Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 682 - I Came For Her

Chapter 682: I Came For Her

The caller ID made him feel even worse. It was as though it had discovered his secret: her.


Si Chengluo’s notification only contained one word: her.

This kind of notification just made others read more into it. One could not stop a person from thinking that this implied greater intimacy. When he passed the phone to Si Chengluo, he asked, “Do you like her?”

Si Chengluo did not deny it. Why should he deny it? He only gave him a look and said firmly, “I came here for her.”

Then, he picked up the phone. His voice softened, and a joyful smile appeared on his tense, handsome face.

Chen Nan felt terrible. He was so shocked that he could not snap back to reality. His body swayed, and he nearly fell down. His blood pressure also increased, and his face flushed. It took him a long time to recover.

Why was Si Chengluo so bold? He liked Ling Sheng. Had he come to the studio because of Ling Sheng?

Everyone knew that he had been a trainee in Country H for five years. Before returning to China, he had participated in National Producer. He was outstanding, had a perfect appearance, and was extremely popular. He should have debuted as number one.

The day before his debut, Big Boss Huo had taken a liking to his talent. The studio had contacted him, and he had agreed without saying anything. However, his studio had charged him a huge penalty fee.

No one knew why he had agreed to come. He was obviously in Country H, and many companies tried to rope him in. His fans had placed him on a pedestal.

Later, people had come up with all kinds of guesses. Country H’s entertainment circle was too messy, and he had earned too little and was too tired. However, no one had thought that he had returned for the sake of the person he liked.

Si Chengluo was a young man who did not talk much and often had a cold face. It was fine if this kind of person did not smile, but when he smiled, he was simply the kind of beauty that made one feel empty, especially when his words became gentle.


Although he was only a little gentler than usual, he obediently agreed to whatever the person talking to him said. Miraculously, he did not talk back!

Chen Nan’s eyes dropped to the ground when he saw this. He was not his exclusive agent. He was the agent of a new music group that was about to debut. The guy in front of him was the most rebellious and difficult person he had to manage among the five youths in the music group.

If he obediently listened to him, he’d thank the heavens. He had not expected him to be so obedient!

This was an eye-opener!

Si Chengluo agreed. The corners of his lips curled up slightly as he listened to the girl’s comforting words on the phone. He only nodded lightly.

“Did you hear what I said?” Ling Sheng heard him keep making terse grunts, so who knew if he had accepted what she’d said? “You’ll be in the grand final next week. Don’t make a scene now. Even if you want to filter out the fans, don’t rush. You want to win the contest. There’s no need for me to repeat myself. Talk to them nicely. The fans do not pay you money for you to scold them or diss them.”

Si Chengluo heard her and listened very seriously. He did not reply. He just obediently heard her speak. Then, he nodded again.


He wanted to be a carefree person who did not need fans and only wanted to do his job well. However, this was the fan economy. Even if he did not want to admit it, he had to compromise.

“What do you mean? Did you hear that? Or not?” Ling Sheng was angered by his attitude. “Anyway, you can’t post that on Weibo. Give your phone to your agent. I want to talk to him.”

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