Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 405 - Begging For A Permanent Guest

Chapter 405: Begging For A Permanent Guest

Upon seeing that it was over, Shi Lingyu personally called the assistant, who had stopped her from entering, to let her in.

Ling Sheng ran over to her excitedly. “How come you are here so fast? Didn’t you land at five?”

“I didn’t even go to the hotel after getting off the plane. I came here directly. Nice of me, right!?” Shi Lingyu smiled.

Cheng Ye waved happily and asked her all kinds of questions.

Ji Fanchen, who was rarely happy, smiled.

Shangguan Yu came over to greet her, and Director Qian came over as well.

Shi Lingyu’s assistant brought the shop assistant over quickly, and cake, desserts, coffee, and beverages were distributed to the workers. Everything was from their shop.

“This is your cake.” Shi Lingyu placed an exquisite cake box in Ling Sheng’s hands and smiled. “It’s full of Snow White strawberries. If it’s not enough, there’s more at the shop. I’ll let you have your fill.”

After the cake and beverages were distributed, everyone ran over to thank her. They also thought that the cake was especially delicious after eating it and asked her where the cake shop was.

The assistant took advantage of this opportunity to hand out name cards to everyone and help promote the shop.

Qian Yi, who was overjoyed, ate cake and chatted. When it was over, he had to call Mei Xuelin. He had to get this treasure to film the show.

Initially, he had not planned for her to stay on the show for long, but her natural sense of variety was too strong. It would be a waste of her talent if she did not appear on more variety shows.

He would not force her to do much. She, along with Shangguan, would be stationed there permanently. When the time came, the two of them would each lead a team and be responsible for causing trouble.

“Tonight’s my treat. Let’s go eat crayfish. Those who will come can raise their hands for me to count!” Shangguan Yu shouted. The top singer was very generous and rich.

After the production team finished filming the first episode of the show, Old Qian had initially planned to take them out to celebrate. After the post-production and the celebratory feast, if the show was not up to the standards, they would have to think of ways to edit it to increase the highlights of the show. If they edited it enough, there would be a lot of broadcasting and viewership ratings.

However, this episode was really strong. It could be edited easily in two hours, maybe even an hour and a half. It was definitely explosive.

Therefore, having good guests would save the production team a lot of trouble.

Such guests were rare in the entertainment circle.

After they watched the entire recording, the crew members’ eyes brimmed with tears of excitement. It was too easy to edit. This post-production was too easy. Mommy, you do not need to worry about me losing hair or sleep while editing shows anymore. I’m begging to have Ling Sheng as a permanent guest.

There were nearly 70 staff members in the production team, including the six guests, the assistants, and the bodyguards. There was quite a big number of people.

Ling Sheng gave the top singer a thumbs-up. He was a generous, rich, handsome, and a good singer. He was really likable.

“Sorry, Senior Shangguan. I can’t come. My flight is at eight o’clock. I have to rush to the airport immediately.” Luo Xin walked over apologetically.

“It’s alright. You can leave quickly if you’re busy. Your flight is at eight o’clock, and it’s already 6:30. If you delay any longer, you won’t be able to catch the plane.” Shangguan Yu could understand this. This was what celebrities did when they were rushing for a job.

“Senior Shangguan, have fun. I’ll be leaving now.” After saying that, Luo Xin left with her assistant.

When she walked out of the filming site, she bumped into Gu Shen. She had initially thought that Gu Shen had left, but he had returned. She asked, “Ah Shen, are you going to the gathering?”

Gu Shen said expressionlessly, “I left my things behind. I’ll go back and get them.”

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