Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 404 - Intentional Revenge

Chapter 404: Intentional Revenge

“That means 75 hits for one person.” Luo Xin did some calculations. If that was the case, she would not have to be hit 15 times.

Ji Fanchen said, “I don’t care.”

Since the juniors had already expressed their stance, Shangguan Yu, who was a senior, naturally could not lag behind. “Since you all agree, I’ll risk my life and join you.”

However, he would only suffer five hits otherwise. This young girl always wanted to cause trouble. He did not know who would be the unlucky one. He hoped that it wouldn’t be him.

Old Qian started filming for the show. As long as he saw Ling Sheng, he could not help but smile in satisfaction. If he could get her on the show as a permanent guest, the show would explode!

The production team looked at their director. Big boss, you’re being too obvious. You should at least restrain yourself! Don’t scare the lady off.

Meanwhile, Shi Lingyu had come under the excuse of visiting Gu Shen. She had not returned to the hotel after getting off the plane. Instead, she had gone straight to the filming site of the television station. The show was nearing its end, and she happened to see Ling Sheng punishing Gu Shen and flicking the rubber band.

Gu Shen had not expected that he would be the one to lose in the end. He gritted his teeth ferociously in his heart. He had known that this stinky woman was targeting him and wanted to take revenge.

After Ling Sheng played around for 10 rounds, she saw that Gu Shen was still expressionless. She thought that she might have been too gentle. However, it felt really good to punish Gu Shen openly.

The onlookers could tell that she had definitely used her strength. The rubber band was stretched until it could not be stretched anymore. Gu Shen’s chin was red from the beating, and he felt pain just by looking at her.

Luo Xin stood at the back and avoided the camera. She frowned slightly as she looked at Ling Sheng. She could not have ever liked Gu Shen if she wanted to kill him quickly.

Who would torture the person they liked to death and embarrass them in public?

However, even if she did not like Gu Shen, she would not let this go for now. She had snatched her endorsement deal and her movie role and she had even hired someone to slander her on the hottest topics. If she could not get over it, she would get back at her slowly!

Gu Shen gritted his teeth in pain. That d*mn woman. She just wanted him to die. Perhaps she wanted to use this method to make him remember her.

Very good!

He would remember her!

After Ling Sheng flicked the rubber 15 times, her hand started to hurt. She looked at the others and said, “I’ve decided to share the punishment privilege with you. Who’s coming?”

Who would be willing to do something that would offend others? Even foolish Cheng Ye did not join the commotion. He stole a look at Ji Fanchen.

Sister Sheng Sheng was taking revenge. She had beaten this man up badly. Gu Shen was probably in pain. However, he deserved it. After all, he had always bullied Sister Sheng Sheng.

In the end, Shangguan Yu tried to smooth things over. Everyone could tell that she was deliberately messing with Gu Shen. However, she knew how to control her actions. After venting, she would let him go. Otherwise, she would not have said that. He thus smiled and said, “I’ll do it. Give me five.”

Ji Fanchen had initially thought that Ling Sheng would continue playing, but he had not expected her to let Gu Shen off so easily. This was good. Everyone was in the same circle, so there was no need to make things too awkward.

Luo Xin could tell that she wanted to let Gu Shen go now. However, Gu Shen had a deep prejudice against her and could not understand her good intentions.

Shangguan Yu was flicked lightly, and everyone understood what this meant. They each took a few hits and distributed the remaining punishment.

Old Qian had personally decided that the first episode’s recording would end perfectly.

Gu Shen frowned. That stinky woman. Did she think he would let her go just like that? Did she want him to thank her for not punishing him? She could dream on!

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