Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Time Would Reveal One’s True Nature Eventually

She acted as though nobody had won the Best Actress Award before.

Du Manqing had been in the entertainment circle for five years, yet she had only just gotten the Best Actress Award.

She worked very hard instead of possessing the innate ability to act well.

As for Ling Sheng, not that she was boasting, but she was quite the opposite. God had bestowed upon her the innate ability to act well.

Compared to her, the Best Actress had lost at the starting line.

Ling Sheng asked her assistants, Zhou Zhou and Little Ye, to buy some beverages and milk tea and distribute them to the workers. She treated this as familiarizing herself with the environment and the people.

The news spread from one person to ten people, then from ten to a hundred people.

In no time, the entire company knew about it.

The new artist, Ling Sheng, who Sister Mei had taken on personally, had come over to the company. She was sensible, pretty, gentle, and approachable. She had even bought beverages and brought them over personally.

The company chat, as well as the small group chats formed by worker cliques, started buzzing about her.

[She’s very pretty and she has nice eyes. She seems easy-going. Let’s hope we will have an enjoyable cooperation in the future.]

[I’ve seen her too. She’s like a little fairy. Now I feel like being her fan. This is indeed wonderful!]

[Right. Each of those artists has a worse temper than the other. Who cares about the employees who have been working like oxen behind the scenes, helping them with publicity and whatnot?]

[Yup, each of the artists working under Sister Mei is worse than the other. To put it nicely, this is called arrogance. To put it bluntly, it’s called belittlement.]

[I heard she’s a village girl. This may be her wanting to win people over to her side. I hope she won’t be like the others and change her attitude once she becomes famous!]

[I shall accept it even if she intends to win us over. There aren’t many artists who think of us in the company. I think she’s not a bad person.]

[I calculated. We have a total of 540 workers in the company. One cup of milk tea costs on average around 25. This means she has spent 13,500 out of the blue!]

[Not bad, Little Beauty. She just got into the entertainment circle and since she hasn’t finished shooting her drama, she shouldn’t have that much money. She’s generous.]

[I’m falling in love. Nobody can snatch her from me. I want to be her fan. This milk tea tastes really nice.]

In the past, Ling Sheng used to have a good relationship with her company’s workers. She had treated them to meals and sent them red packets frequently.

Actually, when they tried their best, they could really help out a lot.

Everyone is human, and there is no difference in status. If one treats others sincerely, others will naturally reciprocate.

As for whether they thought she was being pretentious, time would reveal her true nature eventually.

When she finished going around every level and greeting people, over two hours had passed.

Mei Xuelin was waiting for her in the office.

Ling Sheng was holding a cup of coffee as she walked in. “Big Celebrity Agent, here’s your favorite iced Americano.”

Mei Xuelin smiled and asked, “Did you go win people’s hearts?”

Ling Sheng nodded as she expressed some distress. “I came to the company to win people’s hearts, but I’m not sure how many people will be won over.”

“You’ve won me over.” When Mei Xuelin removed the lid, the coffee was still cold. It might have been stored in the fridge. “How was it?”

“Not bad. There were a lot of people, and everyone was pretty warm. As for winning them over, I think that’s necessary.” Ling Sheng then added, “However, I think it’s more important to let them know that time will reveal one’s true nature eventually.”

“That’s a nice quote. Time reveals one’s true nature eventually.” Mei Xuelin was overjoyed when she heard Ling Sheng’s words. “Given your young age, where did you learn this set of life principles and the ways of the world?”

“Let me tell you a secret. I have a set of principles when it comes to handling affairs. I also have one notebook for blacklisting people and one for generally recording them. Every day, I’ll record people’s behavior one by one.” Ling Sheng joked.

“Okay, stop being loquacious. You’re the first artist who dares to talk to me like that out of all the artists I’ve taken on before.” Mei Xuelin smiled as she pointed at Ling Sheng.

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