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Chapter 169 - Long Yang Was Standing Right Behind

Chapter 169: Long Yang Was Standing Right Behind

“Old man?” Lu Liangwei snorted. She sized him up with a look. She could not see which part of him was considered old, but…

She smiled cheekily as she looked at him. “Butler Zhao, you should be about the same age as His Majesty, right? If you’re an old man, then what would His Majesty be?”

The look on Butler Zhao’s face stiffened as he suddenly thought about a scary issue.

He immediately shook his head like a rattle drum being beaten. “No, no, no. I’m not old at all. Our Master is even younger and stronger than I am. He’s currently at the prime of his life and is even younger than an 18-year-old man.”

Lu Liangwei gave him a strange look.

She could not understand why was he explaining anxiously.

Was Long Yang young?

He was only thirty and if it was modern times, he would be considered quite young and at the prime of his life. He was of noble status, mature and handsome, rich and charming, and would no doubt attract the attention of many young girls.

However, this was ancient times…

In ancient times, any normal man at thirty years old would have already had a son old enough to marry a wife. If everything had worked out normally for Long Yang, he might become a grandfather by now…

“Butler Zhang, you’re exaggerating. His Majesty may not be old, but…” It was too much of a stretch to describe him to be younger than eighteen.

Lu Liangwei secretly criticized.

Butler Zhao naturally detected the subtle meaning behind her words and he sweated profusely out of anxiousness.

“There’s no exaggeration in my words. I’m not exaggerating at all. Our master…”

“Zhao Qian!”

An extremely chilling voice was suddenly heard behind him. Zhao Qian jumped out of fright and immediately stopped talking.

He turned back to look and saw his master standing next to the entrance of Hidden Dragon Palace. He must have been there for some time and was staring casually in their direction.

Zhao Qian’s heart thudded. He had just been discussing his master’s age with Second Miss Lu and he wondered if his master had overheard them.

Zhao Qian’s heart felt heavy and it palpitated vigorously as he replied, “Yes, your humble servant is present!”

Lu Liangwei was also surprised when Long Yang’s voice was suddenly heard.

It could be because she had just been secretly criticizing his age that she felt a little guilty.

“Lu Liangwei, come here.”

Just as she was being consumed by the guilt, the man’s voice could be heard again and this time, he was calling out her name.

Lu Liangwei did not dare delay and quickly jogged over. She stood below the steps and lifted her head to look at him.

It was at a closer look that she realized the man’s dark hair and sideburns, which were as black as a raven bird’s fur, were a little wet. There were a few beads of water on the end of his eyebrows. His face seemed to be a little wet as if he had just splashed water on it.

He stood there as his entire being was encapsulated by an aura that was freezing. There was pressure within the atmosphere that was suffocating.

Lu Liangwei felt a little uncomfortable.

He was looking down at her with a complex emotion in his eyes. Nobody could decipher what he was thinking.

Lu Liangwei gathered her thoughts. Seeing him staying silent for quite a while, she could not help calling out, “Your Majesty?”

Long Yang came back to his senses when he saw the young girl acting cautiously. He tried his best to sound gentle, “Aren’t you supposed to diagnose my condition?”

Lu Liangwei finally reacted to this and quickly walked up the steps. “Yes, that’s right. Let’s head in immediately.”

She quickly moved past him and ran inside as she said this.

In her urgency, she had once again forgotten that she was not allowed to walk past the Emperor in his presence nor walk in front of him.

When he saw the young girl fleeing in, a helpless smile suddenly appeared on Long Yang’s cold expression. “She’s such a little girl!”

He did not stay long. Before he headed back in, he dismissed the palace guards and said without turning his head, “You should know what to do without me telling. Chu Yi will be in charge of overseeing this.”

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