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Chapter 94 - There Was Something Not Quite Right About His Master

Chapter 94: There Was Something Not Quite Right About His Master

Lu Liangwei felt a little squeamish when his sharp eyes bored straight into her.

If he found out that her supposed act of righteousness and loyalty was not actually because of him, would he slap her with a charge of crime?

Under his steely gaze which seemed to see through everything, Lu Liangwei felt that there was no way she could hide her true thoughts. She decided to lay it all out in the open. “Your Highness is right. I wish to go to Mount St. Hillock mainly to pick some medicine, and getting the medicinal inducer for Frostbite was just a matter of convenience.”


Long Yang was not surprised that she admitted this readily, but at the same time, he felt unhappy about the bluntness of her explanation.

However, he could not tell exactly what he felt unhappy about.

He was the Emperor. He had absolute power and superiority, and everyone around him would heed his every order with the utmost caution, placing him as the top priority. Now, he was suddenly facing someone different from the others, and he could not help noticing the disparity in treatment.

He lifted his gaze and looked at the young girl standing near him. His lips tightened slightly, vaguely emanating his displeasure.

This wretch, she was so candid that it made her unlikable!

So, in her eyes, curing the poison for him was not a matter of urgency, but rather, a matter of convenience?

Lu Liangwei had no idea what the Emperor was thinking, but the vague look of unhappiness divulged on his face informed her about his current mood.

Did she say something wrong?

She quickly gave the matter some thought.

The study room suddenly fell silent. The pressure within was so heavy, she found it almost difficult to breathe.

All she wanted to do was quickly convince the Emperor and set out immediately so that she could leave all these unnecessary thoughts behind. She said, “Your Highness, this humble subordinate of yours is determined to take this journey to Mount St. Hillock. The purpose of my journey may not be entirely for your sake, but I pray you would not stop me from making the trip.”

The look in Long Yang’s eyes turned distant. The sound of her repeating the words ‘Your Highness’ and ‘humble subordinate’ were grating to his ears.

There was a coldness on his lips. “If you wish to walk toward your death, I shall not stop you. Just watch your step!”

Lu Liangwei did not like his words at all.

She quietly cursed at this dog of an Emperor. Why could he not say something nice?

What did he mean by saying she was walking to her death?

Touch wood!

No matter what, she was still going to Mount St. Hillock to get the medicinal inducer for his Frostbite. Why would he jinx her by suggesting something like she was walking to her death?

Lu Liangwei was quite angry. She turned toward him and curtsied slightly. “I pray that I can successfully obtain the medicinal inducer for you during this trip to Mount St. Hillock. If you have no other instructions, I shall be taking my leave from the Palace.”

With that, she stood straight before he could say another word and left the study room with apparent obedience.

Long Yang was left rooted to the spot.

For quite some time, he found the situation both frustrating and amusing.

This girl just could not take a hit. She had retaliated so quickly.

He had said she was walking to her death, and she had retorted by saying she prayed that she could obtain the medicinal inducer. The words that had been left unsaid might have implied that he was the one who would be dying if the medicinal inducer was not found.

Long Yang had expected himself to go into a furor, but surprisingly, he did not feel as angry as he thought he would. Instead, he found this quite amusing.

“Zhao Qian, see Second Miss Lu out of the Palace.”

“Yes,” Zhao Qian was right outside the door. He immediately replied when he heard the instructions.

He was about to leave when he heard his master continue, “Go to the storage and pick some good things to send along with her. Remember to pick a good amount.”

Zhao Qian was taken aback and it took some time for him to collect himself. He swiftly replied, “I’ll get it done right away.”

Zhao Qian was still quite puzzled as he headed to the storage room and he mumbled to himself quietly.

Master seemed fine, but why would he want to bestow gifts to Second Miss Lu again? He had also instructed him to pick some good stuff and make sure to give a generous amount.

This was strange. This was really strange.

There was something not quite right about his Master!

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