Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 276 - That Animal, Long Yang

Chapter 276: That Animal, Long Yang

All the officials could not help breaking out in a cold sweat on Lu Hetian’s behalf.

The Grand Duke must have gone mad; he even dared to treat His Majesty with such disrespect.

Did he think that he was entitled to treat the Emperor with such contempt just because his daughter had caught the Emperor’s fancy?

It was madness, sheer madness.

By treating the Emperor so disrespectfully, the Grand Duke Majesty might as well just wait for His Majesty to pronounce sentence upon him.

Just as everyone was waiting wide-eyed with bated breath for calamity to befall the Grand Duke, Long Yang confounded everyone’s expectations by not taking action against Lu Hetian.

In fact, the look he gave Lu Hetian was mild—a rare thing—before turning his eyes away.

His gaze immediately fell upon Lu Liangwei. In a low voice that did not lack for tenderness, he commented, “The last few days have been taxing for you. Go home and have a good sleep.”

When Lu Hetian heard this, he almost exploded with anger.

What did His Majesty mean by that?


What had he done to Weiwei for the past three days? Why would it be taxing for her?

Lu Hetian’s eyes were normally calm and imperturbable; at this moment, however, they were practically about to spew proverbial flames.

His eyes turned red-rimmed with anger, and he clenched both his fists tightly. Just as his patience reached its tipping point, a soft little hand suddenly wrapped around his arm.

His daughter’s soft, tender, and lovable voice drifted to his ears. “Father, let’s go inside. It’s getting late, and I really do feel a little tired.”

As she spoke, she rested her head on his arm and yawned elegantly several times.

When Lu Hetian saw this, all his hostility dissipated, leaving only distress in its wake.

That animal, Long Yang!

What had he done, and what exactly had he done to Weiwei?

Lu Hetian’s hands trembled. At this point, he even harbored thoughts of a revolt.

“Father, hurry up—let’s go.” Lu Liangwei sensed something off about her father and hastily tugged him into the mansion.

Suddenly, a hand reached out and caught hold of her.

Lu Liangwei turned her head, only to meet Long Yang’s meaningful gaze. “Be good now.”

Lu Liangwei was startled, but she nodded. “Alright.”

The smile in Long Yang’s eyes deepened when he saw how obedient she was.

He loved seeing her this way—petite and exquisite and so lovable.

His fingers tightened slightly but swiftly relaxed their grip.

He wanted very much to bring her back to the Palace this very minute.

However, in the end, he resisted the urge.

If he did something inappropriate again, that really might drive Lu Hetian into staging a revolt.

He resisted the impulse to tousle her hair and exercised restraint by withdrawing his hand. “Go in then.”

Lu Liangwei felt as if she had been granted a reprieve. She gave Long Yang a slight nod, then hung onto Lu Hetian’s arm and hurriedly went into the mansion.

She had noticed that something was not right with her father. If they had lingered outside any longer, she was really afraid that Lu Hetian would have drawn his sword and attacked Long Yang.

If that had happened, matters would have become extremely serious.

Outside the mansion gates, Lu Tingchen glanced at Long Yang with an enigmatic expression, then lowered his head.

He had never expected that His Majesty would one day be his brother-in-law.

Lu Tingchen had yet to completely regain his composure even now, upon recalling how His Majesty had brought up the marriage proposal to his grandmother.

What did His Majesty see in his sister, that he was even willing to set foot in the arena and make such an effort to muster resources, just to force his grandmother and father to agree to the marriage?

Furthermore, did it not seem as if the Emperor was in slightly too much of a hurry?

Proposing marriage at this time so he could marry Weiwei— was it not a bit too sudden?

Long Yang had come straight to their home immediately after leaving the arena, which had caught them all unawares.

This was because they had never expected His Majesty to personally set foot on the arena stage.

Initially, they had thought that by staging this arena for choosing a bridegroom, they would be able to buy some time or make it more difficult for His Majesty. However, when Steward Wang had read out the name of the final winner to them, they knew then that it was a foregone conclusion.

His Majesty had already touched Weiwei, and from now on, he would also be known as Weiwei’s future husband. His grandmother and father had no other choice but to agree.


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