Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: He’s Not Sincere

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Ling Sheng looked up to see Jun Shiyan arrive, pushed by An Yan. The man in the wheelchair looked immensely upset.

Like a lamb, Gu Shen toned down and became well-behaved immediately. He seemed to fear him as he greeted him respectfully. “Third Uncle.”

“Dear, why did you just arrive?” Ling Sheng, who did not move an inch, pouted and looked at him with teary eyes, looking as though she had suffered many grievances.


Gu Shen tensed up as he turned to look at his expressionless uncle. Then, he looked at Ling Sheng.

Nonsense! That d*mn woman!

Jun Shiyan watched the lady’s expression instantly changed.

Before seeing him, she had looked righteous, indignant at the injustice suffered and apparently ready for a fight.

Now, she looked like a wronged child who had been bullied and was trying to complain to her parent. His heart softened at the sight, and he said in a deep voice, “Come here.”

Ling Sheng sobbed and looked at him grievously but remained rooted to the ground.

“What’s the matter?” Jun Shiyan spoke with the sternness of an elder. He looked at Gu Shen and bellowed, “You bullied her!”

Taken aback by the words of his normally cold uncle, Gu Shen looked at Ling Sheng’s arrogant face out of his peripheral vision, feeling his blood boiling.

“Hurry up and apologize.” Jun Shiyan ordered him.

While Gu Shen seemed to choke upon hearing this order, he did not have the guts to defy it. He reluctantly apologized. “Sorry.”

“Why are you looking at me?” Jun Shiyan frowned, his voice ice-cold as he added, “Ah Shen, do you still need me to teach you how to apologize?”

Gu Shen, of course, did not dare to answer. Like a quail, he looked at Ling Sheng and apologized to her obediently. “Sorry.”

Ling Sheng pointed at Gu Shen and continued complaining. “He’s not sincere. He doesn’t intend to apologize at all.”

“Ms. Ling, it’s my fault. You are a person of great moral stature. Please let go of the

offenses committed by someone of low moral stature like me. Forgive me.” Agitation caused by Ling Sheng seared in his heart.

That d*mn woman! When had she gotten to know his Third Uncle?

Ling Sheng, who felt extremely overjoyed in her heart, bit her lips and pointed at the tie grasped in his hand. She then protested. “He snatched the tie I got for you and accused me of buying it for an unknown man. He even said I’m polyamorous!”

Gu Shen’s brain nearly exploded, and he wished he could strangle the woman to death instantly.

He was dead. It seemed like he definitely could not escape being disciplined by his family’s domestic laws. As he felt goosebumps, he hurried to explain. “Third Uncle, listen to me. I didn’t know this was meant for you. I…”

“Then why are you still holding on to it?” Jun Shiyan’s eyes were fixed on the tie.

Gu Shen wished he could burrow into a hole immediately.

The Third Uncle’s eyes were really scary, as though he had snatched his item from him. He returned the tie to Ling Sheng at once, smiling apologetically. “Why didn’t you tell me you were here to look for Third Uncle?”

This woman was with his Third Uncle? His uncle seemed to be very concerned about her!

That was not possible!

What means had she resorted to getting Third Uncle on her side?

Ling Sheng gave him an eye roll as she continued protesting, her soft voice carrying a sobbing tone. “My cakes and donuts… They’re all ruined.”

“I’ll buy new ones and send them over to you.” Before Gu Shen could finish speaking, the sight of his uncle’s displeased eyes made him change his mind. “I’ll buy them and bring them over personally.”

Ling Sheng stopped sobbing and smiled. She bent down slightly in front of Jun Shiyan to see if the tie suited him. Then, she nodded in satisfaction. “It suits you well.”

It was a 25,000-dollar tie!

She had bought this to please her stingy Best Actor father!

She shot daggers at Gu Shen. It was all this scumbag’s fault. He had caused her to lose money over this tie.


Jun Shiyan shot Gu Shen a look and commanded him in a deep voice. “Hurry up and buy the cakes!”

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