Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 194 - Still Quite Likable

Chapter 194: Still Quite Likable

Under the Dowager Duchess’s intimidating and knowing gaze, she squirmed with guilt and started stammering, “I, I…”

Ji Qingyuan was fidgeting heavily from all the embarrassment his daughter had brought upon him. Sighing, he said respectfully to the Dowager Duchess, “Madam, my daughter’s rudeness is all due to my failure to educate her properly. When I go back…”

The Dowager Duchess waved her hand and released Ji Lingxiu abruptly, saying kindly, “It’s alright; we were all young and wild once. I can see that this child has great potential. If she wants to practice martial arts, you could hire a professional master to teach her seriously.”

Ji Lingxiu could hardly believe that the Dowager Duchess did not reprimand her but urged her father to get her a martial arts coach instead. For a while, her heart was a swarm of complicated feelings.

She glanced at the Dowager Duchess, then at Lu Liangwei, who had been sitting there quietly all this time. She pursed her lips and turned her head away.

She was suddenly a little envious of Lu Liangwei.

Realizing the emotion she was feeling, she frowned disdainfully.

Lu Liangwei’s personality was worse than hers, but she was blessed with a grandmother who loved her and protected her this much. It was just so unfair!

Ji Qingyuan looked at his daughter, then at Lu Liangwei sitting beside the Dowager Duchess. He deeply felt that he had been too lenient with his daughter and made up his mind to discipline her strictly when he got back. Otherwise, she would definitely cause disasters in the future.

In the face of the Dowager Duchess’s kindness, he nodded in agreement. “Of course, Madam. I’ve been too negligent.” As he spoke, he turned to glare at Ji Lingxiu sternly.

Ji Lingxiu was dismayed. Not only did she fail to find fault with Lu Liangwei, but she also embarrassed herself in public. She could not bear to stay there a moment longer, so she said to her father, “I’m going to look for Big Sis.” Then she ran off like a gust of wind.

Ji Qingyuan was distressed.

His gaze fell on Lu Liangwei again, filled with emotion. Lu Liangwei’s personality used to be indescribably dreadful too. She would cause all kinds of trouble and was even more of a nuisance than his daughter Lingxiu.

Unexpectedly, she seemed to have become mature and sensible after going through some events. Now, she could no longer be associated with the past Lu Liangwei.

‘If only Lingxiu could be as clever and sensible as Lu Liangwei.’

Staring at Lu Liangwei’s face, Ji Qingyuan sighed privately.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to him, and his heart thumped.

The current Lu Liangwei was still quite likable. What if…

As he thought of his good-for-nothing son, his head started aching once again.

Before long, the people from the Duke Chen Mansion arrived, followed by Minister Lin and his family.

Chen Xuping and Lin Qingyuan walked behind the elders.

Chen Xuping narrowed his eyes when he walked into the waterside pavilion and saw Lu Liangwei, but he looked away quickly.

On the contrary, Lin Qingyuan’s dull eyes lit up when she saw Lu Liangwei, and she signaled to Lu Liangwei with her eyes anxiously.

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei frowned.

It had only been half a month since they last met, but Lin Qingyuan had lost a lot of weight, and her face was haggard.

What happened?

Why was she still so close to Chen Xuping even though he wanted to kill her?

Despite her confusion, she decided to set this matter aside as she was not very familiar with Lin Qingyuan.

Perhaps Chen Xuping had changed his mind and decided not to kill Lin Qingyuan.

After all, Lin Qingyuan had no proof on her hands. All Chen Xuping needed was to hold her firmly in his grip and prevent her from spouting nonsense to other people.

Moreover, the Duke Chen family and the Lin family were noble houses. It was too risky to kill Lin Qingyuan. It was better to marry her and keep her close by his side since they were already engaged.

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