Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 It's Enough for You to Have Me

"I'm listening." Si Jinheng sat cross-legged on the armchair while listening carefully.

"First, don't touch me without my permission!" It is embarrassing to have sex with a stranger. It won't happen unless one is being framed.

Si Jinheng nodded. It is a piece of cake. He will make her give permission.

"Second, don't bring other women home!"

Si Jinheng gave a nod of assent. He will not get entangled with other women.

"Third, pretend that we don't know each other when in public."

Si Jinheng nodded again. She didn't set a time limit for the first point and the third point, did she?

"Let me tell you my requirements — keep a low profile about our marriage, and I don't want to be involved in a mess."


After putting on the clothing prepared by Si Jinheng, she was directly taken to the Yuanming Manor of rich villas.

As soon as they entered the villa, the scent of dinner greeted them, and the maid Mrs. Du walked out from the kitchen.

"My lord, dinner will be ready soon. My lady, your room is in the middle on the right hand on the second floor. I have cleaned up it for you." Mrs. Du has served Si Family for a dozen years. Si Jinheng came to D City to develop business this time. It is supposed that he will not return abroad in a short time. So his father appointed Mrs. Du from U.S.A. to take care of Si Jinheng. Si Jinheng called her this morning, asking her to prepare a room.

"Sorry to bother you. Thank you so much." Li Qianluo looked so pale that Mrs. Du felt very protective of her and just wanted to make more delicious food for her.

"It's no bother at all. My lady, you can go to check the room first. Remember to come back here to have dinner later." What a kind girl. They're a perfect match.

Si Jinheng went upstairs, followed by Li Qianluo obediently.

Si Jinheng stopped in front of a room, and opened the door: "This is your room. But we only stay here temporarily. The villa in No. 8 Pearl Spring is almost furnished. We will move there then."

... No. 8 Pearl Spring? The housing estate that includes only 8 villas? She has heard of that housing estate, which is more upmarket, more magnificent and classier than her villa and this Yuanming Manor. It is said that a mysterious investor spent tens of billions building that estate. Each villa covers an area of over 1000 square meters, not to mention the garden and swimming pool ...

Although Li Qianluo had lived a rich life before, it could not hold a candle to Si Jinheng's life.

With a white wool carpet on the floor and off-white figured wallpaper, the 80-square-meter room is furnished with a 3-meter-wide double bed with pink four-piece suit in the middle and dresser, wardrobe, computer desk and armchair all in off-white.

Left to the small living room is a bathroom with light brown decoration - a round bathtub with light brown shell-shaped decorations on the exterior set in the middle of the bathroom, a light brown waterproof shower curtain fastened on four pillars surrounding the tub, a shelf with bath towels on the left, a tap on the right, and high-end bath products on both sides of the tap.

Out of the bathroom is a 20-square-meter balcony, which is furnished with two white beanbags and a small white round table.

The whole room delivers a clean and stunning atmosphere. Though Li Qianluo had owned an upmarket, magnificent and classy room at home before, it is not comparable to this one. Besides, this room is good enough for someone who is under other's roof, like her. Li Qianluo thinks that she is a very sensible person.

"Make do with this room now. We will move soon." Si Jinheng saw Li Qianluo throw herself onto the bed, with some unknown emotion emerging in his eyes.

"It is good enough. After all, I have lost everything now, right?" She muttered, to answer Si Jinheng, as well as herself.

Si Jinheng jumped himself above her. The sudden action gave Li Qianluo a good scare.

They were so close that the distance between their faces was less than one centimeter.

"From this moment on, it's enough for you to have me." She was intoxicated with his emotional whispers of love, with heart beating fast. She propped him on his thick chest with hands, but forget to revolt him.

His deep eyes are so mysterious and attractive, as if a vortex is hidden inside, luring her to make an exploration.

He lowered his head, while she closed her eyes without escaping, as meek as a cat. Her scent indulged him.

After a while, there was a dull thud. Li Qianluo, flushing, shoved Si Jinheng, and sprang to her feet.

Incredibly, this woman flapped him on the head!

"You stupid woman! I will make you regret!" Being vengeful, Si Jinheng stood up at the bedside with a cold face, pulled her wrist, and threw her onto the bed again.

"You seduced me first!" Li Qianluo, being angry, as well as shy, turned over agilely, and archly saw Si Jinheng fan the air at the other side of the bed.

Interesting! "Come here, I will bite you." He said it like "it's a nice day today."

Li Qianluo picked up a pillow and held it in front of her: "Si Jinheng, I will not marry you. I cannot get control of you!"

What a rogue! He has promised not to touch her. What if he breaks his promises and compels her every day after marriage?

Men are born to know how to flirt. Si Jinheng doesn't think himself an experienced pickup artist. If his friends hear someone describe him in this way, they may be inexpressibly astonished!

"It is not up to you. No one has ever dared to refuse me!" Si Jinheng jumped up, gracefully made his clothing tidy, and walked towards the door: "Let's go downstairs, or you have nothing to eat."

In a bad mood, Li Qianluo stared at Si Jinheng's back angrily and followed him to go downstairs reluctantly.

When they went downstairs, Mrs. Du has begun to serve the dinner. Li Qianluo ran to wash her hands in a hurry and wanted to assist Mrs. Du in the kitchen.

"My lady, you don't need to do that. Leave it to me!" Mrs. Du becomes more satisfied with Li Qianluo, as she is polite and easygoing.

"It doesn't matter. I have nothing to do now. You can just call me Qianluo!" Now that she lives in other's house and depends on them, she has to build a good relationship with them; otherwise, she may be set up by others and end up miserable in such a rich and powerful family someday.

People may be despicable. She will not easily trust others.

Si Jinheng pulled out a chair, and coldly looked at Li Qianluo who was actively assisting Mrs. Du in the kitchen. He was pleased to see that, as he doesn't like those women who always put on airs.

Their dinner is rich with four dishes and one soup - spareribs with brown sauce, griddle-cooked bamboo shoots, tofu with tomato juice, steamed turbot, mushroom soup and millet porridge.

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