Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 97 - Big Brother Will Carry You

Chapter 97: Big Brother Will Carry You

Zhu Yu was far less skilled at concealing her feelings. Just as she was about to burst out laughing, unable to hold it in any longer, Lu Liangwei gave her a pinch. Only then did Zhu Yu forcefully suppress her mirth.

Despite this, Zhu Yu was still delighted.

It was such a satisfying thing to witness. It remained to be seen whether or not Li Yunshuang would be able to keep up her act at this point.

Long Chi folded Lu Yunshuang into his embrace. It pained him to see her this way, but when he looked at her swollen face, he did not know whether to lose his temper or laugh. His handsome face contorted slightly. “Shuang’er…”

At this juncture, Lu Yunshuang had no idea what had happened to her usually dignified countenance. All she knew was that she had fallen hard on her face, and it hurt. She nestled in Long Chi’s arms and nursed her considerable grievance. “Crown Prince, my face hurts…”


At that moment, a sudden peal of laughter was heard. Everyone gave a start; turning toward the sound, they saw a casually-dressed Lu Tingchen coming out from within the mansion.

He stared at Lu Yunshuang’s face with utter astonishment. “Crown Princess, what happened to you? How did that perfectly good face of yours become like this?”

Lu Liangwei stole an oblique glance at Lu Tingchen.

He was the only one of those present who dared to laugh so openly at Lu Yunshuang.

However, his tone seemed full of concern, so the others were unable to find fault with him.

The undisguised amusement on Lu Tingchen’s devilishly mischievous face made Lu Liangwei raise her brows.

Just how much did this newly-gained big brother of hers dislike Lu Yunshuang?

She sighed softly. Glaring at the threshold, she accused angrily, “It’s all the fault of this threshold. Why would it be built so high for no reason? It caused Big Sis to lose her balance and fall.”

The corners of Lu Tingchen’s lips twitched slightly, but he nodded in enthusiastic agreement. “You’re right. This threshold is much too high. I’ll inform Father tomorrow and get someone to saw it down a bit. Otherwise, it would be terrible if it made the Crown Princess trip and fall again.” As he said this, he extended his arm toward Lu Liangwei. “Weiwei, come over here. Big Brother will carry you in. I wouldn’t want you to trip and hurt your face; that would be truly awful for you.”

Lu Liangwei instantly assumed a panicky expression. She touched her face and said, with lingering fear in her voice, “Big Brother, you’d better hurry up and carry me. I don’t want my face to be all swollen.” With that, she quickly extended her arms.

Lu Tingchen’s lips curved up very slightly. He scooped Lu Liangwei up with ease and carried her into the mansion.

Zhao Qian watched the pair of siblings pick up each other’s conversation in perfect harmony. “…”

Lu Yunshuang was both shocked and angry at their dialogue. Only at this point did she suddenly sense something and hastily look into Long Chi’s eyes.

The man’s eyes were very dark and very beautiful. However, this pair of lovely eyes now reflected an extremely unlovely face that was hard to look upon.

Lu Yunshuang’s eyes widened in disbelief.

That was her?

Her pupils contracted violently, and she suddenly let out a scream. Pushing Long Chi away and covering her face with her sleeves, she ran towards the horse carriage at record-breaking speed. In a trembling voice, she ordered the carriage driver, “Quickly! Return to the Eastern Palace as fast as you can.”

In her anger and embarrassment, she had forgotten her reason for this visit. She had even forgotten that Long Chi was still standing outside the mansion gates.

Merciful heavens, she had no desire to see anyone at all.

She covered her face with her sleeves and recalled her reflection in Long Chi’s eyes just now. Her face, with its purple and green bruises, had seemed as if it were engorged with blood. It was absolutely appalling.

When she noticed that the carriage was not moving yet, she completely forgot to maintain her usual reserved and elegant demeanor and shouted fiercely, “What are you still doing here?”

The carriage driver must have been used to seeing the Crown Prince indulge the Crown Princess all this while. At the shout, he gave a start and brandished his whip, driving the carriage off at high-speed.

Long Chi was left standing speechless outside the Grand Duke Mansion. “…”

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