Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 193 - Threw A Punch At Lu Liangwei

Chapter 193: Threw A Punch At Lu Liangwei

Ji Lingxiu raised her eyebrows. “Lu Liangwei, who are you talking about?”

“Why, obviously I’m talking about the kind of people who don’t know how to hide their shortcomings and can’t wait to tell the whole world about them.” Lu Liangwei remained seated, a smile playing on her lips.

Ji Lingxiu rolled up her sleeves in a rage. “Lu Liangwei, you’d better come out; we’ll settle this one-on-one.”

Her words caused an uproar among the guests as soon as she uttered them.

Even the Dowager Duchess frowned.

Ji Lingxiu’s personality had been peculiar since young. She disliked embroidery and literature and preferred wielding weapons instead. She would always pick fights with anyone she got into a conflict with. Besides Lu Liangwei, she, Duke Ji’s youngest daughter, had the reputation of being the most troublesome among all aristocrats, and everyone avoided her like the plague.

Ji Qingyuan came in just then, and his face turned grim at the sight of his youngest daughter’s aggressive behavior.

“Ji Lingxiu, do you think this is your home? If you keep causing trouble, I’ll ground you for a month when we get back.”

Ji Lingxiu’s fury shriveled immediately, but she continued to glare at Lu Liangwei.

Seeing this, Ji Qingyuan felt like throwing his poise aside and handing her a good beating.

Lu Liangwei smiled faintly, not bothering to argue with her.

However, her indifference only made Ji Lingxiu even more irritated.

In her eyes, the slight smile on Lu Liangwei’s mouth seemed to be mocking her. How could she possibly stand for this?

“Lu Liangwei, the way you’re acting is disgusting. If you have the guts, you should get out of your seat and we’ll settle this with a duel outside!”

Ji Qingyuan’s face turned green with rage at his daughter’s words. “Ji Lingxiu, where did you learn to speak so crudely? Hurry up and apologize to Second Miss Lu.”

“Why should I apologize to her? She’s the one who laughed at me first!” Ji Lingxiu shouted indignantly. When Ji Qingyuan averted his gaze momentarily, she suddenly threw a punch at Lu Liangwei.

Everyone at the scene drew in a sharp breath and looked at Lu Liangwei sympathetically.

Although Ji Lingxiu was a girl and was not as strong as a man, she had been practicing martial arts since young and often ran riot with her gang. She had always behaved like a boy, so she was naturally much stronger than the average noble young lady.

It was not difficult to imagine how painful it would be to get punched by her in the face.

Some people were sympathetic, while others rejoiced.

In their eyes, Lu Liangwei and Ji Lingxiu were no better than the other. This catfight was like free entertainment for them.

However, contrary to their expectations, Ji Lingxiu’s fist did not land on Lu Liangwei’s face, let alone reduce her to a weeping heap.

Ji Lingxiu had barely thrown her punch when a hand grabbed hers. “Miss Ji, our Weiwei has never practiced martial arts before. If you want a duel, how about you duel with this old woman here?”

Ji Lingxiu’s arm was gripped tight. No matter how hard she tried, she could not move it an inch further.

The other person seemed to be doing it so effortlessly, but she was already rendered completely immobile.

She looked up in shock, meeting the old lady’s wise and dignified eyes.

Her heart trembled. “Madam…”

“Go ahead and suggest what kind of duel you want, I’ll play with you till the very end.” The Dowager Duchess’s voice was not harsh, but her words somehow brought about an overwhelming sense of pressure.

Lu Liangwei slid the needles hidden between her fingertips back into her sleeve silently.

With Grandmother around, there was no need for such little tricks.

Beads of sweat covered Ji Lingxiu’s forehead. Despite the night’s coolness, she was drenched in a cold sweat, and her previous arrogance had vanished.

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