Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 45 - Old Man Will Chop You Up!

Chapter 45: Old Man Will Chop You Up!

Ling Sheng sat opposite him obediently, giving him an adorable, gentle look. Then, she looked down and started doing his manicure seriously.

When Zhou Zhou walked in with coffee and milk tea, he looked askance at Ling Sheng, who was helping the man with his manicure. His eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

Lu Yubai was a world-renowned makeup and styling artist.

He had debuted at the same time with Big Boss Huo, and the duo was very close. He had received endless accolades and had been in charge of styling numerous internationally-famous celebrities’ red carpet looks as well as directing the style and makeup of artists in well-known international films.

He was indeed at the top of the fashion world, specifically in the styling industry in China.

However, he had an eccentric temperament and he accepted jobs based on his mood.

Normally, even first-rate stars would not be able to hire him. How could he be here?

When Du Manqing had been nominated for the Best Actress Award, Sister Mei had called him to request for a prize-presentation styling but she had been rejected.

Why would he be here to style Sheng Sheng?

“Yes,” Lu Yubai responded lazily.

In an instant, he was in a good mood. He whipped out his phone to take a photo, making a “V” gesture. Ling Sheng happened to be in the shot as well.

Then, he sent the photo to Huo Ci in high spirits.

Bai: Oh, Old Six, look who this is!

He waited for two minutes, but there was no reply.

Bai: Are you dead?

“Teacher, how was it?” Ling Sheng gave him a sweet smile.

Lu Yubai had yet to get a reply, which tainted his good mood. However, in the face of the girl’s sweet smile and adorable, gentle appearance, his mood turned sunny again. He nodded and commented, “Not bad.”

She sure knew how to be liked!

No wonder Old Six had sought pleasure in his current state and forgotten about his past!

Lu Yubai, who was satisfied, started to look Ling Sheng up and down, preparing to style her hair and appearance. It was not long before he decided upon a style and ordered his assistants to start.

Ten minutes later, he received notifications on WeChat.

Ci: If you dare touch an inch of her, Old Man will chop you up!

Bai: Look at you. You’re already old. Why bother getting so agitated?

Ci: Old Man shall warn you once more. If you dare touch her, Old Man will kill you.

Bai: She does not look too bad. She has a soft, gentle body and a sweet mouth. Nothing is more delicious than dumplings, and nobody is more fun than (a brother’s wife)… Am I right?

Ci: Wait for me to act!

Bai: Come clean with your actual relationship and I will not touch her.

Ci: If you touch her, I’ll chase you to the end of the Earth and kill you!

Bai: I have to remind you that the little girl takes too much initiative, which can cause a lot of trouble. You have to watch her. Who knows when your head will be tainted green[1.In China, having a ‘green head’ implies that one’s spouse is cheating.].

Huo Ci stared at the photo on his phone, his hand holding it with a death grip.


He felt immensely soured.

That brat. Look at her compliant, adorable, gentle expression. Look at that pleasing smile.

She could have such a good attitude with an outsider she had just met!

What sin had he committed to see her moody, as though her father was dead every day when he provided her with accommodation, food, a babysitting service, and even money.

The initial stage of applying makeup foundation was completed by the assistant, while the last touch-up was done personally by Lu Yubai.

The more he looked, the more he realized the girl’s features resembled Old Six’s, especially when she was not talking. Even their vibes were similar.

Was this the so-called couple resemblance?

Ling Sheng could not see anything, as the mirror was covered with a black cloth.

Zhou Zhou had told her secretly just now that when Teacher Lu was styling others, he would never show his customers the unfinished product. They would only be shown their final appearance after the whole styling process was complete.

However, when Ling Sheng was brought to the dressing room to change into her gown, she saw her look through the reflection in Zhou Zhou’s astonished eyes.

It ranged somewhere between mature sexiness and naive innocence. It was an indescribable, complicated kind of magical glamor that compelled one to fix one’s gaze on her.

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