous qi spread as soon as the Immortal-Slaying Platform emerged. The platform was vaguely surrounded by all kinds of evil ghouls and unjust souls that were howling and roaring!

The scene took everyone aback.

Even Embodiers were afraid when they sensed the energy that the Immortal Hall had released.

“You guys can kill no one without my permission!”

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