Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 96 - She Almost Ended Up With Internal Injuries

Chapter 96: She Almost Ended Up With Internal Injuries

The horse carriage bearing Lu Liangwei had only just arrived outside the gates of the Grand Duke Mansion and come to a gradual stop, when another carriage drove up from behind as well.

When Lu Liangwei climbed down from her carriage, the passengers of the other conveyance also emerged.

Lu Liangwei raised her brows when she saw who the newcomers were, but she was not surprised.

Lu Yunshuang would never stand for Aunt Zheng being sent away.

After Long Chi descended from his carriage, he turned to help Lu Yunshuang down.

He was so gentle and careful as if Lu Yunshuang were something quite fragile.

Zhao Qian was directing the junior eunuchs to move the contents of Lu Liangwei’s carriage into the mansion. When he noticed Long Chi, his gaze flickered slightly, and he approached the Crown Prince, bowing. “Your humble servant greets the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.”

Long Chi was faintly surprised when he noticed Zhao Qian. His gaze swept over the objects being moved by the junior eunuchs, more than a few hints of suspicion glimmering in the depths of his eyes. Instead, however, he acknowledged, “You’re much too kind, Butler Zhao. All of these are…”

Zhao Qian smiled as he replied, “These are all gifts the Emperor has bestowed upon Second Miss Lu.”

Involuntarily, Long Chi darted a glance at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Yunshuang’s fingers instantly clenched tight on the handkerchief that she was holding.

The Emperor had actually bestowed so many gifts upon that silly little goose, Lu Liangwei?

For a moment, both Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang’s thoughts were somewhat convoluted.

Lu Liangwei approached and bowed to them both. “Weiwei greets the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.”

Lu Yunshuang hastily put aside the tangled thoughts in her mind. Even though she felt an extreme sense of loathing for Lu Liangwei, she had always been good at hiding her emotions. A warm smile appeared on her face as she stepped forward, helping Lu Liangwei up. “Weiwei, why are you being so formal? Come, get up quickly now.”

Lu Liangwei took advantage of this to straighten up. She was about to pull away but was prevented by Lu Yunshuang holding onto her tightly.

“My good little sister, since we’ve bumped into each other here, let’s head inside together.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at the few people present and made no objections. Without missing a beat, she agreed, “Yes, let’s. Big Sis, please lead the way.”

Lu Yunshuang shot her an irritated look. “Haven’t I already said we’re sisters? If you insist on being so formal with me, I’ll really feel hurt.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched, but she immediately put on a frightened expression. “Big Sis, you’re really making me feel unworthy when you say that.”

Lu Yunshuang’s expression stiffened slightly; she very nearly could not continue her act.

She quickly pulled on Lu Liangwei’s hand, lest her younger sister spoil her plans, and quickly walked toward the mansion’s entrance.

To enter the mansion, one had to step over a high threshold in front of the door. Lu Liangwei’s eyes shifted a few times, and a silver glint of light appeared between her fingers.

Lu Yunshuang had just lifted her foot to cross the threshold when she suddenly felt her left leg go numb. She panicked, composure deserting her, then gave a startled shriek. Unable to stabilize herself, she fell forward.

She was utterly unprepared for such an eventuality.

An unusually loud thud resonated through the air.

Everyone present was shocked into stunned silence.

Long Chi heard Lu Yunshuang’s shriek and rushed forward in an attempt to steady her, but only just had time to extend his arm.

Lu Yunshuang had fallen to the ground by then. With his arm still extended, Long Chi could only stare in shock at his wife, who had tumbled face-down onto the floor.

Lu Liangwei tried her best to hold back her laughter when she saw how silly Long Chi looked.

It took a moment for everyone to come out of their stunned state. Only then did chaos ensue as they hastened to help Lu Yunshuang up.

“Crown Princess, how are you?”

Lu Liangwei also looked as if she had just recovered from the shock. Anxiously she inquired, “Big Sis, are you alright?”

At the sight of Lu Yunshuan’s swollen, bruised face, everyone present could not help a faint, suspicious twitch of their lips.

This Lu Yunshuang was a far cry from her usually beautiful, elegant, and dignified self.

Her face now sported green and purple bruises here and there, and a large bump had swelled up on her forehead. Furthermore, the corner of her lips had been cut by her teeth. It was far too comical a scene!

Seeing how Lu Yunshuang looked right now, Lu Liangwei almost ended up with internal injuries from suppressing her laughter.

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