Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 439 - A Critical Blow to the Heart

Chapter 439: A Critical Blow to the Heart

“It’s alright, I’m the one troubling you.” Lu Yubai gave Ling Sheng a sideways look and drawled, “I’m not like you. I’m someone who’s going to pray for marriage.”

Su Yi felt as though her heart was about to jump out of her throat. Teacher Lu was prettier and taller than in the videos and photos. When she stood in front of him, she only reached his chest. Upon hearing his words, she was stunned for a moment before reacting. “Teacher Lu, you’re really funny.”

Oh my god, how could an outstanding man like Teacher Lu need to pray for marriage? The number of girls lining up to be loved by him was crazy, alright?

Many people in the entertainment circle said that if Teacher Lu entered the entertainment circle, he would definitely not be worse off than Teacher Huo. After all, what girl would not like a handsome, talented, and interesting man?

“Sheng Sheng, am I joking?” This was the first time Lu Yubai had seen Su Yi. The girl was very pretty and tall.

However, when he heard her sing, her breath was full, and her voice was loud and clear. She was going to be the future queen given her great lung capacity!

“No, Sister Su Yi. Let me introduce you to my Fifth Uncle.” Ling Sheng smiled. “Look at him. He’s already so old, yet he hasn’t met someone he can marry. He definitely has to pray for marriage.”

Su Yi did not know what to say and could only nod. “The Water Moon Convent is very efficacious. Teacher Lu will definitely get what he wants there.”

When they got in the car, Su Yi tugged at Ling Sheng secretly and whispered, “Sheng Sheng, are you trying to scare me to death? Why didn’t you tell me beforehand?”

This was an unexpected blow to her heart. Oh my, this man was too good-looking. Who would have known that he was an old man in his forties? His temperament, looks, and personality were really attractive.

“He’s not some important figure.” Ling Sheng did not care about this. She thought it was quite normal. However, when she thought about it from another perspective, she did not think it was natural.

Even the people in the entertainment circle could not meet her Fifth Uncle just because they wanted to, let alone an ordinary person. Such a person would have even less chances of having him as a driver.

Sister Su Yi’s nervousness made sense.

“He’s your Fifth Uncle? Why haven’t I heard you mention this before?” Su Yi lowered her voice but could not contain her excitement.

“He’s my father’s good friend. He’s not my biological uncle, but he’s closer to me than that,” Ling Sheng explained with a smile.

“Then…” Su Yi’s eyes widened. She had always felt that she was calm, but when she heard this, she could not help but ask,” Is Big Boss Huo your uncle too?”

Ling Sheng was silent for a moment. That was her father, but she could not tell her. She only let out a faint hum before hurriedly changing the topic.

Su Yi could not help feeling shocked. Wasn’t Sheng Sheng from the countryside? The news on the internet was fake. Her father was so impressive that he had managed to befriend big shots like Teacher Lu and Big Boss Huo. She was a princess in the entertainment circle, the kind who could do whatever she wanted.

However, she still worked diligently in a down-to-earth fashion, slowly improving her capabilities and clearing her name. She was really impressed.

Lu Yubai was very talkative and approachable, provided that he met someone he wanted to talk to, such as when he was with Ling Sheng.

As the three of them chatted, they started talking directly about music.

Su Yi had not expected Lu Yubai to know so much about music. She idolized him even more as a result. Upon hearing his words, she agreed deeply. She regretted not meeting him sooner, but she could not help but sigh. Why had this man not entered the music industry?

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