Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 46 - She Had Been Born Too Beautiful

Chapter 46: She Had Been Born Too Beautiful

Or more specifically, it was a look that appealed most to men.

The gown was reddish and sleeveless and was made of a silk-like material. It was also well-tailored, so it accentuated her curves fully. Every contour was traced delightfully down to the finest detail.

Although Ling Sheng was young, her figure was fully developed and just right, with voluminous breasts and pert buttocks, yet without being too exaggerated.

In combination with her makeup, she was indeed irresistible.

Lu Yubai seemed to be admiring a masterpiece as he circled her twice, his eyes revealing undue satisfaction. He then nodded. “Not bad.”

It was actually better than that.

He was tremendously satisfied.

She was the second person who could express the splendor of his styling and makeup. In fact, she was a product that ensured a better outcome.

She was indeed someone worthy of being noticed by Old Six.

Thanks to her innocent yet seductive look, she could practically charm all men.

The key was the unintentional outflow of her natural charisma, which was the fatal blow.

The black cloth was removed from the full-length mirror.

That was when Ling Sheng saw her look.

It was not that she had not worn a red gown before or had never had a top-rated stylist style her.

However, when she saw her reflection in the mirror, she was shocked.

Ling Sheng had been born too pretty.

The baby fat that she had was well-concealed by the makeup, and the sexiness brought out a sense of innocence. At the same time, this innocence gave off a sense of sexiness.

Her almond-shaped eyes revealed a water-like gentility and brightness that dazzled one when she looked up, conveying many emotions.

While her makeup and style were perfect for her elegant vibe, they also made her original appearance break through.

Basically, the styling created a perfect illusion that was her but not wholly her at the same time.

“Teacher Lu, you must have magical hands since you can make something decadent so occult.” Ling Sheng’s lips curled up as she looked at Lu Yubai.

“That also requires the original material not to be rotten wood.” Lu Yubai was really glad that he had come over.

The girl in front of him was a piece of good but unpolished and unsculptured jade that had the potential to shine if it was polished properly.

She could reach the desired state if one polished and carved her according to what one wanted.

In fact, she would exceed one’s expectations and give astonishing surprises.

When one had seven-point expectations, one could never know how many surprises she would reward them with.

Ever since this person had ceased to be involved in movies and drama productions, he had yet to meet someone he viewed as a product that gave him such palpitations and excitement and made him look forward to polishing and carving it.

He seemed to have found his muse once again.

Plus, there was a lingering feeling that this pair of eyes, especially the water-like gleam they possessed, were completely similar to that person’s eyes.

“May I ask if this beautiful lady has a male partner today?” Lu Yubai bowed, reaching with his hand while smiling like a gentleman as a form of invitation.

Ling Sheng smiled. “Senior Du and I have come to an agreement that we will go to the event together.”

“Du Manqing?” Lu Yubai frowned before adding, “Then I’m not going.”

He had seen her twice, but it felt like her eyes were glued on him, her gaze following him like a housefly every single time. It was indeed extremely annoying.

When Mei Xuelin reached the styling room, she spotted Ling Sheng immediately, her eyes revealing her astonishment.

“Sister Mei.” Ling Sheng turned her head, giving her a gorgeous smile.

Mei Xuelin was utterly stunned so she was unable to snap out of it instantly.

They looked alike.

Too much alike.

Especially when it came to the sudden look she gave her when she turned around.

It was extremely similar to the look of the once Oscar-winning actress who had made China proud but had ceased to be involved in drama and movie productions, Nangong Lengyu.

“This is what you want.” Mei Xuelin gave Lu Yubai an exquisite gift box. Then, she took a look at Ling Sheng. “She has high malleability.”

Lu Yubai replied, “Beyond high. She should not have such a high malleability!”

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