Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 I Can Help You Revenge

His has aquiline nose, thin lips with waterlike color, and skin kinda fair probably because he studies medicine indoor all the year round.

Si Chengyang, 26 years old, has inherited the superior medical skill from his family, and was known as a medical genius at a young age. Without seeking help from his family, he invested his own deposits in and established Chengyang VIP Private Hospital jointly with Si Jinheng.

However, he is cold and eccentric. He seldom makes friends with others, except those who he admires.

"I'm done." Si Chengyang took his eyes off the medical equipment, and frowned when he noticed that Li Qianluo was looking at him.

With hands in the suit pants pockets, Si Jinheng nodded at him. Si Chengyang left with his assistants with no more talking.

The ward fell silent. Si Jinheng went back to the desk to check documents in the laptop.

"Hey ..., hello." Li Qianluo said after thinking about what to say for a long time.

She wanted to continue but stopped on a second thought. Si Jinheng was just looking at her without a word.

"What's wrong with me? Did you send me here?"

"You are sick, and I sent you here." Si Jinheng gave her a simple answer and focused on his laptop again.

"Thank you. When can I leave hospital?"


The question is, where can she go after leaving hospital? Her grandfather's home? No, it is too far from here in the countryside. How about Wanwan's home? Not likely, as her bed is not big enough for both of them to sleep on it.

She can only turn to Lu Zixi. His apartment with two bedrooms is appropriate. She can live there for the moment, and find a job.

Li Qianluo then decided to make a phone call to Lu Zixi. But her phone was lost at her evening birthday party.

"Excuse me, sir, can I borrow your phone?" Though cold, he may be warmhearted since he has saved me, Li Qianluo thought.

"Si Jinheng." She was so noisy that he couldn't concentrate on his work. Hence, he shut his laptop down and told her his name.

"What? Sitting hang?" Li Qianluo heard these three syllables indistinctly and blurted them out when her mind wandered, not knowing what he meant.

Si Jinheng's face froze a little more with the eyebrows wrinkling very tightly, as if the deep wrinkles can even nip and kill several flies.

He reached Li Qianluo in only two or three strides.

"Woman! Keep in mind your man is named Si Jinheng. Need I teach you how to spell and write the words?" Si Jinheng announced, gnashing his teeth and bending down with arms on the bed.

"You are so strange. Do you know me? How can you be my man?" Li Qianluo was a little angry. She would cry that "my man was Qi Zeming, not Si Jinheng" if it were several days ago.

But now she is accompanied by nobody, but herself.

"Li Qianluo, Gemini, graduated from the University of Southern California last month, celebrated her 22nd birthday a few days ago, and slept with her man in Room 888 on the 8th floor of the Peninsula Hotel on the same day..."

"Stop, stop, stop!" Li Qianluo almost screamed. Who is this guy? Why does he even know she slept with a man?

"You should not interrupt me." He wanted to continue: "You are B-cup, waist size is 70cm, and you have a black mark on your body ..." It doesn't look like a born mole, but was made...

Li Qianluo sealed his month with her hand mightily, "Can you just shut up? How did you know? Tell me! Did you peep at me while I was bathing?" She glared at him, which appeared to be cute beyond expression.

After Si Jinheng gestured towards her hands on his lips, Li Qianluo snatched her hands away and rubbed them on the quilt as if his lips were not clean.

Si Jinheng disdainfully looked at this childish yet stubborn woman, went back to the table, took out pieces of paper from the file, and handed to her.

"A prenuptial agreement?" Li Qianluo was confused when she saw the words on the cover and raised her head, while Si Jinheng showed a casual and easy facial expression.

"Yes. You robbed me of virginity. You must take responsibility." Si Jinheng threw a heavy bomb at her with ease, which made Li Qianluo choke on her saliva.

Oh, my god! He is the man in that night! Take responsibility for him? "You took my virginity too, OK? You stole my lines!" Her eyes almost popped out as she could hardly believe that this man was the one she slept with that night! Yes, it's him! Mr. Escort! She really should get out of bed to beat him to death now!

"All right. Such being the case, sign the agreement!" Si Jinheng put one hand in the pants pocket, and passed a high-end fountain pen to her with the other hand wearing a name-brand watch.

"No!" First, though they had sex, they are just strangers to each other. Second, she is so unfortunate at the moment that she is in no mood to marry. Third, what if he is a human trafficker? It is true that we cannot judge others by their looks. He must be joking!

Si Jinheng rubbed between his eyebrows, and his temple was a little bit sore, as it was the first time that he had got rejected by a woman. What's worse, that woman refused to marry him!

"I can help you revenge! Qi Yunzhong? Qi Zeming? Fu Guohua? Fu Xinru? I can take all of them down." His confidence made Li Qianluo look him up and down three times curiously.

"And I can help you find your dad or your biological parents, whoever you want." Si Jinheng never regrets. But he somewhat realized what regret mean at the moment because he felt that he was striving for an unprofitable business!

How ungrateful she is! Let's wait and see. I will conquer you and swallow your pride.

"What's your name?" She asked seriously this time.

"... Si Jinheng." Very well! This woman has made him set many new records, including repeating telling the same person his name - Si Jinheng. It seems that he should teach her a good lesson after marriage.

Si Jinheng? She remembered! She has heard a lot of this person - a legendary figure in the business world, mysterious, low-profile about personal life, extremely powerful, having lived abroad for a long time. "How can you prove your identity. ID card is useless, as it can be forged." How to prove?

Si Jinheng raised eyebrows and leaned forward to kiss her on the lips. "If you don't believe me, I can repeat our first night here, OK?"

His lips were a little cold, and his pleasant smell made Li Qianluo giddy.

"... Hum! I will not marry you. You are so good at hitting on a girl. You must be a pickup artist."

"Pickup artist?" Si Jinheng raised his thick eyebrows. The words sound familiar.

"You have no choice but to marry me." According to the information, she has only two reliable friends - Yu Wanwan who has saved her life, and Lu Zixi, her buddy. Hm ..., he must guard against Lu Zixi in the future.

Pure friendship ever exists between a man and a woman? Hum, he doesn't believe that.

"OK, I will sign the agreement, after you promise me something." Li Qianluo gritted her teeth, and made a decision, which will determine her destiny.

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