Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 450 - The Hero Saving The Beauty

Chapter 450: The Hero Saving The Beauty

“Patron Ling…” Wen Ruoshui called out to her, her voice as gentle as ever. “This is between her and me. Sorry, can you excuse us?”

Since she had already said that, how could she shamelessly refuse to leave? She explained hurriedly, “Nun, don’t listen to her nonsense. I’m really not Huo Ci’s woman. I swear that I’m not Huo Ci’s woman!”

Dongfang Meng laughed sarcastically. “Tsk tsk, you already have a son, but you’re not Huo Ci’s woman… What are you afraid of? Why are you so stubborn? Are you afraid that Nangong will scheme against you when she finds out?”

She was an idiot. If she had known that she’d get scared, she should not have come to provoke her!

Besides, if she had not taken the initiative to attack, Nangong would have ignored her. After all, who knew what Huo Ci was to her?

“Sister, my son isn’t Huo Ci’s child! He isn’t!” Ling Sheng was driven crazy. Seriously? Everyone thought she was Huo Ci’s woman and her son was Huo Ci’s son!

She was not Huo Ci’s woman! No, no!

Dongfang Meng looked at her silently. However, Sixth Brother Huo was interesting. He had found a lover who had a similar temperament with Nangong. He had known that she was coming back and had not forgotten their old relationship. Had he hired someone to disgust her?

“Nun Jingxin.” Ling Sheng turned around and looked at her. Her expression said, You have to believe me. She took her hand and said, “You have to believe me. I’m really not Huo Ci’s woman.”

“I believe you.” Wen Ruoshui did not know why, but when she saw her grievance, although she wanted to laugh, her heart ached a little. “Can you leave for a while?”

Ling Sheng was so touched that her eyes were blurry. She was really willing to believe her, right? However, when she saw the strong and fierce woman behind her, she shot her a look and lowered her voice. “Can I really leave?”

Would that fierce woman hit her again or bully her? That woman did not look like someone to be trifled with. Nun Jingxin was a gentle beauty, so she was definitely not her match.

“Don’t worry, it’s alright.” Wen Ruoshui passed the plate in her hand to her and said, “She’s my younger sister.”

“Who’s your sister? You sure know how to flatter yourself. I don’t have a sister like you!” Dongfang Meng exploded.

Ling Sheng gave her another look. “Sister, if you hit her again, I won’t let you off.”

“I won’t stoop to your level because of Huo Ci, you immature brat. If you know what’s good for you, get lost quickly.” Dongfang Meng was not a good-tempered person, so she pointed at her and warned her.

“Let me tell you this again. I’m not Huo Ci’s woman!” Ling Sheng started arguing with her. “If you dare, say this in front of Huo Ci. See if he’ll slap you.”

Then, she turned around and left. She hurried to find the middle-aged man sitting in the wheelchair and get him to save the beauty. The woman called Dongfang Meng was not feminine at all. She was fierce and scary. She would definitely cause trouble.

However, when Ling Sheng went back, he was no longer there. She did not dare run far, fearing that Nun Jingxin would be bullied. She stood guard at the door and listened to the commotion inside.

The few people following Dongfang Meng were all in military uniforms. They looked dignified and domineering as they stood guard at the door. When they saw her approaching, they did not chase her away. They only stopped her when she got closer. Their manners were quite good.

About half an hour later, Dongfang Meng came out. When she walked past her, she stopped in her tracks. “Do you want to consider joining me? I’ll definitely help you win over Huo Ci.”

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