Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 449 - Arrogance

Chapter 449: Arrogance

Nun Jingxin’s body swayed a little, but the things in her hand remained stable. She did not spill at all. She only looked at the woman opposite her calmly. “Ah Meng, it’s been six years. How have you been?”

“How dare you come back?” The woman slapped her again, her eyes burning with anger.

However, just as another slap was about to land on her face, someone suddenly grabbed her wrist. The expression in her eyes turned cold as she lowered them slightly to meet the girl’s smiling face.

Ling Sheng looked at her. The woman looked very heroic, and her aura was a little oppressive. Her face was cold, and she looked as dignified as a statue.

The woman looked at the young lady in front of her, who had small arms and thin legs. She did not want to make a move, or her numb body would break if she moved in the slightest. She only frowned slightly and warned her. “Let go.”

When Ling Sheng met her angry and murderous gaze, she shivered coldly. “Let’s talk nicely. Why are you getting violent?”

The woman confirmed that she had recognized her. Her lips curled up coldly. “She’s Sixth Brother Huo’s lover. I was wondering who she was.”

By the time she finished speaking, Ling Sheng had yet to say anything.

However, Nun Jingxin’s expression changed slightly. Her grip on the plate tightened as she looked at Ling Sheng. Was the boyfriend she had been talking about Huo Ci?

Huo Ci… had found such a young and pretty girl?

Sister Nangong had also come over. She did not know how she would feel when she found out. Every single action and smile of the young lady in front of her gave off the vibe of a young Sister Nangong.

Even though this was their first meeting, she felt a sense of familiarity.

“Sister, watch your mouth. I’m not Huo Ci’s lover!” After saying that, Ling Sheng felt that she hadn’t made a mistake.

As the saying goes, a daughter was her father’s lover in his previous life.

“Ha!” The woman let out a cold snort. On account of Sixth Brother Huo, she would not punish her. She only said, “Why? Are you here to show off?”

Ling Sheng was even more confused. I really don’t understand what you’re talking about, alright? She took a look at Nun Jingxin, who was still elegant and indifferent. What was she saying?

“Are you pretending not to understand?” The woman’s smile became increasingly mocking. She was probably a scheming b*tch. That made sense. How could someone who could conquer Sixth Master Huo be easy to deal with? She pointed at Nun Jingxin and said, “She’s Nangong’s good friend. Aren’t you here to show off your identity?”

She did not believe that she did not know anything!

This young girl was quite smart. She knew that finding Nangong likely would not beget anything good, so she had deliberately come to find Wen Ruoshui. If she knew, Nangong would naturally find out as well.

Tsk tsk!

Good plan.

Ling Sheng thought to herself, I’m not pretending not to understand. I really don’t understand. However, after hearing what she said, she seemed to understand. Nun Jingxin, who was beside her, was called Wen Ruoshui. She was Movie Queen Nangong’s good friend.

The woman in front of her thought that she was there to declare her sovereignty and deliberately provoke her.

However, Huo Ci was indeed her… father!

“Then who are you?” Ling Sheng racked her brains but could not figure out who she was. She didn’t know her.

“Dongfang Meng.” Dongfang Meng had not expected someone to not know her. Furthermore, she was Huo Ci’s woman. Shouldn’t she know which impressive socialite’s daughters were in the capital?

Ling Sheng looked as though she did not know her, which angered Dongfang Meng. She did not know if she was really stupid or she was just acting stupid. “Let me warn you. This is a family matter. Don’t get involved. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not giving Huo Ci face.”

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