Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 164 - : Come Talk A Walk With Me

Chapter 164: Come Talk A Walk With Me

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No.”

“Then why is it so bitter?” Long Yang frowned, obviously disgusted by the bitter taste of the medicine.

Lu Liangwei glanced at him in surprise.

“What?” Sensing her gaze, Long Yang asked coolly.

Lu Liangwei rolled her dark eyes about thoughtfully.

She thought that Long Yang had long been accustomed to the bitter taste of medicine.

After all, given his physical condition, he must have been taking medicine all year round.

However, it seemed that no matter how much medicine he had taken, he still could not get used to the bitter taste.

“I wanted to say that there is no medicine that’s not bitter, so please bear with it, Your Majesty. If it really is too bitter, you can eat some candied fruit to suppress the taste after that.”

She sounded as if she was coaxing a child, and Long Yang could not help but laugh.

He was about to say something when she said, “Could you please stretch your arm out for me so I can take your pulse?”

Long Yang glanced at her, then stood up abruptly. “No need to hurry. The weather is nice outside; come talk a walk with me.” With that, he went out on his own.

Lu Liangwei found his behavior strange, but she did not dare disobey the Emperor’s orders and could only follow after him reluctantly.

After taking her into the palace, Big Brother had sent her directly to Hidden Dragon Palace and handed her over to Butler Zhao. He then headed off on patrol with his subordinates.

Outside past the door.

Zhao Qian, Chu Yi, and Chu Qi were huddled together and whispering among themselves. Seeing that their master had come out, they immediately straightened up and lowered their heads, forcing an air of seriousness.

Long Yang’s gaze swept over the three, then he turned on his heel and strode off.

All three of them let out a sigh of relief at the same time.

Right then, Lu Liangwei just came out and saw Zhao Qian and the others holding some paper-like thing in their hands.

She suspected that the three of them had gathered here to gamble during that short period, but she had no evidence.

She glanced at them with a faint smile on her face.

Zhao Qian’s heart thumped, and he immediately went closer to her with an obsequious air. “Second Miss…”

“How sophisticated of you, Butler Zhao. Your pockets have probably gotten heavier in such a short time, huh?” Lu Liangwei said beamingly.

Zhao Qian replied firmly, “You must be joking, Second Miss Lu. I’m the poorest here… Hey, Chu Yi, why are you grabbing my money?”

Zhao Qian suddenly started glaring at Chu Yi mid-sentence.

Chu Yi waved the money in his hand around, grinning like an idiot. “If you can get it back, it’s yours.”

Zhao Qian ground his teeth in anger.

He should have known that Chu Yi was not a gambler of integrity. Every time, he would repudiate his losses and would even try to snatch his lost money back.

“Have fun, you all.” Lu Liangwei shook her head in amusement. She did not expect these few people Long Yang kept around him to be such clowns.

On the contrary, Chu Qi, who seemed somewhat eccentric, appeared like a grown-up more than them.

Seeing that Long Yang had led Lu Liangwei to the imperial garden, Chu Qi followed them quietly.

At this sight, Zhao Qian stopped arguing with Chu Yi and gestured to him with a jerk of his finger.

“If you want to get your money back, it may be possible…”

“Of course it’s possible—the money is already in my hands,” Chu Yi interrupted him triumphantly.

Zhao Qian gnashed his molars. One night, he would stuff this fellow into a sack and give him a good beating.

He took a deep breath and swished the fly-whisk in his hand. “That’s true, but I didn’t agree to give it to you. As long as that’s the case, I will find a way to take it back from you.”

“You’d really go crazy just for this bit of money.” Chu Yi rolled his eyes.

However, he knew Zhao Qian as well as Zhao Qian knew him. He was a man of his word.

He wanted to save money to realize his future plan of marrying a beautiful wife and siring a bunch of children.

He had just managed to earn some money, and he would not let Zhao Qian take it away.

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