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Chapter 198 - What Were The Two Of Them Doing Spending A Long Time Together Alone

Chapter 198: What Were The Two Of Them Doing Spending A Long Time Together Alone

The palace maid took a look at Lin Qingyuan as she tried to hold in her disgust and gave a curtsy. “Miss Lin, please follow me. ”

Lin Qingyuan was so angry she could not speak. “I…”

Lu Liangwei said with a smile on her face, “Remember to clean it up properly.”

Lin Qingyuan clenched her teeth and glared at Lu Liangwei. She saw that no one spoke up for her, but instead had disgusted looks on their faces as if something vile was stuck onto her.

If she were to enter again right now, it would be desecrating the Emperor and all his concubines.

Lin Qingyuan left with the palace maid unwillingly.

When Lu Yunshuang and Chen Xuping saw this, they shot each other discreet glances.

They must have been mistaken. It looked like Lin Qingyuan and Lu Liangwei were still at odds with each other.

They had initially worried that the two of them would join forces and create trouble for them.

Now, it looked like their worries had been for naught.

It would be impossible for Lu Liangwei to act calm if she found out something.

By the looks of Lu Liangwei, she did not know a thing.

When Lu Liangwei saw Chen Xuping trying to kill Lin Qingyuan that day, she probably thought it had something to do with their relationship and did not think much about it.

Lu Yunshuang felt slightly relieved at this thought.

However, Chen Xuping’s eyes still had murderous intent when he looked at Lu Liangwei.

Regardless, Lu Liangwei must die. She had to pay the price for the act of cruelty when she was young.

He picked up his wine cup as he thought about this, and downed the contents in one gulp, hiding the murderous intent in his eyes.

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips in an attempt to stop smiling when she saw Lin Qingyuan walking away behind the palace maid, looking slightly disheveled. She curtsied at Long Yang before returning to the Dowager Duchess’ side.

The Dowager Duchess looked at her granddaughter standing at her side, her eyes filled with smiles. She poked Lu Liangwei at the temple and said with adoration, “You’re the cheekiest of them all.”

Lu Liangwei stuck out her tongue. “I don’t think so. I’m the most obedient around.”

The Dowager Duchess would have teased Lu Liangwei for being thick-skinned if not for it being inappropriate at the banquet.

She patted Lu Liangwei’s head and did not say anything else, but her lips were pouty and anyone could tell that she was in a delightful mood.

Lu Yunshuang, who had witnessed this scene, found it extremely annoying. She was envious and jealous at the same time.

She did not understand why Lu Liangwei was able to gain their grandmother’s love so easily.

Lu Liangwei was a useless, stupid thing, yet her grandmother, father, and Lu Tingchen treasured her so much.

Long Chi had also noticed the Dowager Duchess’ love for Lu Liangwei and his eyes flashed.

He had recently realized Lu Liangwei was quite different than before.

She could make the Dowager Duchess treat her so adoringly in public under the watchful eyes of everyone present.

Ever since the banquet started, the Dowager Duchess, however, did not express nor reveal any emotions when facing Shuang’er.

It was clear who was the favorite at home.

He…might have made the wrong choice.

At the same moment, someone else had also noticed Lu Liangwei. It was the Pure Consort, who was seated in the concubines’ seating.

When she saw Lu Liangwei enjoying the Dowager Duchess’ pampering, she could not help thinking back on what had happened at the palace lakeside the other day.

His Majesty seemed to treat this Second Miss Lu quite differently.

His Majesty had always been disgusted with women and had never allowed any women to come close to him, yet the last time, he had called for a private meeting with Lu Liangwei.

She had gotten someone to find out about that day. Apparently, Lu Liangwei had stayed in the imperial study for quite a long time before leaving the Palace. His Majesty had also instructed Butler Zhao to personally see her out of the Palace and even bestowed many valuable gifts to her.

When Lu Liangwei was in the imperial study that day, she had spent quite a long time with His Majesty alone. What were the two of them doing?

She twisted the silk handkerchief in her hand as a dark expression appeared on her face.

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