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Chapter 285 - She Realized Long Yang Had Quite Many Good Qualities

Chapter 285: She Realized Long Yang Had Quite Many Good Qualities

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. She had nearly forgotten about this.

She gathered her thoughts and pinched Zhu Yu’s excited cheeks. “You’re feeling so happy because of this?”

Zhu Yu paused. “That’s right. What other reason could there be?”

Oh! She said with excitement once again, “Congratulations to Miss for finding yourself the best husband in the world! If I can say this, His Majesty is more than a hundred times better than the Crown Prince. He’s handsome, has excellent abilities, wise, and mature. And most importantly, he cares about you a lot. The Crown Prince could never catch up to His Majesty even if he was riding a horse.”

She continued, “If Miss marries His Majesty, I have no doubt he will treat you really, really well. Miss will definitely live a life of happiness. When that time comes, Miss will be the Empress of the Great Shang Kingdom, and will be on the receiving end of boundless adoration and love.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched. She had never realized before that this girl was such a sweet talker.

She was silent for a moment before retorting, “You’ve only met His Majesty a few times and you’re already putting in so much effort to talk him up. A lifetime is a long time. How can you be sure he’ll treat me well for the rest of my life?”

The excitement on Zhu Yu’s face dialed back a little when she heard this. She replied seriously, “Miss, even though I’ve only met His Majesty a few times and I can’t guarantee he will treat you well for the rest of your life, I’ve seen for myself that His Majesty cares about you a lot. I can tell that His Majesty likes you very much.”

She continued to speak. “I’ve seen very little of the world and I’m not able to discern things in the long-term. I don’t even understand why the Dowager Duchess and the Grand Duke are resisting this so much, but I feel that at the very least, His Majesty is so much better than the Crown Prince. He will never hurt you or make you sad,”

She knew very well about her Miss’ love for the Crown Prince. Miss was madly infatuated with him.

Her Miss was even willing to put herself down to become the Crown Prince’s concubine. When the Dowager Duchess and Grand Duke did not agree to it, she had attempted suicide instead.

The memory still scared Zhu Yu.

From her point of view, the Crown Prince might be good-looking and younger, but could not compete with even a finger of His Majesty.

At the very least, His Majesty cared for Miss a lot and was even willing to confer her with the title of Empress. This proved that His Majesty had sincere feelings.

“…Miss, no matter what happens in the future, you will at least still be the Empress. Even if His Majesty has a change of heart, you’ll still have the Grand Duke Family to back you up, wouldn’t you?”

Regardless, His Majesty was quite old now and Miss was so astoundingly beautiful. Would it even be possible for His Majesty to be looking at another woman?

Of course, Zhu Yu did not voice out that last sentence, but she did believe it to be true.

Miss was a good person, and beautiful as well. It would probably be very difficult to find someone who could compare to her MIss.

She did not believe His Majesty would lay eyes on another lady when he already had an extraordinary woman like Miss.

Lu Liangwei looked at Zhu Yu with slight surprise at her words.

Not only was this girl glib with her tongue, she even had some opinions of her own. It looked like Lu Liangwei had been underestimating her.

However, she had never expected Long Yang to be so highly regarded by Zhu Yu.

She gave it some thought and quickly understood Zhu Yu’s point of view.

Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang had always been a prick in this girl’s heart.

When compared to a scoundrel like Long Chi, Long Yang was a rare find.

Although, was Long Yang really such a good man?

She leaned against the little table nearby and thought about it silently.

She traced messy lines on the table with her fingers, spelling out Long Yang’s name.

She suddenly realized Long Yang had quite many good qualities.

Even though Long Yang might be much older than her, he was handsome and had quite a fit body. Most importantly, he was gentle, caring and competent.

The more she thought about it, it did truly seem like it was impossible to pinpoint any shortcomings of his.

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