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Chapter 168 - His Heart Fluttered Slightly Without Warning

Chapter 168: His Heart Fluttered Slightly Without Warning

Zhao Qian’s eyes teared up from the pain as he glanced toward Lu Liangwei’s direction plaintively.

When the smoke and fog dispersed, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang’s figures appeared.

Zhao Qian’s eyes widened as he stared without blinking.

Even the normally insensitive Chu Yi noticed Zhao Qian’s oddity.

He followed Zhao Qian’s gaze and saw Second Miss Lu’s hand was covering their master’s eyes.

Their master was oddly gentle. He had permitted Second Miss Lu to cover his eyes and had no intention of pushing her hand away. There was a vague upward curve on his lips, which displayed the delight their master was feeling at that moment.

Chu Yi was astonished.

It was their first time seeing their master displaying a worldly emotion.

Chu Yi was so stupefied that he momentarily forgot about getting even with Zhao Qian.

Lu Liangwei had done it out of reflex. When the smoke and fog had erupted from the explosion, she had turned back to cover Long Yang’s eyes with her hand. She leaned gently on his shoulder as she covered her own eyes with her other hand.

This was a medicinal ball with chili powder in them, something she had invented for self-defense purposes after she headed home yesterday.

She had thought about making this yesterday when she was attacked by Chen Xuping at the alley. However, by the time she had finished creating it, it was already quite late at night and there was no time for her to test it out.

When the assassin had tried to attack just now, she had thrown the chili ball at them without any hesitation.

This was the first time she had experimented with it today and she did not know how strong its effect would be. She assumed that it must be quite powerful as she had used a huge amount of chili powder in it.

Long Yang could only see darkness in front of him, but he could feel the young girl’s soft body pressing tight against him at the side. Her unique fragrance was circling his nostrils.

The soulful whiff of the fragrance and the gentle, mellow touch of her softness seduced every nerve in his body, and his heart fluttered slightly without warning.

He swallowed slightly and he suddenly recalled something. It was a memory of that day in the study room when the young girl’s soft lips pressed onto his own.

His fingers moved. He had a sudden urge to taste the young girl’s lips again.

He had just lifted his hand wanting to circle them around the young girl’s waist when a bright light suddenly shone into his eyes.

The sudden bright light stopped his action and he blinked uncomfortably.

“Please forgive me, Your Majesty. This humble servant of yours has acted offensively,” the clear, crisp voice of the young girl suddenly rang out, interrupting his inappropriate intention.

The look in Long Yang’s eye darkened as he lowered his hand quietly.

As his eyes got used to the light, his gaze fell upon the young girl. His voice sounded slightly hoarse. “You’re pardoned.” Finishing his words, he did not look at her anymore and strode entering Hidden Dragon Palace.

Lu Liangwei was perplexed as she watched the man almost jogging into the Hidden Dragon Palace.

What was wrong with him?

Was he hurt by the chili?

However, she had no time to ponder the oddity of his behavior because Zhao Qian had approached her with his hurt eyes, which were red and swollen.

“Second Miss Lu, I was just kidding with you just now. Please don’t take it seriously.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “So, Butler Zhao, you were the one who was pretending to be an assassin to kill me as a joke.”

Zhao Qian nodded vigorously as he rubbed his palms and gave a brown-nosing smile. “That’s right, that’s what happened. Second Miss Lu, please plead for mercy from Master on our behalf.”

Lu Liangwei gave a wave of her hand. “Butler Zhao, this doesn’t sound right. You’re the one whom His Majesty favors. It’s not up to me to plead for your mercy.”

The smile on Zhao Qian’s face stiffened. His expression immediately changed to a mournful look. “Second Miss Lu, I’ve gotten myself into huge trouble today. Master is going to tear me apart. Second Miss Lu, please help me out as I am but an old man.”

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