Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 683 - So Loving

Chapter 683: So Loving

Si Chengluo frowned before handing the phone over reluctantly. In an obviously unhappy voice, he said, “She wants to talk to you.”

Chen Nan hurriedly took the phone. Upon hearing Ling Sheng’s instructions, he nodded and said seriously, “I understand. I’ll take good care of him and won’t let him mess around. Sorry to trouble you, Ms. Ling.”

As soon as he hung up, Si Chengluo snatched the phone away.

When Chen Nan’s eyes swept across the screen, he vaguely saw the words on the phone cover flash before him. Little Bean, all the best!! There was nothing in the middle. Finally, there was a signature: Lin Sheng.

Ling Sheng?

Lin Sheng?

So that person had changed her surname!

Si Chengluo’s phone set was very precious. He had an electronic device addiction and had changed several phones, but he’d never changed the cover. However, one could not see the words on it usually.

He had not expected the words to be semi-transparent and silver. One could only see them clearly under a specific light. The words were written elegantly, as though they had not been written by a girl.

“I won’t go online anymore.” Si Chengluo switched off his phone and showed it to him. “You can do whatever you want about the rest! Anyway, I don’t want to see my fans bully her. If she makes a Weibo announcement and they remain so unreasonable, I’ll post it personally and show them the color of blood!”

“I understand, my dear boy. You’re not allowed to post on Weibo without my consent in the future.” Chen Nan was already stunned. He did not know what kind of magic Ling Sheng had used. What had she told him that had made him so obedient?

Si Chengluo frowned and asked, “What if I use my alternate account?”

Chen Nan gritted his teeth. “Not even an alternate account!”

Si Chengluo did not mind him. He just held his phone and rubbed it with his slender fingers, his eyes full of gentleness and nostalgia.

Chen Nan could not help but shiver. He was so affectionate that he had even customized her handwriting on his phone.

The incident with Si Chengluo and Ling Sheng shopping at the night market caused a calmer reaction than expected. After both sides clarified, the fans stopped.

Actually, it was all thanks to Si Chengluo. The studio’s sincere post expressed their gratitude for the fans and their future plans, indicating that their hearts were focused on their careers.

Ling Sheng was a senior in the same studio as him. She was just an elder sister of his, so she did not have any other feelings for him. He tactfully expressed that his body and mind were on the verge of breaking down due to the fans tearing her apart recently.

How could this end well? Their baby’s spirit and body had been hurt because of them. He had suffered a blow and broken down. Why were they scolding her? Why were they tearing her apart? They should hurry up and stop!

The finals were about to start. They could not let their baby get distracted by such a trivial matter. If he did not perform well, it would be their fault.

Besides, the fans did not necessarily have to tear each other apart. This was just meant to warn their baby that he should prioritize his career and not think about dating every day.

To put it more clearly, it was a warning. You’re ours. We spent money on your debut. You can’t date. If you date, you’ll betray us!

However, after their baby posted that long text, their hearts ached again, and they started blaming themselves. Their baby had to train, rehearse, and host the show every day. He was already very tired. Even if they wanted to tear each other apart, they should not have fought at such a critical moment.

The big fans of Si Chengluo’s family discussed it for a while. Forget it, they would let her off this time and not tear her apart for the time being.

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