Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 438 - Bribing Xiaoqi

Chapter 438: Bribing Xiaoqi

Ling Sheng turned on the loudspeaker as she helped her son make the Christmas craft. She replied casually, “Tell me the good news.”

“The good news is that the advertisement will be filmed in the Maldives. If you’re lucky, you could have a day for recreation.” Mei Xuelin had already received the advertisement proposal.

Ling Sheng nodded and hung up. She refused to know what kind of bad news there was, but she could vaguely guess what it was.

When Mei Xuelin called again, Ling Sheng picked up immediately. She was not angry. “I understand, I understand. Gu Shen agreed to film the commercial!”

Mei Xuelin thought to herself, Little cutie, you’re really clever. There’s no need for me to say anything else. Upon hearing her irritable growl, she tried to persuade her. “Stay calm. You’re just partners. The advertisement will end when you’re done filming. You will not know each other anymore. We want to earn money, right?”

“Yes.” Ling Sheng’s face darkened. Everything depended on money.

Mei Xuelin said, “I’ve already applied for three days off from the film crew. We’ll film the advertisement at the end of the month. I’ll send you the advertisement plan first. The advertising slogan hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

Ling Sheng hung up the phone and saw Xiaoqi sticking Huo Ci’s photo on Santa Claus’ face. She asked curiously, “Why him?”

Xiaoqi pasted the photo seriously before answering in a childish voice, “Grandpa is my Santa!”

Ling Sheng was jealous. “Why can’t it be Mommy?”

Xiaoqi said in all seriousness, “Santa Claus is a man, and Mommy is a woman.”

Ling Sheng was still jealous. “Isn’t your great-grandpa more suitable?”

Xiaoqi smacked his head, looking enlightened. Then, he remembered something and frowned in embarrassment. “But Xiaoqi doesn’t have a photo of great-grandpa.”

“Where did you get your grandpa’s photo?” Ling Sheng suspected that her biological father had given it to him.

As expected, Xiaoqi said seriously, “Grandpa gave it to me.”

Ling Sheng gave him a knowing look. “Did he ask you to stick it there?”

Xiaoqi said, “Grandpa said that there’s no Santa Claus in the world. He’s my Santa Claus.”

Ling Sheng was amused. Look, look! This is how he teaches a child! Isn’t he afraid of hurting the baby’s tender heart? How could he tell a child that there’s no Santa?

“Is your kindergarten holding any Christmas events?” Ling Sheng asked with a smile.

“Yes, Mommy, don’t worry. Grandpa promised to watch my rehearsals.” Xiaoqi looked like a young man, and his eyes were sparkling with happiness.

Grandpa had been very nice to him recently.

Upon seeing her son’s happy face, Ling Sheng could not help but laugh. Her father had been bribing Xiaoqi recently. After bribing him, he would come over to eat, drink, and sleep.

The next morning, Ling Sheng got up early. The Water Moon Convent was two hours away from the capital, but there was no straight mountain road. She had to climb up the mountain herself.

Lu Yubai came early to fetch her, as he had promised to go with her.

Ling Sheng asked Su Yi to hitch a ride with her, lest they drove in several cars. There were not many people, and they would not be bringing anything.

When Su Yi saw that the driver was Lu Yubai, she was stunned. She hurriedly ran over to greet him, feeling extremely nervous. “Hi, Teacher Lu. I didn’t know Sheng Sheng was talking about you.”

Oh my god, what kind of god was Sheng Sheng? She had actually asked Teacher Lu to be their driver. Why had she not told her beforehand? Her heart could not take the shock!

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