Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 284 - She Proved Highly Addictive

Chapter 284: She Proved Highly Addictive

What was this silly girl thinking, did she think that he would…

Long Yang paused. Even though he wanted to, he certainly did not want to push her into anything. He had no plans to force anything on her.

“Yes, I should be returning to the Palace.” He stood up.

Lu Liangwei breathed a sigh of relief. “Your humble servant will see… mmmph!”

Long Yang had suddenly grabbed the back of her head and leaned down to kiss her, all in one smooth motion.

Lu Liangwei fell silent.

A small smile glimmered in Long Yang’s eyes when he saw her stunned reaction.

The kiss went on for a long time. Just as he felt he was about to lose control, he let her go unwillingly. His fingertips brushed across Weiwei’s red and swollen lips. His voice was husky and sexy when he spoke again, “This is my reward for helping you dry your hair.”

He may not touch her before they were married, but that did not mean he could not kiss her.

She tasted so sweet. He could feel himself almost lose control every time he touched her. Every ounce of the calmness and restraint he prided himself on, would be thrown out the window.

He had never felt this way before meeting her. He always practiced constraint, and never lost control of himself.

She was like honey, and yet also like poison. Once he had gotten a taste, she proved highly addictive.

He had to trigger the Frosty Ice Incantation in order to suppress the burning desire within him.

When she heard his words, the stunned look on Lu Liangwei’s face was immediately replaced with a bright blush. She cursed him silently, ‘Ruffian!’

Her heart beat wildly out of rhythm as her mouth was dominated by his clean, clear taste.

She was about to stand up when she felt him push down her shoulders. “You don’t need to see me out. Have an early night.”

Lu Liangwei did not move when she heard this.

He gave her a last glance as his lips curved upwards. He had decided not to stay any longer, and turned to leave.

She laid down onto the soft bed the moment he left.

Her heart felt knotted as she replayed the events of the night in her mind.

Did Long Yang have so much time on his hands?

He was the ruler of a kingdom and yet, he had come visiting the Grand Duke Mansion in such a carefree manner. There probably was no other Emperor who was as free as he, was there?

Right then, Zhu Yu quietly walked in. “Miss.”

Lu Liangwei quickly straightened up and glared at her. “Where have you been?”

Zhu Yu’s eyes were shifty as she scratched her head. “His Majesty suddenly appeared and distracted me,” she said guiltily.

Lu Liangwei replied angrily, “Your own Miss — me! — was still having a bath, and yet you dared leave. What if it was someone else who had come in?”

Zhu Yu immediately replied in a panic, “If it was any other person, I would never leave your side even if it meant my death, but it was His Majesty who was here, wasn’t it? Besides, he has already sent you betrothal gifts today…”

Lu Liangwei felt angry as she remembered how embarrassed she had felt earlier. “You’re not allowed to do this next time. Even if it was His Majesty here, don’t leave. Even if you need to, you need to at least inform me first.”

Zhu Yu’s head fell. “I will remember to do so.”

Lu Liangwei was finally done venting. “As long as you remember. Fine, there’s nothing else for you to do. You can go to bed now.”

When Zhu Yu lifted her head to look at Lu Liangwei, there was a tinge of excitement all over her petite face.

Lu Liangwei pretended not to notice Zhu Yu clearly wanting to say something.

She already knew what she would hear, and was not in the mood.

Zhu Yu could not help herself as she drew closer and said excitedly, “Miss, you will be the Empress soon.”

Lu Liangwei darted a look at her. She could not understand why Zhu Yu would be so excited. “Yes, but so what?”

Zhu Yu said with great delight, “Miss, this is the best thing in the world. Just think about it! Once you’re married to His Majesty, you’ll be the Empress of a kingdom. When that happens soon, the Crown Prince and Crown Prince would need to greet you every day and call you ‘Aunt’.”

Zhu Yu felt agitated at the thought of it.

She had never liked the Crown Prince and Crown Princess and now, her Miss had caught His Majesty’s eye. She was about to be conferred the title of Empress, and the Crown Prince and Crown Princess would bow before the feet of her Miss.

What a wonderful thought it was!

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