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Chapter 93 - Could Not Wait To Take The Journey

Chapter 93: Could Not Wait To Take The Journey

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Lu Liangwei bit her lip. She felt a little dissatisfied about this.

She did not understand why Long Yang did not allow her to go there.

Did he not want to cure his Frostbite?

Even though the medicinal inducer for Frostbite could only be found on Mount St. Hillock, she was raring to head there personally not just because of Long Yang’s predicament. Lu Liangwei had heard that the place was abundant with wide varieties of amazing medicine. It would be wonderful if she was able to collect some.

She had made up her mind long ago about going to Mount St. Hillock and, naturally, she was not willing to give up on her plan.

She stared directly at Long Yang. There was determination shining within her beautiful, glittering eyes, but the words she spoke sounded bewildered, “Does Your Highness not want to cure the poison in you?”

The reason Long Yang had given her left her greatly befuddled.

She was volunteering to set out to get his medicine, so why was Long Yang trying to stop her?

From her understanding, the Emperor was a superior being who was dignified and cold.

He did not care how many people he had to sacrifice to get what he wanted.

No matter how hard Lu Liangwei racked her brain, she could not figure out the reason.

She felt there was something forced about the reason he gave.

This was because she had always known Long Yang did not have a benevolent character. In fact, he was quick to strike and was vicious with his ways and decisions. It was most unlike him to be acting so wishy-washy like he was now.

Long Yang’s gaze shifted away from her bright, tender lips.

The scene flashed in his mind.

The young girl’s colorful, juicy lips were bitten down by a bright, tidy row of teeth. The young girl had no idea how beautiful she was and, at that moment, she looked naïve in a coquettish manner and also rather adorable.

He found it a little difficult to tear his gaze away from her.

“Your Highness?”

The young girl’s voice sounded like it was right next to his ear. He was in a slight daze. “Yes?”

“Why won’t you let me go? I’m not afraid of danger.”

“You aren’t afraid?” Long Yang lifted his almond-like eyes, which were soulful and narrow. There was some turmoil happening within them, an unfathomable emotion. The pitch of his tone was slightly high, emanating an intimidating aura of dignity.

“Huh?” Lu Liangwei was slightly stunned, but that feeling was soon replaced with confusion as she looked at him.

Long Yang frowned and he lowered his eyelids slightly, hiding the emotions in his eyes. His slender fingers rubbed between his eyebrows and this time, his voice sounded very gentle as he spoke, “If something were to happen to you, how would I be able to face the Dowager Duchess and the Grand Duke?”

“Oh.” Realization hit Lu Liangwei. So, that was the answer.

Her pretty eyes curved into the shape of crescent moons as she thought of something and said quite cheekily, “Don’t you worry, Your Highness. I’ve never told anyone of my intentions of going to Mount St. Hillock. When the time comes, I’ll just say that I’m heading to our holiday home to relax.”

When Long Yang realized that she was already prepared to lie to her family, he did not know whether to get mad or laugh out loud. He sneered. “Haven’t you ever thought about what would happen if you went away, but don’t return?”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback, but she shook her head and replied confidently, “It has never crossed my mind because I’ll be sure to return in one piece.”

She had frequently gone off to pick medicine in her previous life and was often visiting deep mountains and old forests. When had it not been dangerous? Nevertheless, she had never once failed.

When it came to picking medicine, she had accumulated a lot of experience. As for the upcoming trip to Mount St. Hillock, she felt quite confident about it.

Long Yang was a little surprised at the glowing interest in her expression.

As far as he was aware, Lu Liangwei had grown up being spoiled rotten by Lu Hetian. She had never once done any labor since she was young and had never left the house for a long-distance trip by herself.

Most people would be frightened at the mere mention of such a dangerous place as Mount St. Hillock, much less choose to head to the place on their own.

However, why was Lu Liangwei not afraid at all, and instead looked like she could not wait to take the journey?

“It looks like you really want to go there. Does Mount St. Hillock contain something you want?” There was a sharp look hidden in the Long Yang’s eyes.

He did not believe that she would willingly face danger at Mount St. Hillock just because of him.

He had a hunch that she had another agenda for insisting on going to Mount St. Hillock and picking the medicinal herb to cure his poison was secondary.

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