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Chapter 277 - Betrothal Gifts For An Empress

Chapter 277: Betrothal Gifts For An Empress

Originally, the ultimate winner of the arena matches was supposed to go through a test of character. However, no matter how bold anyone was, they would not dare to test His Majesty’s character in such a manner.

His Majesty naturally possessed infallible virtue and high moral character. He was the dignified ruler of a country; it was certainly not their place to test him.

That was why no one had dared to bring up the initially planned test of character when His Majesty had made his appearance at the Grand Duke Mansion.

However, His Majesty’s actions seemed to indicate that he was anxious to finalize this marriage proposal to prevent any unforeseen issues arising from the delay.

Lu Tingchen felt that perhaps he might be reading too much into things.

In all honesty, even though the marriage proposal today had been put together in far too short a time, all the necessary formalities and etiquette had been observed. Nothing was lacking.

In fact, today was even a rare auspicious date—a good day for making any plans.

Not a single thing was lacking in the betrothal gifts delivered by the Ministry of Rites. The number of items prepared was even several times more than what the rules of etiquette prescribed. Furthermore, each of these gifts had been selected with great care.

One could say that everything had been prepared extremely ceremoniously and on a grand scale.

From this alone, it was evident that Weiwei was truly important to His Majesty.

Lu Tingchen sighed quietly. Up until now, he still found it a little difficult to adjust to the sudden change in His Majesty’s status.

“Take good care of Weiwei.”

Right as Lu Tingchen was occupied with the random thoughts in his mind, he suddenly heard His Majesty’s aloof voice.

Lu Tingchen gave a start and immediately bowed his head. “Your Majesty need not worry. Your humble servant will definitely take care of her.”

Long Yang glanced at him but said nothing more. He then turned and mounted his horse.

Lu Tingchen knelt down on one knee. “Your humble servant will see you off, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang nodded lightly. With a tug of the reins, he rode off on his steed.

Lu Tingchen then stood up.

When the other officials saw this, they mounted their horses and departed as well.

Looking at the entrance of the mansion, which had now resumed its usual quiet state, Lu Tingchen thought for a moment, then turned and went inside.

His Majesty’s directive prior to departing—asking Lu Tingchen to take care of Weiwei—was probably because His Majesty was worried that Father and Grandmother might reprimand his sister.

He had only just made his way to the front courtyard when he saw his father and sister standing there.

He quickened his pace and caught up to them.

When Lu Liangwei saw the betrothal gifts that were stacked all the way to the outside of the mansion entrance, she was more than a little tongue-tied.

Were all these the betrothal gifts that an Empress was supposed to receive?

The Emperor could not have possibly moved the entire National Treasury here, could he?

“His Majesty really does think highly of you.”

At this point, Lu Tingchen suddenly broke the silence.

Before Lu Liangwei could say anything, Lu Hetian glared at Lu Tingchen with displeasure, apparently agitated by his son’s comment. He then turned and stalked into the mansion.

When Lu Liangwei saw this, she gave her brother an annoyed, reproachful look.

“What sort of nonsense are you spouting?”

Lu Tingchen could understand his father’s feelings, but he had never expected that a casual comment from him would upset Lu Hetian like this.

He tousled Lu Liangwei’s hair ruefully. “My little sister is all grown up now.” If it were at all possible, he would rather his sister remain a child. Growing up meant that she would eventually belong to someone else, which also meant that she would have to leave this family, and both siblings would be separated.

Even though that someone else was His Majesty, Lu Tingchen still found it difficult to accept that his sister would be getting married.

He felt a deep, infinite sense of melancholy in his heart.

Teasingly he commented, “Look at this hand of mine—how could it touch the head of the future Empress? If His Majesty saw this, I wonder if he would pass sentence on me for committing a crime of disrespect?”

He quickly withdrew his hand as he said this.

Lu Liangwei was rendered speechless for a moment before she grumbled, “Even you’re making fun of me.”

Something occurred to her, and she lowered her head, slightly dejected.

When Lu Tingchen saw her downcast little face, he immediately felt concerned. “What’s wrong? Are you upset?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes, I’m upset.”

Lu Tingchen suddenly felt a surge of tenderness and pity in his heart.

Ever since the change in his sister, the relationship between them had improved immensely. He was also getting to know her character a lot better.

She enjoyed her liberty and did not like being tied down. Once she entered the Palace, though, it would mean the end of her freedom. No wonder she was so dispirited.

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