Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 42 - A Stupid Fool

Chapter 42: A Stupid Fool

Du Manqing was very proud but she also had the capacity to be proud.

After all, she was the most popular celebrity and had an enormous number of fans. Since she had won the Best Actress Award, she had practically spiraled to the apex of the Chinese entertainment circle.

Ling Sheng’s temper was not bad, but that depended on the other party’s attitude. If she was being treated with a good attitude, she would naturally reciprocate. On the other hand, a bad attitude from the other party would result in indifference on her part.

Thus, Du Manqing’s attitude should have upset her.

“Both of you are here.” Mei Xuelin walked over and said, “You know each other, right? I don’t have to introduce you!”

Ling Sheng smiled. “Yup, we know each other.”

Du Manqing looked up and greeted her. “Sister Mei.”

“Both of you are artists I’m managing. Manqing, you’re already a popular celebrity in the entertainment circle. While I don’t expect you to give Ling Sheng a hand in increasing her popularity, I don’t want to see media reports about discordance and catfights between you two.” Mei Xuelin spoke directly.

There was no beating around the bush.

Her words hit the nail on the head.

“Sister Mei, you must be joking. I quite like Sheng Sheng.” Du Manqing gave a vague answer unindicative of her stance toward Sister Mei’s speech. However, iciness swept across her eyes and her grip on the magazine tightened.


They naturally could not do that on the surface.

However, the addition of an artist working under Sister Mei would reduce the resources that had originally belonged to her.

Sister Mei would not have all her attention on her either.

Since the artist had been brought in by Big Boss Huo, the company might mobilize all its resources to support and propel her to fame.

Hard work was not enough in the entertainment circle. One also needed resources and a willing supporter to spiral oneself to fame.

Now that she had come in, it was possible that she would enjoy the meat while the rest of the artists in the company would not even get to taste the soup.

“You take good care of me, Senior.” Ling Sheng smiled politely.

Both of them knew how to show respect.

“Stop acting all peaceful. How could I not know what the two of you are thinking?

“Let me make this clear. Since both of you are artists working under me, I’ll try my very best to fight for the resources of the company for you.

“The quantity and quality of the resources you want to get will be up to your individual capabilities.

“If you’re an artist working under me, don’t act like garbage.” Mei Xuelin looked at them coldly.

She could read Du Manqing’s thoughts very well.

Now that she was taking on Ling Sheng, she would divert the resources, energy, time, and attention originally given to her.

Du Manqing could be upset about it, act scornful, and look cold, but that would wash years of Sister Mei’s nurturing efforts down the drain.

What a stupid fool!

Or did Du Manqing think she was impressive after getting the Best Actress Award? Did she think she could act all self-important and throw tantrums however and whenever she liked to get what she wanted?

Ling Sheng looked at Du Manqing with happy eyes, smiling as she said, “Do guide me more in the future, Senior Du.”

Du Manqing’s lips curled up coldly. “I wouldn’t dare guide you. I’m not a paratrooper.” [1.’Paratrooper’ is a Chinese slang term that refers to one’s quick ascension to a high position despite being a newbie in a company.]

Mei Xuelin was really angered by her attitude.

She had promised her that, as the senior one, she would guide Ling Sheng along when she brought Ling Sheng to the banquet, yet look at her attitude before the banquet!

What did she want to do now?

Establish her mightiness and status in front of the newbie?

Declare a war in front of her?

“Ling Sheng, leave the room first. I wish to have a private conversation with Manqing.” Mei Xuelin signaled for her to exit the room.

Ling Sheng gave them a polite, humble smile. “Have a good talk then. I’ll tour around the company.”

Ling Sheng exited and closed the door considerately.

Then, she heard a BAM!

Mei Xuelin was throwing things on the ground.

She patted her heart.

She was scared!

This senior was indeed not someone who should be offended.

She was only a newbie at the company, yet this senior had already tried to establish her mighty status.

She wondered how Mei Xuelin would solve the issue. The Best Actress was indeed formidable!

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