Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: It Would Only Make Me Feel Disgusted

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At 6:40 in the evening…

Ling Sheng was carrying a few bags and heading to the seventh floor of the mall.

Jun Shiyan had given her his room number and said he would be waiting for her in the room.

Room 709.

Ling Sheng knocked. Just as she was about to greet him, the smile on her face froze and her face tensed up. “Hello!”

This was indeed an inevitable meeting between enemies!

Gu Shen!

The look in Gu Shen’s eyes changed instantly, revealing an obvious disdain when he saw the woman suddenly appear at the door. His voice was cold as he asked, “You followed me?”

“Master Gu, you might have misunderstood. I’m not here for you.” Feeling strange, Ling Sheng took a step back, spending a lot of energy to whip her phone out.

Upon confirming the room number, she realized it was indeed Room 709!

“I’ve misunderstood? This is not the first time you have followed me. Don’t tell me this is a coincidence. This is the VIP lounge. Someone like you doesn’t have the right to enter this floor!” Upon seeing her actions, Gu Shen only felt that she was being pretentious. In a distasteful voice, he added icily, “Your act only makes me feel disgusted.”

“Gu Shen, please speak nicely. This constitutes a personal attack. If you continue to speak in this manner, I shall not hold back anymore.” Ling Sheng’s temper was not exactly mild either, his words infuriated her.

“Since you already dared to do it, how do you want me to put it? ‘You shall not hold back’… What do you want to do to me?” Gu Shen suddenly took a step forward, his hand grabbing her wrist with a death grip. Then, he shook her hand away hard, his eyes full of scorn as he shouted, “Scr*w off!”

The sudden force of being shoved away caused the bags in her hands to drop to the ground.

The two cakes slipped out of the boxes and got crushed. Fury welled in her heart as she looked at him indignantly. “Gu Shen, are you f*cking crazy? I’ve already said that I’m not here for you!”

“Then who are you looking for?” Upon seeing the pathetic state of the woman on the ground, Gu Shen let out an unsympathetic laugh with a voice full of contempt. “Let me warn you, Ling Sheng. You’re the kind of woman I dislike the most in my life. I feel disgusted to see your face.”


She was not here to find him?

Yet she had followed him?

Did she think he was an idiot?

He had initially thought she would retreat after seeing his cold attitude, but she had yet to give up.

“Master Gu, I think you feel too good about yourself!” Ling Sheng gave him a sarcastic look and gritted her teeth. Then, she lashed out. “I’ll make it crystal-clear: Even if all the men in the world were dead, I’d never like someone as weak as you. I’d rather marry a toad than take one more look at your face.”

This was crazy!

This was pure madness!

Instead of listening to her explanation, he wanted to castigate her and hurt her!

A furious fire blazed in Gu Shen’s eyes as he viewed the sarcastic woman in front of him. Gritting his teeth, he snickered coldly. “Are you trying to play hard to get so that I’ll be tempted to chase you?”

“Do you even deserve it?” Ling Sheng bellowed, bending down to pick her items up with hatred.


When Gu Shen saw a tie, his lips curled up in an unfriendly way. He hurried to pick up the tie before she did. “You wanted to give this to me?”

“Scr*w off!” Besides saying this, Ling Sheng had no idea how to lambast him anymore. Indignant, she pointed a finger at him and demanded, “Return that to me!”

Gu Shen held the tie, refusing to return it to her. While looking at the furious woman, whose cheeks were flushed from anger as she was glaring at him, he mocked her arrogantly. “This is not for me. That only means one thing. You, Ling Sheng, are polyamorous!”


Ling Sheng gritted her teeth. “I can do whatever I want. It’s none of your business!”

Gu Shen smirked indifferently, raising the tie deliberately to prevent her from reaching it.

Upon seeing the angry woman hopping like a rabbit to get her tie, he became even more arrogant.


A hostile voice suddenly spoke, invoking fear in everyone.

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