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Chapter 199 - Second Miss Lu, Please Explain This

Chapter 199: Second Miss Lu, Please Explain This

Right then, a woman spoke in a very gentle voice, “Your Majesty, what are you eating? It looks quite exquisite. I have never seen anything like it before.”

The Pure Consort suppressed the billowing emotions within her when she heard the voice. She pulled her thoughts together and turned her gaze toward the woman leaning in close from her seat.

The Prudence Consort, Ji Linghui, was just like how her name described her to be. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also virtuous and prudent in nature. Even her voice was gentle and moving when she spoke.

The Pure Consort sneered and darted a slightly sarcastic glance over at the Prudence Consort.

Those who heard Prudence Consort could not help but stop eating as all of them looked at the Emperor’s table.

Long Yang was eating the glutinous rice dumplings presented by Lu Tingchen right then.

He did not enjoy sweet dishes, but when he heard that Lu Liangwei had made them personally, he just had to taste a few mouthfuls.

Hearing Prudence Consort’s question and seeing that everyone in the hall was looking at him, he stopped eating and placed his chopsticks down.

He glanced around casually and noticed that only one person in the hall was still eating.

He smiled slightly.

Only that cheeky girl would not have a care in the world when it came to such matters.

The glutinous rice dumplings were made by her, yet she was not bothered by those who were curious about the dish.

He turned his gaze away, and under the curious stares, he smiled discreetly and said, “I don’t know what it is either.”

The Prudence Consort’s mind went blank when she heard his reply.

The others were taken aback as well.

His Majesty had no idea what he was eating?

The food on his plate looked like a little rice ball. What was strange about it was that there seemed to be a layer of crystal-like substance enveloping it, as if something was wrapped up inside. They had never seen a dish so special before.

Lu Liangwei’s head was lowered as she was eating. When she heard what Long Yang said, she felt her heart drop. As expected, she heard the Emperor’s authoritative voice rang out the very next second. “Second Miss Lu, please explain this dish to everyone, won’t you?”

Lu Liangwei frowned. She could no longer pretend to ignore what was happening around her. She placed her chopsticks down and lifted her head.

Just as she had thought, all eyes in the hall fell onto her as they stared curiously at her.

Lu Liangwei was a little annoyed. How could Long Yang not know what it was?

Would he have eaten it if he did not know what it was?

She did not believe her older brother had not explained it to Long Yang. He was definitely doing this on purpose.

She had no choice but to stand up when the Emperor was asking her a question. “Your Majesty, which item are you referring to?”

Long Yang looked at her. The girl may look calm on the surface, but she must be cursing him in her heart.

Strangely, he was able to guess what she was thinking about.

A smile flashed in his dark, soulful eyes. He picked up a glutinous rice dumpling that had yet to be opened in a good mood. “Didn’t you make this yourself, Second Miss Lu? Have you forgotten about it?”

Lu Liangwei darted a glance at the glutinous rice dumpling that he was holding up. For some reason, she felt like that poor glutinous rice dumpling, held up to be shown in public whenever it suited him.

Her mood turned sour at this thought.

“Your Majesty, you are mistaken. That was not made by this humble servant of yours. It was bought from a stall out there.”

A stall?

Everyone took in a sharp breath. His Majesty was eating something bought from a stall out in the streets?

Long Yang’s face fell as well. He immediately narrowed his eyes to look at Lu Liangwei. “This really isn’t made by you?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head surely. “It really isn’t, I…”

“Lu Tingchen, do you plead guilty?” Long Yang’s voice deepened slightly before she could finish her sentence.

Lu Tingchen was pouring himself some wine and did not expect the flames of this particular fight to burn him. He was startled when the Emperor suddenly mentioned his name, and the wine jug trembled in his hand slightly as the wine splashed out of his cup.

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